The CEO¡¯s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 5

The CEO¡¯s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 5

Shangguan Yilong strengthened his energy, then he raised the longsword high up into the air and slashed at the trio.

"Jian Chen, what's wrong?" Little Fatty was at a loss of words. He had no idea why Jian Chen was acting this way.

Out of the five of them, the captain of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries had been the most excited. He had joined the Flame Mercenaries solely because of Jasmine so he hadn't realized that joining the Flame Mercenaries would have such a great bonus like this. When Jian Chen had talked about the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his own heart was nearly about to leap out from his chest.

"That's easy. It isn't necessary for the Martial Saint Dynasty to be completely destroyed. In my opinion, the Martial Saint Dynasty is still the same Martial Saint Dynasty, but from today onwards, the name will be changed to the Martial Dynasty. This land has always belonged to the Wu family, so I think it'd be best to let the Wu family manage it. Brother Jiu, you ought to be the new emperor."

"Mutian clan, you dare to make life difficult for us, the Youlan clan? Fine, we'll make you regret it." The white robed middle aged man said through clenched teeth, a dark expression on his face.

Just after everyone had retreated 100 meters, a loud sound suddenly rang out. The small wooden house that Jian Chen had been living in instantly shattered into scattered pieces. Then, a human figure broke through the roof, shooting up into the air like a bullet, and reaching a height of over 50 meters in the blink of an eye.

"Alright, let's let this young lady keep the pills, I'll bet 100 pills!"

When Nangong Wentian sensed Jiang Chen's aura, he couldn't help but feel slightly frightened.

"Damn you. You're just useless!"

Upon seeing this man, every single person bent down in a respectful bow toward him.

Both men forcefully struck at the same time. When it came to a fight between their bodies raw strength, Jiang Chen was the one who had the dominating advantage. Since he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, with every new Dragon Mark he formed, his body would become stronger. The level of his body was not something Liang Xiao could compare with.

"Damn you, com on, I'll let you taste the mightiness of this master dog!"

Big Yellow said.

A loud voice was suddenly heard outside the courtyard. After that, many people ran into the courtyard. Most of these people were here to watch a show, as the real main cast was a fat guy who stood at the front of the group. The fat guy had a greasy face, and he weighed more than 300 Jin. He had a strong cultivation base££ well, strong amongst the outer circle; a Late Divine Core warrior. Not only that, he was a man who had been in the Late Divine Core realm for quite some time, so his foundation was quite strong.


Guan Yiyun shouted out furiously, sending these men into complete silence without daring to say another word. Now, they had become flesh for the fishes for the sacrificial vessels, and in order to ensure their survival, they had to do whatever their opponent said.

"Little bastard, who gave you the audacity to kill someone from the Shangguan Clan?!"

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