Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor Chapter 2933

Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor Chapter 2933

Gongsun Yi and the other top chosen didn't say anything, but considering their level and status, they obviously saw through Bai Xiaochun's ruse.

At first, there were some people who came to make trouble, but they were driven away by the Qing Clan members. The other party was a slightly famous second rate family clan.

As could be imagined, Bai Xiaochun was especially attracted to such pills. After all, his main focus in life was to live forever. Therefore, to have Millennium Longevity Pills dangled right in front of him caused his eyes to go bloodshot and even twitch because of the internal struggle.

The entire world had been severely wounded, not to mention the sky, which now had four gaping wounds in it, the likes of which would strike fear into the hearts of anyone who could see them.


"Brother Shui, is it that you have things for us to do?" Qing Bei asked, smiling.

? ?"Jin Changzheng, you won't come out till I call for you, isn't it?" Kuang Shi's voice was not loud but rather a low rumble.

Enraged, Bai Xiaochun unleashed the power of a Frigid Paragon in a blast toward the ten Core Formation soul cultivators.

After a moment passed, he murmured, "The Undying Live Forever Technique.... Five shackles of mortality and five seals of eternity?" This was his first time hearing of such things.

Qing Shui had a tremendous strength of over 3 million jin and the "Mighty Elephant Stomp" was able to increase his strength by 50% and five times the grounding effect.

After much consideration, he sighed and abandoned such thoughts. After all, he had heard about how terrifyingly powerful Bai Xiaochun was, and feared he might regret the consequences of trifling with him.

"The last lightning bolt!!" said Master Godwind softly, even as he shook visibly.

AST 970 - Sons must be raised poorly, while Daughters must be raised richly

Most importantly, he still couldn't come up with enough life force from the Heavenspan River water.

"Hey, that's Little Wolfgod, Li Tiansheng, andĄ­ Zhao Dongshan!! They're all top chosen!!"

"That deva soul belongs to me!"

Everyone looking at him saw what appeared to be tens of millions of souls howling and screaming in madness, ready to destroy everything in their path. There were even some crimson souls of the Nascent Soul level who appeared right by Bai Xiaochun.

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