Kuro no Maou Chapter 2267

Kuro no Maou Chapter 2267

The hundred men group was led by two men with very powerful auras, and only Daoist Black was capable of sensing that. Both these men were Late Combat Soul warriors, and behind them were over thirty Divine Core warriors. The rest were all Heavenly Core warriors.

"Hehe, this old man seems pretty nice."

After he spoke, the girl's expression darkened as she stared at them with a hateful glare, "Say one more word and I'll kill you." She had guessed that Jian Chen knew these men, and if it weren't for that, then she would have long since moved against these people. After all, these three men were Earth Saint Masters and would undoubtedly have many tokens with them.

"If Jiang Chen doesn't come back, the Black Sect will be destroyed. Only he can fight Nanbei Chao."

After this one battle, the strengths of Jian Chen, Jiede Tai, and Nubis were shown to the entirety of the Flame Mercenaries. With three Saint Rulers presiding over them, the status of the Flame Mercenaries would flourish even more. Even the problem that arised with the leak of the tungsten alloy deposit would be completely suppressed by this.

Those who were at the training grounds felt their hearts rapidly beating. They were staring at those men who were hung up. These men were either arrogant, or they had high positions in the sect. But now, they were all hung up by Jiang Chen like dogs.

Within the dark cave, the fire that had been burning incessantly danced slowly. By the side, the sitting Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room. Qin Jue, the girl, and Senior An were all sitting in a meditative position and Qin Xiao was still laying on the stretcher with his eyes closed in a sleeping position. Only Yun Zheng was not in the cave.

"Look, what's that? It looks so frightening!"

Within the Zhou Mercenaries, the only other Saint Master expert had pulled out his sword and mimicked the leader's action by trying to cut down Jian Chen. From his initial strike, the two Saint Masters had already realized that Jian Chen wouldn't be an easy opponent to fight against, so the two Zhou Mercenaries of the Saint Master level silently agreed to kill Jian Chen first.

Jiang Chen said.

Ka Zhafei's silver sword seemed almost as if it was a divine sword that shot forward with seemingly two strikes that resembled a single cross that shined brilliantly in everyone's eyes, leaving behind a sun spot like image.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly, but for the Saint Ruler to learn of the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, that was not a good thing. Despite his concerns, Jian Chen did not yield, "I am afraid to disappoint senior, but no matter what priceless treasure you offer me, I will not divulge my secrets. Senior, please give up on this." With that, Jian Chen turned around and left. Despite the other person being a Saint Ruler, he did not fear him at all.

Guo Shan had been worrying about how he could find the Violet Ying Orchid, but now Jiang Chen had returned with it. This not only proved Jiang Chen's ability, it also showed the great amount of fate Jiang Chen possessed.

"A loose tongue causes plenty of troubles. You should remember in the future that less is more. Leave now, and don't forget to tell your esteemed king what I've told you." Laughing, Jian Chen turned to descend from the sky back to the inn.

"Today really is an eye opener for me."

However, the Restoration Pills were just too attractive, people wouldn't complain even with a buying condition. Most of the people thought that this was a good decision, limiting the quantity of what one could buy daily prevented the rich families from buying them all.

Nangong Wentian asked.

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