only death do us apart Chapter 2685

only death do us apart Chapter 2685

Jiang Chen turned around and saw a trail of fire far away from him, and soon, it disappeared from his sight. Seeing this, a smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He knew the reason why Huo Yuner had helped him today. Huo Yuner didn't want to owe Jiang Chen anything. Huo Yuner was just a martial maniac, and from some angles, Jiang Chen liked this man.

To a twenty year old youth like Jian Chen, breaking away from the mortal world was impossible.

"I'd have to say it's one of those reasons. I've heard that in the end, Jian Chen was brought away by several of the great ones without a fuss. I'd have to say that the most likely answer is that he has some connections with the power holders of hte city."

Restraining the emotions in his mind, Jian Chen asked, "Huanggu clan? Could this be another strong clan that can rival your Huang family in strength?"

"How can a Mid Heavenly Core warrior be so strong, is he still human?"

"I want you to follow me for ten years. I'll give you the item after that period of time." Jian Chen answered.

Immediately, a loud group of men cursed in anger toward Qin Xiao as the group of men that he had pushed began to prepare to find trouble with Qin Xiao and start a fight.

"We'll first join with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, then we'll proceed to the Devil Realm together."

Not only was Jian Chen the youngest Heaven Saint Master they knew, but his strength was also beyond anyone's imagination. Even one of the imperial advisors had admitted defeat.

"Buddy, where is my broken sword?"

Someone commented. The broken bronze plate seemed extraordinary, he couldn't see anything unusual about it.

"To dare kill one of our Jiede Clansmen, you are seeking death!" In that moment, a furious person roared as a thirty-year-old youth with a meter-long sword flew at Jian Chen. A fire-like Saint Force began to billow out from him, causing everyone to look at him with shock.

Bidding farewell to everyone from the clan, the party of seven finally mounted their magical beasts and began to set off away from Lore City.

"Get lost!"

"Jiang Chen."

With difficulty, Jian Chen slowly crawled up from the ground as his right hand began to tremble. The woman was surely very strong, in a single blow, Jian Chen's right arm had already suffered from such a critical blow.

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