Midlorin: Change of Heart Chapter 670

Midlorin: Change of Heart Chapter 670

There were four of Yang Shuo's men in the secret chamber, but they were only peak Heavenly Core warriors. When they heard the adult man's words, a ferocious smile emerged on all their faces. One of them took out a palm-sized tube, then he walked up to Guan Yiyun and opened the tube. Immediately, a pure red snake swam out from it. The snake sent forth a pungent smell which told that it carried a deadly poison

However, not a single one of them had dared ask why and could only speculate in secret.

With difficulty, Jian Chen managed to recall the Light Wind Sword back to his hand. There was some pain in his heart as he gazed at the crack in his sword. The power contained within the machete of the third elder was far too much for his own sword to handle.

"I wonder who will win this fight. Yun Can is after all a genius who became famous a long time ago, and he is also a Divine Core warrior. He is not someone that any ordinary man can compare with."

"All of you bastards, are you going to submit now?"

Explosive sounds repeatedly sounded out from the fighting stage. The entire stage was now filled with powerful ripples, and their powerful attacks had even cracked the floor of the fighting stage. One thing was for sure; this fighting stage would be useless after this match came to an end, and this was the result of them fighting in the sky. If they would directly on the stage, it would have shattered into ashes by now.

Great Manager said with a smile, showing a very friendly expression to Jiang Chen, this was a big customer, so he obviously had to be friendly.

"I pay my respects to the patriarch!" The man immediately bowed to the patriarch before explaining, "Patriarch, this youth right here is of unknown origin. He came to attack our Hua Yun Sect with no reason and even destroyed our gates and halls. He also injured several disciples."

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at the old man who had lost his arm with a cruel and firm look in his eyes.They had offended the Red City's Lee family, but since Jiang Chen wanted him to do it, he will support him till the very end.

Finally, Jiang Chen made a decision.

The moment Ling Long finished her sentence, a deep manly voice spoke out, "I agree. I look forward to when Xiang Tian reaches his 3rd year for this pleasant surprise as well." A 30 year old man entered the dining hall, carrying himself with the manner of a master. With a white chang pao decorated with golden outlines, and a head of black hair that reached his shoulders, the man gave off a relaxed atmosphere.

The collision had sent Qing Styx flying a large distance.

This was Jiang Chen's biggest goal.

Yu Zi Han knew Liang Xiao was doomed for sure. The genius who was so famous in the Qi Province would meet his death today. With Jiang Chen's approaches, there was no way he would allow Liang Xiao to survive even one more day.

At that moment, the youth had realized something was amiss behind him. Turning violently, he grew startled as he saw just how young Jian Chen was, but what shocked him even more was just how silent he was sneaking up behind him as if he wasn't there in the first place.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen shook his head. Li Wu Ling's mind was struck by extreme anger. He was now at the border of entering psychosis.

Yan Zhan Yun and the rest of the men had surprised expressions on their faces.With just a single look, this young man could tell what her symptoms and pain were.Jiang Chen was the first one who had been able to do this, and this only made them take this young man in front of them more seriously.

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