The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess Chapter 1766

The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess Chapter 1766

"Ai, mother is too old for these events noe. My son and a beautiful girl are going together," Qing Yi teased.

"Uncle, there it is. I see the goddess statue there. Let's get down, the Ye Residence shouldn't be too far from here." said Ye Yan as she pointed at the giant statue below.

Furthermore, he had been forced to use his Undying Emperor's Fist, something he had hoped to avoid in the early stages of the trial by fire. His plan had been to conserve as much power as he could, but thanks to Master Cloud Lightning, he had done the opposite.

When Bai Lin realized that Bai Xiaochun wanted a hundred pill furnaces, and had even more requirements beyond that, he hesitated for a moment. After all, the type of pill furnace being requested were very valuable. However, Bai Xiaochun's final added words were very convincing, so Bai Lin nodded in agreement and said, "No problem at all!"?

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaochun was a Core Formation cultivator, something that had caught them completely unawares, and had also lost them the initiative. Their previous failed attempt to take him out had also significantly damaged their awe-inspiring reputation.

"Theoretically speaking, any of the Dharma protectors could become a blood master. All they would have to do would be to get to the heart cavity first, take the blood crystal, and absorb it."

Who was that woman earlier? This question kept running through his mind. And more importantly, that woman was still a virgin! It wasn't easy for a woman to guard her body like jade if she was from an ordinary clan. Her background must be extraordinary.

"Don't say it like that, in my heart, you are very pure and saintly. He left you because he was blind. Be more confident in yourself. You don't lose out to others at all, and even look more beautiful compared to them." Qing Shui held her hands after speaking, apparently intending on giving her courage.

Xu Baocai had expended a lot of effort in the chase, so as he neared the Ovens and then heard what Bai Xiaochun said, he was filled with so much rage that he felt like he was about to explode. With a roar, he waved his right hand, sending his wooden sword stabbing toward a nearby tree.

The surfaces of two of the five weakened pill furnaces were suddenly covered with nothing but cracks. Apparently, the energy that had been building up inside them had reached a point that the furnaces couldn't contain it anymore. Finally, both furnaces exploded.

It was hard to say who took up the call first, but before long, all of the chosen were up in arms. Of course, not all of them were mindlessly going along with the mob. Some of them, such as Little Wolfgod and Li Tiansheng, knew exactly what was going on. They were actually hoping to take advantage of the situation to their benefit.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun followed the black-robed figure through the imperial palace. He was no longer strutting, but rather, looking around vigilantly. Although he was pleased by how things were playing out, he was still fearful and anxious about this Grand Heavenmaster.

"F*ck, there's actually a bed here. It seems that it's been placed here for a long time!"

This was bad news for Qing Shui, since the Mu Clan's Elder did not have any previous knowledge of formations. However, the Sky Prison Sect was different. They were well versed in several formations. Unfortunately, Qing Shui had not been successful with the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, otherwise he would be confident enough to fend off all of them.

After some thinking, he came up with an idea for a new pill formula that he was sure would work. It wouldn't require many medicinal plant ingredients, and would mostly serve as a vehicle with which to use the powers of gravity and repulsion that he had begun to study in the Spirit Stream Sect.

Petal Rain Under the Skies!

The Heavenhorn ink dragon looked at him for a moment, and then smiled. Of course, from Bai Xiaochun's perspective, that smile was hair-raisingly terrifying. Before he could say anything further, the gigantic dragon shrank down right there in front of him. Within the blink of an eye, it was a nine-meter-long black lizard.

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