The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 2219

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapter 2219

"Qing Styx, although you are from a big sect, you better not mess around here! Look carefully where this place is, either you let Huo Yuner fight Jiang Chen today, or you get the hell out of here. If not, I'll attack you all with every single one of the Black Sect's forces. I think, except for you, Qing Styx, everyone from the Green Sanctuary Sect will die if that happens."

"Damned dog, no one would think you were dumb if you had just kept your mouth shut!"

In the cavern, Jian Chen was in a deep state of cultivation, but outside of the Magical Beast Mountain Range in Wake City, the entire city was in an uproar.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He started walking within the sky, and instantly entered the white fog.

The huge fist produced a loud bang, it made the entire square rumble with an ear-splitting sound. Li Wu Shuang's attack was aimed at the sky above, if he released it parallel to the ground, many innocent people would surely be hurt.

"Thanks!" Jian Chen didn't decline his offer and took the bottle from him.


Nodding his head, Jian Chen didn't say anything else and sat down to wait. He knew that the auction had only just finished; they would need to conduct the transactions between the bidder for each item. So he had to wait for the transactions to be finished before he could collect the money from the auction house.

With this recent development, the vice headmaster Bai En was quite emotional today as even his heart shook. Though at the same time, there was a small amount of doubt, could it be that Jian Chen and Tie Ta could easily kill magical beasts without even adding qi to weapons? Were they just not using cultivation anymore? Unexpectedly, Jian Chen and Tie Ta had both killed around 100 magical beasts over the span of the last three days.

The disciple was a Second Grade Combat King. The gap between him and Tyrant was not just small.

After years and years of weathering the wind, rain, and harsh sunlight, the soil had grown dry and rigid. After several attempts to dig out the soil with her tender fingers, Bi Yuntian's fingers had chafed up and started to bleed.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. The sword in Yang Shuo's hand was a really good sword, even if it was still just a high-ranked combat weapon, and not a perfect-ranked combat weapon.

The three Tianhua Sect men left, leaving Jian Chen and the seven Great Saint Masters behind. He had asked the seven about the Gathering of the Mercenaries, but their knowledge about it had been very limited. They had indeed been able to explain a few things, but they had no valuable information on the prizes themselves, thus they were in the same boat as Qing Yun.

Right at this moment, a soft shout came from not far away. Everyone looked toward the source of the shout and saw a group of Golden Warriors coming in fast. The leading person was Xiao Wei.

In the center of the campgrounds was a large flag that was hoisted into the air so that everyone could see the giant "Xia" symbol on it.

"Hahahaha, I've been behind closed doors for twenty years now. But I have finally reached one step further in the comprehension of the mysteries of the world. I've reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer. I've made yet another step to becoming a Saint King." The man laughed cheerfully.

Jian Chen did not say anything. He stared lifelessly at his parent's bodies while the tears of blood constantly flowed from his eyes. A while later, Jian Chen's lifeless eyes finally regained some light and closely afterwards, his gaze was aghast. He asked with a deep voice, "Just what has happened? Who has killed by parents?" Jian Chen's voice was not loud, but it was icy-cold. Even the surrounding temperature abruptly plummeted with what he said, becoming chilly.

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