Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1419

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1419

In addition to all that... as long as Bai Xiaochun remained alive, all he had to do was continue to sire offspring, and the matter would never end. He would become a living nightmare for the sect.

This was the most important thing!

There were also some precious and valuable beast blood and beast skins that could raise the strength of the Heavenly Talisman's effects.

Silence prevailed for a long moment as everyone nearby looked over at Bai Xiaochun, strange expressions on their faces. Bragging was nothing uncommon, but not this level of fakeryˇ­.

That casual motion sent out terrifyingly destructive power in the form of a black spark of electricity. Bai Xiaochun's scalp tingled in terror, and all of his flesh seemed to be screaming along with it. Without any hesitation, he performed an incantation gesture to send out a defensive blast of energy.

"I missed you a lot. It's because that you're here that I feel that this place is also familiar, amiable and a little bit warm!" Qing Shui looked at Wu-Shuang's slender figure which was as elegant as ever. It was just that the peerless beauty had an additional melancholy which he could not decipher.

"What gives the three great clans the courage to rebel against the Giant Ghost King!?!?"?

"Noooo...." Bai Xiaochun screamed. However, the incredible gravitational force simply plucked him off of the wall and sent him flying out into the air and past the spell formation shield.

"This...." After a moment of hesitation, he used the techniques of the Living Mountain Incantation to perform an incantation gesture. When he did, a tremor ran through him, and his eyes widened as an explosively powerful force began to build up inside of him.

Currently sitting in the heavenly marquis pagoda was a middle-aged man of average height and appearance. He was a half-deva, but among half-devas, could not be considered particularly strong. However, with the power of his heavenly marquis pagoda, he was capable of battle prowess roughly equivalent to a full deva.

"The bet seems fair to meˇ­. Let's just see whether or not the shop owner agrees."

Emperor's Qi!

Up in the air, the patriarchs from all four divisions began to fight with the Nascent Soul cultivators from the Sky River Court. Booms rang out. In the initial fighting, it wasn't clear which side had the upper hand among the patriarchs. Although the Sky River Court was outnumbered, the old man who was half a step into the Deva Realm actually gave them a bit of an advantage.

After she had left, Qing Shui entered into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and frenziedly threw himself into cultivation. 5th Grade Martial King, how far away was that?

The baby girl was clearly shocked, that much was obvious by the fluctuations he could sense.


"Youˇ­ youˇ­." The ghost face was completely shaken that Bai Xiaochun wasn't harmed at all. However, there was no time at the moment to contemplate why that was. As of this moment, he had made his decision: he would not chase Bai Xiaochun. He would flee!

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