BaNGtaN BOYs Chapter 1390

BaNGtaN BOYs Chapter 1390

Next, everyone focused their attention on the second fighting stage. The Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang were staring at each other, trying to brew their own momentum. These two men were considered all time enemies, they had fought each other a few times before, and it had always ended in a draw.

Big Yellow chuckled uncontrollably.

"Brother Nan, you are my brother."

Seeing this, Fan Kun's expression turned stern. Yan Chen Yu's reaction had deeply hurt his pride. In the entire Qi Province, with Fan Kun's cultivation level and potential, he could get all the girls he wanted, let alone the Black Sect where he was always surrounded by girls. He had lowered his pride and talked nicely to Yan Chen Yu, but not only had she rejected him, she had also offended his pride.

The Lee family arrived in an imposing manner, but they fled in a hurry. All the people in Fragrant Sky city were surprised; none of them had expected anything like this. Everyone was preparing for chaos and agony, but in the end, nothing happened.

"Master, Artefacts are extremely powerful. This howlite is a precious material that can be used to make the Azure and Violet Twin Swords. When you manage to make both, you will come to understand the power of Artefacts." Ziying spoke.

The most important thing was that during this time, the bonds between the cub and its tamer would be very deep. This way, there would be no need to expend as much effort to get a strong magical beast that would be extremely loyal to its master and would never betray him. So for that reason, the cub of a Class 5 Magical Beast would be priceless in the market. If the cub of a Class 5 Magical Beast were to appear, then there would be many strong parties that would try to fight over it.


Once again, the Ice Demon King and Shangguan Ying fought intensely. After resurrecting, the Ice Demon King's combat strength hadn't weakened at all. It was still furiously attacking Shangguan Ying, because it knew its own advantage; it would never die. Therefore, it just didn't bother defending itself.

At the same time, the killing intent coming from Jian Chen had immediately shaken the commander from his thoughts.

"Kill that young man!"

The Radiant Saint Force was brimming with vigor and vitality. Bathing in such dense Radiant Saint Force, Changyang Hu felt a great but indescribable feeling. He felt entirely free from worry, as if he was walking on air.

Right in front of him, Jian Chen did not look to be in a better state. Although there wasn't any injuries on his body, his face was a morbidly pale shade.

"Treated me nicely?Alright, let's expose everything and calculate our debt."

Within the city closest to the Martial Palace, Yu Zihan and the other two were furious upon learning the latest development.

The Dimensional Creature furiously roared, then it leapt toward Big Yellow once again. Faced with such a situation, there was no way Nangong Wentian could stand aside and relax. He immediately drew his huge ruler and joined the battle.

"Peng!"Chapter 14: Tie Ta

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