Universal Mercenary System Chapter 1524

Universal Mercenary System Chapter 1524

"I'm sorry, daddy doesn't know how to write afraid. I'm just worried you don't have to guts to kill us, take a look at what this is!"

An Imperial Protector was a status that left no doubt on people's mind regarding their power. With an Imperial Protector standing right behind the Gesun Kingdom, then even the four kingdoms fighting against it would obediently retreat.

With that, the six people flew out of the caves toward the south.

Seeing how his Saint Weapon was grabbed by the youth in his twenties, the old man was slightly surprised. Afterwards, he sneered and the Saint Force in his body immediately erupted into a surge, gathering in the Saint Weapon. It immediately caused the Saint Weapon to glow brightly, an attempt to heavily injure Jian Chen's hand with his powerful Saint Force.

Jiang Chen sneered. He had no idea if this Jiang Wei was the man who hunted him down back in the mountain, but he had a feeling that there was someone else behind this Jiang Wei.

Jian Chen continued to smile despite the voices of resentment, he had expected this to happen. "My strength of course; is far stronger than yours. In this continent where power reigns supreme, strength is what decides everything. If you do not accept me as your leader, then come up and challenge me. Whoever can dodge my sword will be the captain that I will follow.

"Damn you, you always ask daddy here to do it! Master dog is a mighty existence, but you still ask me to guard the place for you!"

"Did you guys see that?! Jiang Chen didn't even blink his eyes when he killed, he's actually looking down on the Heavenly Sword Sect! Just with his attitude and courage alone, he has my respect!"

The man shook his head, "Out of the question, seeing the elders is not something that can be so easily done. Your ceremony has long since passed, unless the elders wish to see you first, you cannot see them."

The same night, Jiang Chen placed a cushion in a room within his mansion and connected it to the formation and the energy vein. With this, he could just sit on it and absorb the energy from the vein.

The space surrounding the collision was directly beaten into chaos. Smoke emerged from the center of the collision, and a huge hole was created in the sky garden. Many of the herbs with weaker defense mechanisms were destroyed by this devastating force. It was a real pity.


Jiang Chen honestly replied. He knew that Master Blissful was just going through formalities, and the purpose for doing so was to defend the rules set down by himself. As for Mao Sheng's request to chase Jiang Chen out from the island, Jiang Chen believed that Master Blissful was no idiot; he would never do something that would bring disgrace to his reputation. Furthermore, the Qingyi Sect wasn't worth as much as they thought in Master Blissful's mind.

The way the crowds looked at the Shangguan Clan had changed. All of them were gnashing their teeth in anger. None of these herbs belonged to anyone, and they were the ones who discovered them first. For what reason could the Shangguan Clan claim that this sky garden belongs to them?


Within the booth of the Harido clan, Ankhs and Kaizer's face had grown dark.

"Kai Er!" As they walked, Jian Chen suddenly called out his name.

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