Lord Shadow Chapter 1455

Lord Shadow Chapter 1455

Even though the remaining Earth Devouring Mouses did not manage to had a breakthrough, their abilities were greatly boosted instead after consuming those medicinal pills. Because Luan Luan was the one who had fed the medicinal pills to them, their bond was further strengthened which made them closer as if they were a family.

The other disciples around him had a variety of expressions on their faces, and none of them looked happy.

Her face was still concealed by a snow white veil as usual. The uncovered pair of dark and deep eyes of hers had an ethereal glow, even exuding a slight aura of magnificence.?

This would be a shocking fight the likes of which the world rarely saw!

"Don't tell me I'm going to have to go through another whole situation of using the Eternal Parasol¡­?" He smacked his forehead in irritation.

"Passing through Southern Sea, Eastern Sea and so on could also bring you there. You can also pass through the Northern Sacred Lu Continent's Ancient Great Formation after your strength exceeds 5,000 stars. It is also said that there is another way, which involves the legendary treasures such as the Shrinking Ruler and Heaven Measuring Ruler......"

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The Song Clan patriarch maintained bitter silence. The arch-patriarch seemed to be in a daze. Nobody knew what to think. As for Patriarch Limitless, he said nothing, and yet a bizarre light flickered in his eyes. Off to the side, Patriarch Droughtflame had his head bowed low, making it impossible for anyone to read his expression.

Plants filled the oceans and the lands, the mountains and the hills. Everything¡­.

"Greetings, River-Defying Sect!" More and more voices joined together, creating a cacophony of sound. As for the three representatives from the other sects, they took deep breaths as they recovered their composure. With a final look at the Blood Ancestor, they turned and left.

She was a demon of the highest class who could suck every man dry.

Qing Shui had thought that this middle-aged man was someone who appreciated talents and someone who had a sense of righteousness. He didn't expect him to be another person who honored his clan.

Qing Shui returned the smile and said nothing. He then called everyone together and started teaching them the Tiger Form technique. As always, he would start guiding them to cultivate the Tiger's Roar first.

Qing Shui looked at this extraordinarily, outstanding lady and her smile that transcended the human world. He felt very jealous. "Master, let's go back to Cloud Mist Peak. I feel warm there."

A grim expression overtook her face as she took out the jade slip and hovered there in midair, communicating with the Giant Ghost King. That sight caused Bai Xiaochun to immediately breathe a sigh of relief.

Of course, battle credit was good for more than just getting promotions. Therefore, he decided to check what items were available for purchase.

Soon, more people approached, most of whom received five reverberations. However, one of them only received four reverberations, upon which Elder Xu flicked his sleeve, sending that disciple spinning away.

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