Godly Monarch¡¯s Deadly Wife Chapter 2774

Godly Monarch¡¯s Deadly Wife Chapter 2774

Han Yan said.

The second was to use the energy for himself and increase the strength of his own body and capabilities. However if he were to use the second method, then unless he cultivated to the Peak Great Saint Master level, he would not be a match for any Earth Saint Master by himself.

"Imperial Protector, the elder sectmaster is in this place. I'm afraid I cannot accompany you into this cavern." Kris spoke to Jian Chen right outside of the entrance.

Chang Bai looked at the silent Jian Chen and said, "Fourth master, your older brother Changyang Hu is also at Kargath Academy. It has been a few years already, so becoming a Saint isn't too far away for him. If you ever come across a problem at the academy, don't be afraid to ask your older brother to help solve it."

The two Saint Rulers knew that the old woman was powerful and did not dare to be complacent even in the slightest. They also swung out with the Saint Weapons in their hands, with invisible World Force.

Guo Shan said with a worried tone.

Jian Chen entered the city without any obstructions. The hubbub and liveliness of the streets immediately attracted Jian Chen's attention, which gave him a feeling of nostalgia. Especially from seeing the busy merchants and tired-looking mercenaries on the streets, Jian Chen could not help but think about how he was before. He immediately sighed in his heart.

"Great Master, you guys can consume the pills now, I need to help Big Yellow with his condition. Once everything here is stable, I'll have to leave."

"Dad, Uncle Zhou, this Heavenly Core warrior has a weird personality. He wants to be quiet and cultivate in my room. He doesn't want to be disturbed. That's why I didn't tell any of you about this."

Jiang Chen looked at Wu Cong in a ridiculing manner. This guy was just a dumb coward, and Jiang Chen hated people like this from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, he had no intention of letting this culprit off easily.


Jian Chen pulled out the Light Wind Sword buried in the scorpion's throat. His feet pushed off the ground, and his body sailed through the air as he jumped onto the scorpion's wide back.

As this male and female walking forward, all of the students that had been gossiping had immediately gone quiet. Straight away, many of the students began to greet the two with a flattering laugh.

The entire area around the sculpture quite a few elders, as well as some middle-aged men with extraordinary presence, looking at the sculpture with both great respect and a hint of fear.

Nangong Wentian started rushing toward the trails of light.

"What the fuck, we need to pay Mortal Restoration Pills to enter the city?!"

Ming Dong replied with himself as soon as Tie Ta asked. "What? Of course not, or at least, not that I've ever heard." Then, Ming Dong realized something strange. Amazed, he looked back at Tie Ta and asked, "Tie Ta, why would you ask me such a bizarre question unless££"

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