Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 2942

Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 2942

Of course, Daoist Black and Granny Feng didn't kill him because they felt sympathy for him. Duan Jianhong must be killed, but as one of the strongest men in the Qi Province, they couldn't let him die so easily.

Miserable shrieks could be heard everywhere. Those geniuses who were stationed in different positions were uncontrollably throwing up blood, and falling down from the sky one after the other. Some with faster reflexes could still stabilize themselves, but none were spared from being severely injured.

The Seventh Emperor said, filled with confidence.

Jian Chen didn't bother with going through the gates and instead flew overhead without bothering to hide himself either.

Seeing Jian Chen unexpectedly act with such resolution, the middle aged man's expression suddenly changed. With a fierce look in his eyes, a large sword materialized in his hand. The man tightly gripped the sword hilt and waved it sharply. The long sword shrieked as it sliced through the air and was thrust toward Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword.

"The Qinhuang Kingdom!"


Someone replied to the guy. In this world where strength was everything, envying someone who got preferential treatment was useless. The most important thing was to have strength.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He was on the very brink of going berserk, and the Dragon Transformation skill's circulation doubled once again. The number of Dragon Marks in his body were increasing like crazy. Nine thousand four hundred, nine thousand six hundred, nine thousand seven hundred, nine thousand nine hundred££

"There is nothing wrong between Jiang Chen and me! We will walk our paths separately, I do not see the necessity to trouble each other! But you killed one of our men today, don't you think you are a bit too domineering?"

Jiang Chen didn't get up immediately. He started circulating the Great Soul Derivation skill, and only after a few minutes did his terrible headache subside enough for him to sit up on the bed. He swallowed a Mortal Restoration Pill and crossed his legs. He then started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill together with the Great Soul Derivation skill, restoring his energy.

"I saw that many of the Lee family businesses were shutting their doors, and the Misty Rain Tower have also closed theirs. It looks like the two families are truly going to war££ Red city is going to turn into a place of chaos!"

"Indeed, that young man is truly a monster. With just a Combat Soul cultivation, he was able to kill a Demon King. With the help of this mighty warrior, the Profound River Palace now has enough strength to fight against the Demon King Palace. I believe that we, the humans are going to win this war!"

Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly. He expanded the coverage of the flame sea, covering more than half of the Evil Devils within. The strongest Evil Devils in this new batch were only Early Divine Core monsters, and they simply had no ability to resist Jiang Chen's attack.

At the very moment when his Saint Force made contact with the tree branch, the tree branch violently exploded and sent pieces of it flying throughout the air.

It was actually understandable. After killing so many from the four major powers, if it was any other people, they would definitely choose to run away as soon as they could. Only idiots would stay behind.

"I have nothing to say to you. So, you can go to hell and reunite with your descendants."

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