b4 + a573R Chapter 2297

b4 + a573R Chapter 2297

On the human side, the Profound River Palace was the strongest power. On the demon beasts' side, they were all led by the Demon King Palace. Because of these two supreme powers on both sides, true havoc had not once been wreaked in the Southern Continent.

Leaving the Tianqin clan, Jian Chen directly returned to the Gesun Kingdom. Afterwards, he called Jiede Tai and Nubis. He told the two about the Holy Empire, as well as what the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom had requested.

"Damn it, this guy is incredible, who is he? Why have I never seen him before?"

Changyang Hu let out a long breath and said, "It's a good thing fourth brother made sure we put on perfect acts of being completely undamaged. Otherwise, if the people knew that the four of us were injured, then I'm afraid we wouldn't have been so fortunate." Hearing this, Aoba and the others nodded in agreement, and looked at Jian Chen with gazes filled with respect.

Big Yellow let out a hearty laugh. With his body covered in a golden light, he dashed forwards and jumped into the crowd, then he began violently dashing into the people in the crowd.

Jian Chen laughed when he saw the shock on the elder's face, "Elder Wu, it seems that you are not willing to forget about the Multicolored Stone."

With a deep look, the elder began to size up Jian Chen for a moment before sighing in admiration, "It is no wonder Rum Guinness holds you in high praise. You stand out from the rest, even with your blood stained hands, you hold a righteous spirit. For Rum Guinness to entrust her child to you, that is a sensible choice."

"Don't worry, my cultivation will recover in time. I was trapped in an isolated space for ten years, and when I was about to die, brother Jiang Chen saved my life. Without him, I would now be a dead body."

News of the three hundred men from the Xia clan being slaughtered right outside Wake City quickly made its ways around. The Xia clan's might was strong enough to be considered one of the top strengths in the area; their influence was everywhere so this matter had been impossible to contain. The moment Wake City heard about this information, countless of people in every street and every teahouse began to talk about this topic with great interest.

Tyrant was puzzled. It was extremely difficult to become a Great Saint, and it wasn't something that could be attained just by relying on one's innate talent.

In Jiang Chen's past life, he was from the Divine Continent.

The patriarch was startled at Jian Chen's choice of attack, but then a small smile appeared on his face as he said, "Jian Chen, this old man has a considerably strong body. Allow me to teach you a good lesson with it." Without delay, the patriarch's right hand formed a claw shape as it filled with Saint Force. That hand flew toward Jian Chen's neck while his left hand moved to block Jian Chen's punch.

After hearing the two men talk, another purple robed man spoke out softly, "Forget it. If a youth that young has a strength on a level like ours, then he has the right to be arrogant. His talent is unordinary; we should just report this to our clan. An individual like this would definitely be a prime person for our clan to rope in, and if he were to join our clan, then we would surely gain huge merits for it."

Seeing that his words had made the Sect Chief angry, Fan Kun's expression immediately changed.

The sky was filled with killing intent. The combined force of nine Late Combat Soul warriors, as well as a few hundred frightening warriors continuously supplying them with endless energy. This was indeed a horrifying formation, and it could easily make anyone feel numb just by thinking about it.

"It was so fast that we couldn't even see it clearly. That speed is a bit too terrifying." Deere said in a low voice.

"Hehe, o' great Nubis, you are truly so great. How could I be so blind to not see that?" Wang Yufeng cajoled from the side.

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