Stygian Mage Chapter 1018

Stygian Mage Chapter 1018

Jian Chen's face went blank as he heard that answer. This was a monster of a student; a 200 kilogram rock was impossible to lift for the average adult. But for a young boy like Tie Ta to be able to lift such a titanic rock, Jian Chen could only feel awe from this fact.

While the soldiers busied themselves inside, Jian Chen and the rest gathered around.

Heavenly Tribulation was something far away from him; he didn't think he'd face it this quickly. In the entire Saint Origin realm, there were only a handful of people capable of facing Heavenly Tribulation, but at the same time, Heavenly Tribulation was something that every single peak Combat Emperor warrior dreamed about. This was because after passing the Heavenly Tribulation, they would be able to break through to the Minor Saint realm. However, Heavenly Tribulation terrified all Combat Emperor warriors at the same time, as the survival rate was extremely low. Only those who successfully survived the Heavenly Tribulation would become saints, and those who failed would perish.

"Do you guys know nothing? Little Chen is trying to use the pressure from that guy to break through to another level."

In order to cure the wound in You Yue's heart, Jian Chen had no other choice but to explain everything he had hidden from the world ¨• even his parents had never heard this information. Jian Chen knew that if he hiding his secrets like this would only serve to confirm the worries in You Yue's heart, dealing another blow to it. That was something Jian Chen wanted to avoid.

"Precisely, he's too wicked! But never mind that, since we're already here, if we don't experience such a major event, we might not be able to sleep after we return home."

"Bi Hai, stop wasting your time with him and lend me a hand here! We need to kill Jian Chen!" Situ Qing implored Bi Hai. He desperately wanted to kill Jian Chen today and would need the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler to help him.

"Mrr££ mrrrr££" The tiger cub's rear paws pressed against Jian Chen's chest as its front two paws scratched in the direction of the forest. The wings on its back began to unfold almost as if it was about to fly out from Jian Chen's embrace.

Jian Chen's fingers nimbly opened up the pouch to take out the piece of white fur from within. His hands began to shake as he unfolded the piece of fur, only to see that the one from within the red pouch was also the size of his palm.

Huang Qinglan displayed a look of helplessness on his face. The essence of orchid was a type of fragrance that wasn't very well known to the common populace of the Tian Yuan Continent, but the majority of the females knew about it. In the eyes of the females, the essence of orchid was a symbol of pure love, the sacred flower for depicting love. A woman could only use this essence once in her entire life. Using this on the man the woman loved represented that she wholeheartedly fell for him and her feelings would never change.

Jian Chen did not pay any mind to their expressions. He looked at the Liang Xiaole and the girl she was hugging, and said, "Liang Xiaole, since you've found your friend now, why don't you just stick with this group? They have more people too."

Ka Di Yun could barely keep the dark expression off of his face as he stared at Ming Dong with a disturbed mind. Ming Dong looked to be no older than thirty years old, meaning that they were roughly the same age. Except the strength he possessed was absolutely terrifying. Even after using his battle skill to his fullest, Ka Di Yun had been unable to move Ming Dong. This was something that Ka Di Yun found very hard to accept.

The iciness in Jasmine's eyes kicked up a notch as she glared at Jian Chen. Seeing that it did not seem like he was joking, she shook her head with a cold smile, "Little brother, you shouldn't joke around with such a joke like that."

Jian Chen's eyebrows creased together as he listened, but before he could speak, the mother beat him to it, "Fourth master, my son is correct. The two of us are not ones to live our lives in luxury and nobility. We truly cannot adjust ourselves to such a lifestyle. I wish to use the savings I have to purchase an inn in Lore City and continue my days working there if the fourth master allows it!"

"What is brother Jiang doing?"

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Yu Zi Han, Yu Tian Long, and two honourable guests of the Yu family. Six Heavenly Core warriors. Going to the Valley of Yin Spirits with just these people was basically the same as going to commit suicide. But, since Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were in the group, it would be a different story.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. After having obtained the Earth Devil's devil soul, the heavy burden in his heart had finally been lifted, and he had nothing else to do in Inferno Hell. Besides this, Jiang Chen had obtained a lot of benefits in his trip to Inferno Hell. Not only had he broken through to the Divine Core realm, he also possessed a massive amount of wealth that was beyond anyone's imagination. With his current wealth, he could easily establish a big sect in the Qi Province.

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