Midlorin: Change of Heart Chapter 2172

Midlorin: Change of Heart Chapter 2172

Half way up the mountain, everyone in the squad of people from the Tianqin clan completely stopped under Jian Chen's indication. Shortly afterwards, four Heaven Saint Masters soared quickly from the top of the mountain as they flashed with a special light from the energy of the world. In the end, they floated in front of the squad of people, gazing at the people from above.

"At that time, brother Lei Mingao was also there. If grandpa doesn't believe it, grandpa can ask brother Lei Mingao, or ask the people in the union." Lei Yin said with a respectful tone.

All of the conversations contained Jiang Chen, a name that had changed everyone's mind in such a short period of time. From someone who fooled around and was useless to a great warrior who was capable of destroying the Mu Rong family in just one night££ This all happened too fast.


Just from the name alone, one could tell how extraordinary this axe was. Jiang Chen was really satisfied with it, with the Axe of Thunder, he now had one more powerful tool in his hands.

On top of the Stairway to Heaven, the combined pressure from the four big geniuses had formed a typhoon, causing strong winds to appear. Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at the four people on top of the stairway, an upward curve appeared on his lips. He was expressing his pride. In Jiang Chen's eyes, this pressure was nothing but a warm spring breeze.

The Heaven's Execution Blade had been extremely fast in its travels and before Jian Chen could get any more than three bursts of Sword Qi out, it had collided onto his body and instantaneously shattered the armor he had been wearing. Suffering yet another heavy wound, Jian Chen's body had been like a bullet as he was blown away. With blood pervading into the air like a bloody mist from his mouth, his chest had been a mangled mess as well. Defending against four Heaven Tier Battle Skills was more than what he could take at a comfortable level.

At the same time, the group from the Myriad Sword Sect had also come out from the path. Ling Du and Xu Shuang were both in the group as well. They were delayed by all sorts of creatures back on the path. Those creatures weren't that strong, they were similar to the stone golems Jiang Chen had defeated. With the combined strength of the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect, leaving the path was an easy job.

In a flash, two days had passed with Jian Chen being slowly healed by the milky white glow of the Radiant Saint Force. The Radiant Saint Master held his hands over Jian Chen's chest with exhaustion.

Jian Chen swept a glance over the entire weapons rack. When he noticed a fractured iron rod that was about the thickness of his finger, his eyes suddenly lit up. He exerted all his strength to pull it out, only to discover that the iron rod was about three inches long and its surface was already completely covered in dark yellow rust marks. One of the ends had an extremely sharp point.

"Buddy, looks like we've bumped into some roadblock, what are you going to do?"

All the Green Sanctuary Sect disciples stood underneath the Gargantuan Formation with pale faces and terrified expressions as they stared at the skies above them which looked like a scene resembling doomsday. They were so frightened that even their souls were trembling

Thirty thousand purple coins was not a small sum by any means. A sum like this could raise the status of an entire clan as well as their power by a tremendous amount. Using so much money to pay for a useless block of wood was of no use to those clans.

Wu Lang responded with a loud shout. Even the people in the crowd thought Wu Cong was a dumbass! Up until now, he still had no clue who Jiang Chen was? Jiang Chen was a maniac, and he was currently hesitating on whether or not he should kill Wu Cong. However, not only did Wu Cong not shut up, he added oil to the fire! If Jiang Chen was pushed too hard, he might just kill Wu Cong without considering the consequences.

After the three men had discussed what to do, the two elders from the Jiede clan quickly left the area. They had to make sure this information would get back to the clan quickly. After they left, the third elder took the three crippled brothers and the two corpses before leaving as well.

"Oh!" Hearing that, Changyang Hu let loose a disappointed look and began to mutter, "How did they not reach the requirement of reaching the 8th layer. This is silly. Fourth brother is more formidable, since he reached the 8th layer so quickly. He's even more amazing than me, his older brother.

However, those people were all denied entry without any exceptions. They were unable to enter the clan, while only the king and principal who close ties with the clan were allowed in.

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