The Time Mage Chapter 2285

The Time Mage Chapter 2285

"What we need to do now is look for people from the Heavenspan Realm!" he said, flicking his sleeve. Then he continued to speak, driving each word home like a hammer slamming into a nail. "No attacking. No drinking. No more wallowing in despair!"

"Mother! You have returned!" Qing Shui happily ran up to Qing Yi, embracing her. It was uncertain of when exactly it happened, but Qing Shui already stood head and shoulders tall with Qing Yi.

Unlike the skepticism of the Pill Stream Sect or the arrogance of the Profound Stream Sect, the looks given by the Blood Stream Sect were fear-inspiring and filled with killing intent.

"Soon, in about a month's time."

He had no other choice than to do so. Bai Xiaochun's fist strike had been unimaginably shocking, so powerful that it actually destroyed a lofty and magnificent heavenly marquis pagoda!

"What are you standing there for? Come on, let's keep going." He smiled, a smile that was somehow very abnormal.

Qing Shui retreated immediately after killing his opponents and did not follow up with any attacks. Meanwhile, the opponents remained stunned from this loss.

"Master, you have got to back me up! I have only Yun Yang as my child. Yun Yang died, but that Qing Shui is still alive!"

Among the ancient desolate beasts in the Southern Sea, legend has it that a terrifying sea dragon exists in those waters. It is needless to further discuss the dangers lurking in the gigantic mountains deep in Giant Beasts Mountains. There were desolate beasts, beast tides, poisonous insects and poisonous grasses¡­...

"With the snap of a finger, I, Bai Xiaochun could reduce all of you to ashes!" Of course, that was what he said in his heart, although he emphasized the unspoken words with the flick of a sleeve.

?However, Qing Shui had already abandoned all his preconceptions, because what he had experienced personally had overturned all of that; furthermore, his memory was just a drop in the ocean in this World of the Nine Continents.

He took a deep breath and carefully sidled up to the wok. The wooden sword, just like the grain of spirit rice, now had a bright silver design on it, which gradually faded to a deep silver color!

The Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique began revolving on its own. It's just that it didn't even leak out one bit.

"Has it upgraded?"

"Hmmph! Well, I'm glad he's gone. I'll just pretend I never even picked him up to begin with!" His heart was filled with many mixed emotions as he gritted his teeth and put his pill furnace away. Finally, the other cultivators felt comfortable enough to get a bit closer to the blood sword.

Gathered in the square were several hundred Great Wall cultivators and Wildlands soul cultivators and savages. There were even a few necromancers too. All of them were standing there motionless, expressions those of madness as they stared at the blood-soaked buns. Although none of them were talking, it was possible to hear them panting as they stood there.

QIng Shui smiled. Truly, what an unexpected gain. When he had wanted it to succeed, it hadn't. Yet at this random moment, it had broken through.

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