The Silver Dragon Defys The Natural Order Chapter 948

The Silver Dragon Defys The Natural Order Chapter 948

Lee Chang Ming's mocking smile became thicker and thicker. The feeling of having his opponent be completely suppressed by him was really pleasant.

Jian Chen could only feel a rising sensation make its way through his body. The very instant the wine reached his stomach, it transformed into vital energy. However, because his Saint Weapon had been destroyed, the vital energy was unable to be absorbed and slowly began to disappear. At the same time, an azure glow of light began to rise from Jian Chen's dantian before entering his forehead and then ultimately blending with Jian Chen's thoughts.

"That's right, chief. Many alliances from the middle area have already given up their search and have returned to Inferno City. We have wasted our time out there."

"Sh*t!" Seeing everyone's reaction, Jian Chen's heart immediately stopped beating for a moment. Grabbing Ming Dong, the two flew toward the stairs so that they wouldn't stay in this place any longer.

"That's nothing, the Myriad Sword Sect isn't the only power Jiang Chen offended; he even killed an elder from the Shangguan Clan. The Shangguan Clan is a super power at the same level as the Myriad Sword Sect. Rumors say that this guy ruthlessly killed countless Divine Core warriors and offended many great powers in Inferno Hell."

A majestic figure appeared in front of Zhou Beichen, it was Jiang Zhenhai! After Jiang Chen gave him the Xuanyuan cultivation skill, his cultivation had improved significantly, and now, he was a Late Divine Core warrior, and the strongest warrior in the Red City region.

"Anyone in the Qi Province can participate in this competition! With brother Jiang's abilities, you might be able to get a good rank there! But there's something I need to attend to, so I'll leave for now. I hope I can see you again in Whirling Sun City!"

To Jian Chen, this type of method to train the body would only ruin the body and would only narrow the potential of the human body. So although this method would increase one's strength past a normal persons, at the same time, it would bring about a large amount of damage to the body. The people who trained this way generally had a short life span. When they were in the elderly phase, diseases and impairment within the body would happen at a higher frequency for them.

"What has happened?" The king asked with narrowed eyebrows. When he saw the fiery light flash over the sky, he instantly realized something bad had happened.

Some of the people who were too close to the fighting stage lost their hearing after the intense collision, and some of the weaker ones even fainted.

With that, the six people flew out of the caves toward the south.

"It's really great that Wentian was able to defeat Wenyen! As long as chief can defeat Nangong Yunzheng in the second match, we'll be able to skip the third match. With the best of three victory in hand, even those elders from the Profound River Palace won't be able to point their fingers at us!"

By the city gates, a high ranking officer looked up at the setting sun and spoke to the people beneath him. "It's time, close the gates."

Yan Chong said.

"Brother Jian Chen, you are the first person I, Qin Xiao, have truly admired. You are the very first person that has beaten me within Walaurent City in this generation and forced me to accept my defeat. Come, let us have a toast." Qin Xiao said as he raised his cup into the air.Chapter 275: Late Night Ambush

Jiang Chen said.Chapter 33 ΓΏ Undeniably Beautiful

Right now, Zhou Butong's eyes were crimson with anger. The previous dozen Zhou clan members who had died were important members of the Zhou clan and served as the backbone of it. To the Zhou clan, they were what supported the clan and each one had the strength of a Saint Master at the least. Each one of them had a mind full of business and practically controlled the Zhou clan in its financial affairs. Now that the pillars of the Zhou clan had been killed, this was a disastrous loss for the Zhou clan.

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