Towers of Heaven Chapter 307

Towers of Heaven Chapter 307

The skinny old man had a look of disbelief on his face.He just couldn't accept what he was looking at.

With his Saint Weapon injured, he himself had suffered a serious blow as well.

With a sweep of his hand, a single half meter long blade of grass flew toward the Iron Beetle's head with the azure and violet Sword Qi infused in it.

Looking at Changyang Hu's still excited expression, Jian Chen laughed and brought out the monster core from his space belt, handing it over to Changyang Hu.

"That's right, how do I address you, young mister?"

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face, the smile of a devil.

"Dad, your potential has once again been cultivation. Soon, you will be able to break through to the Divine Core realm, and there is a high chance you can break through to the Combat Soul realm in the future."

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he had absorbed the Blood Winged Hawk's bloodline as well as Big Yellow's Dragon Horse blood. His body's durability was extraordinary, that even some of the ancient demon beasts couldn't compare with him, let alone Li Wu Shuang.

Right now, together with his Combat Soul, Jiang Chen was experiencing a root transformation within the lightning sea.

Calming himself down, Jian Chen looked to his father with a smile. But then the realization of something new to his father's presence suddenly brought an excited smile to his face, "Father, you've become an Earth Saint Master!"

Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, so it was hard for him to find any match in the same realm. When he saw the Crown Prince, he immediately dashed forward, then turned around and pointed his butt toward the Crown Prince's face.

After Jian Chen had left, the pale faced Qian Yun walked into the room with a badly bruised look. There was blood all over his clothes, completely voiding him from his previously scholarly look.

"Yes, well done. There's actually seven of you who've become Earth Saint Masters, which has indeed created some surprises for me. With your current strength, staying here won't do you any good." Jian Chen took out a wooden box and a stack of books from his Space Ring. He said, "In this box are Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pills. These are some Earth Tier Battle Skills. You should take these and split the pills evenly between each other as a life-saving measure. As for these Earth Tier Battle Skills, you can learn them once you've become an Earth Saint Masters. Prepare to leave here tomorrow and go train on the vast continent."

"Have you guys heard about the Gathering of Skynet?"

Everyone from the Black Sect were furious. This old fool had betrayed the Black Sect, and he was pretending that he was forced to do it because of Jiang Chen and Daoist Black. It now looked like Jiang Chen did a really good job by killing Fan Kun. If he hadn't, there would be more than one traitor today.

"Hey, Xiu Mi has returned££"

The fireball collided with the Green Sanctuary Sect's front gate. The huge gate instantly exploded into ashes, and the fire spread all over the place. Some of the disciples who were hit by the fragment of the fireball immediately cried out in pain and died on the spot.

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