Rebirth of Abium Chapter 2943

Rebirth of Abium Chapter 2943

"It's only an Earth Restoration Pill! No matter what, we must go in and see what kinds of precious treasures will appear."



Trapped in the Restaurant

"Enough nonsense, bring the girl. It's better if we don't delay young master's plans!"

Jiang Chen said to Han Yan and Big Yellow.

"What's going on? Just why are there so many soldiers, I don't recall it being like this before££"

Jiang Chen was still flying at an incredible speed. Then, he suddenly saw a golden beam flashing in the far distance. The golden beam was flying in the direction of the Southern Continent, and when Jiang Chen saw this golden beam, his eyes immediately lit up.

"The Blaze clan of Tianlong City offers one hundred eighty thousand purple coins. This Class 5 Monster Core is something my clan needs, I hope everyone will give my Blaze clan some face££"

After forging the third broken piece, the Heavenly Saint Sword's power had increased to a whole other level. Although it was constrained by Jiang Chen's cultivation base and was still classified as a Superior Weapon, it was capable of unleash more than enough power to compare with King Weapons.

"Who is Jiang Zhenhai?"

"Tie Ta, how old are you?" Jian Chen had started to look at Tie Ta in a different light now.

"Kill this maniac now!"

Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, so it was hard for him to find any match in the same realm. When he saw the Crown Prince, he immediately dashed forward, then turned around and pointed his butt toward the Crown Prince's face.

The family head Huang Qinglan came walking into the pavilion with a succinct white robe when Jian Chen and Huang Luan saw him. With a smile, he spoke, "Luan'er, your father has some good news to tell you. After you hearing this, you'll definitely££" While he was speaking, the family head suddenly realized that Jian Chen had beaten him here. He instantly grew stunned enough to pause mid-speech.

"That's right! Damn it, can't even have a peaceful meal££"

Witnessing Lord Blood Moon being killed, all Blood Devils roared in disbelief. For them, Lord Blood Moon was their spiritual pillar, the god they were worshipping. Now, their god was killed in front of them. How could they bear it?

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