The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power Chapter 863

The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power Chapter 863

"Are you satisfied with this place?" The girl turned her head as she smiled at Qing Shui.

The powers gained were quite considerable. Most of her demonic beasts were considered spirit beasts - although not the strongest ones, the power gained was still considerable. However, they may be strong physically but their origin power (passive ability) was far weaker. Essentially, their powers were all tripled after consuming the Hallow Pellets twice. Fortunately, their overall power was exceedingly strong, just like the Golden Jiao King and Mystic-Armored Ice Ox that had gained the strength of about a thousand stars. The passive abilities of these demonic beasts initially doubled their amount of power but was changed to tripled instead. This could be considered a huge improvement but he soon realized the importance of the passive abilities towards the power of a demonic beast.

As Xuemei investigated Nightcrypt's background, a rumor began to spread through the Blood Stream Sect. Supposedly, after getting medicinal pills from Nightcrypt, the blood master of Corpse Peak had immediately gone into secluded meditation, and still hadn't emerged. However, powerful ripples had begun to emanate from Corpse Peak's Blood Master Temple.

There were a lot of people in the arena. This place had always been crowded with people. A lot of beast carts would also pass back and forth around the arena.

It was unable to hit anything at this distance, however the Berserk Dragon King was still running over. Therefore it had arrived at just the right moment. Seemingly at the same time, Qing Shui's Emperor's Qi and Fiery Golden Eyes had already rapidly shot out.

It fell on his clothing and hair, and also into the footsteps he left behind him as he walked, until they were covered, making it seem as if he hadn't even passed by¡­.

The truth was that he couldn't have done it a fourth time. Furthermore, if Patriarch Starry River had attacked him, then he would have only had one trump card left¡­ his Undying Emperor's Fist.

Qing Shui headed up with the waitress after everything was decided. Even he would not be able to spend over 20,000 gold taels a day. Although he had quite a lot of silver notes and other jewels, he would not be able to handle spending money like this.

"However, there is one thing that I must make clear. Our voyage will take half a year, and during that time, you will live in quarters assigned to you based on your ranking in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars!

He frowned "Then, won't I become trash again?" Qing Shui didn't even realise when the golden direwolf escaped as he was pondering over this question.

"I am here. Why do you want to kill them?" Yun Duan yelled at Hu Wenlong, she was extremely furious.

"What a godly technique¡­.." Flames rose in Qing Shui's inner heart.

The water was the color of blood, and looked bizarre and fantastic. Floating there in the water was a dead person!

"Big Bro Xiaochun!"

Qing Luo was very happy, but despite this, he still wanted Qing Shui to make a request for an item saying that it was necessary, as it was a rule of the Qing Clan. Those who made contributions would be able to receive rewards.

"If he was lying to me, then I'll figure out some reason to leave Arch-Emperor City and get back to Giant Ghost City." Having made up his mind, he swaggered after the young woman into the camp. As he looked around, he could see quite a few people looking over at him with quizzical expressions, occasionally leaning over to whisper to each other.

Qing Shui closed the door, and took out two Agility-Enhancing Fruits.

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