Crap , I was Rifted Chapter 1266

Crap , I was Rifted Chapter 1266

The young man laughed even harder at that. Clearly, he was very amused by Bai Xiaochun. Dropping the topic, he began to lead Bai Xiaochun around Fragrant Cloud Peak, pointing out some of the important buildings along the way.

The young man who had spoken moments ago seemed relieved to see Bai Xiaochun awake. However, he could also see how weak he was, and how he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. He prodded him anxiously a few more times, clearly grieving at the fact that his younger brother was having trouble hanging on to life. The problem was hunger; only if he could find food to eat would his brother have the strength to keep on living.

Ying Clan was the largest clan here. When one mentions the Village of Longevity, they most likely referred to the Ying Clan. Elder Ying was the current head of the clan. He had seventeen brothers and most of them shared the same birth father but different mothers.

Qing Shui liked it the more he looked at the garment. Not only was the defense increased by 40 percent, the attack damage and speed were increased by 10 percent as well. However, the Frenzied Bull's Strength ability was lost in the process.

Nian Feng laughed lightly, as a trace of sadness could be heard from the tone of his voice. It was a pity that Qing Shui didn't continue this line of conversation but he instead changed the topic. "Brother Nian Feng, it must not have been easy to manage an inn!"

"Bai Xiaochun," he yelled through his laughter, "aren't you the junior patriarch of the River-Defying Sect? I can't believe you're willing to become a turtle just to get some legacy seals. Come, come. Just kowtow to me a few times and I'll give you a few for free. What do you say?"

The secret forces which had long since been sent out into Blood Stream Sect territory were active, looking for new information to send back to the Spirit Stream Sect. Even the spies in the Blood Stream Sect itself had been mobilized. Although such spies couldn't accomplish very much, they were successful in some of their efforts.

Bai Hao was about to respond, but after a moment, he simply shook his head and smiled wryly. He was beginning to understand this petty Master of his a bit more. However, despite the fact that he seemed very unreliable, Bai Hao couldn't hold back from trying to offer some more advice.

Everywhere is filled with the sound of rain dropping down onto the earth and trees.

The old man stopped suddenly. Qing Shui stood still as if he had anticipated that the old man would stop. He then looked at the old man who was now twenty meters away from him.

"I've eaten plenty of little kids just like you throughout the years!"

A faint buzzing sound could be heard as he faded away even more; it almost seemed like he had limitless stores of energy to draw upon. A single step backward took him 3,000 meters away, and yet, even as he moved away, a smile appeared on Bai Xiaochun's face.

The Azure Dragon Society only had about thirty members, and made their living from protection fees and selling spirit medicines that the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect neither prohibited nor endorsed. Although they couldn't count as being rich, they at least had it better off than average cultivators.

"I'm Yu Donghao from the Yu Clan. May I ask who your Eminence is? Why do you say that the Yu Clan and Qing Clan killed your son?" The sound of Yu Donghao's crisp voice inquired.

"Smelly brat, still keeping secrets from me!" Yu He pouted.

But how could Bai Xiaochun let the puppet escape? He took a deep breath, causing a vortex to spring up around him. A gale-force wind appeared, and his eyes flickered as his Heavenly Demon Body once again unleashed the Mountain Shaking Bash!

Yang Yan Qi was the descendant of the Yang Clan in the Heavenly River City. The Yang Clan could be considered a clan with substantial power, and had close ties with the Gongyang Clan. The two of them grew up together and were extremely close, just like blood brothers.

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