Lord of Hell Chapter 2704

Lord of Hell Chapter 2704

He had been there to hear all the details Bai Xiaochun had explained about the Win Character Enchantment, which helped Zhao Tianjiao win over Chen Yueshan. And Song Que had also been there to witness the confusing relationship that had developed between Bai Xiaochun and Mistress Red-Dust.

All of the nobility and aristocracy were up in arms. As for the common people, when they heard about what had happened, they gasped at the enormity and insanity of it all.

"But what's her husband doing?" Qing Shui felt as though he was onto something, yet he was still unable to grasp it exactly.

[Once the first layer of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had been unlocked, a vigorous looking tree would appear in it. This tree takes a 100 years to mature, and every 100 years, it will produce 10 fruits. The name of the fruits this tree produce are known as the Energy Enhancing Fruits. If ingested by normal humans, this could increase their strength level by 500 jin. Alchemist could use this fruits for pill concoction as well. Note: effect of Energy Enhancing Fruits can only stack 2 times, consuming more is pointless.]

Heavenly Thunder Slash!

"Eldest Brother, Young Master Yin was crippled by Qing Shui..."

He couldn't control his breathing at first. Despite the fact that he had considered the possibility, now that he knew the truth, there were many things that suddenly made sense.

She looked similar to the sister selling tea leaves at Yan City, especially her nose bridge and face shape, and these features of the older sister did not look like her mother. Qing Shui suddenly noticed her surname, Yan. It had not seemed weird meeting a girl with the surname Yan in Heavenly Palace.

Qing Shui looked at the quiet daughter in his arms. He felt especially happy and satisfied to be looking at this beautiful young girl. On his other arm, Qing Yan was eating something and would also look at Qing Shui with her big blinking eyes.

The vicious determination concealed in his personality once again exploded out. This was not just memorizing a simple list; he had to carefully observe all of the details of each type of medicinal plant. Only after understanding a plant fully could he move on to the next one.

These three people came from the other three great sects in the Middle Reaches, the Starry River Court, the Polarity River Court, and the Dao River Court!

Chapter 4 - Ancient Strengthening Technique

"How could late Foundation Establishment cultivators live permanently in a place like this?!?!"

Many parts of the island began to explode, sending rock and rubble flying about, which was almost instantly transformed into ash!

Bai Xiaochun felt like he was going insane, and was even trembling. However, he was still incapable of doing anything other than scream in his heart.

Back when Bai Xiaochun fought with Daoist Heavenspan, the good fortune from the gravekeeper bestowed him with the bloodline of the Arch-Sovereign, and turned him into the new Arch-Ancestor. In addition to the fact that he had a celestial cultivation base, he was very much like an emperor to the current Heavenspan Realm cultivators. However, the Arch-EmperorĄ­ was the true paragon entity from the Heavenspan Realm!

What made him have the right to say so?

Lord of Hell Chapter 2704 End!

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