Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 714

Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 714

"Haha, brother Jian Chen, you are surely joking! My Carnage Mercenaries is only a small time group that relies only on me. What other family is there to support us?" Despite this, Zhan Tian displayed a small look of pain and what seemed to be misery.

He was answered with a sword strike. It was a strike he was unable to dodge, this demon could only see a bright light shine in his eyes, and after that, there was nothing, as his head had already separated from his neck and fallen from the sky. He didn't even have the chance to respond, as he was instantly killed.

"I just hope my dad won't have to face any life threatening situations."

This was defiance of everything. In the future, Jiang Chen's name would be synonymous to demonic.

Seeing that the other side wasn't willing to divulge their identities, Yulian did not press the issue. She hid her discontent with a smile. "Very well, allow this woman to oversee the transaction."

A faint £¦sha sha' sound emitted from the location Jian Chen was looking towards. Shortly after, a dusty yellow scorpion slowly appeared within Jian Chen's line of sight.

"I didn't think that this stone would be such a mysterious object. I am quite taken by it, honored elder, I would like to buy this stone." Jian Chen smiled at him.

"Kaka, awesome!"

Jiang Chen shook his palm and retrieved the Golden Spear. He covered it with a layer of his flame. The flame moved like a flaming dragon as it coiled itself around the spear.

This guy was none other than Guo Lei. With his cultivation at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, after Han Yan had entered secluded meditation, and Jiang Chen had disappeared, no one in the outer circle dared offend him.Chapter 124 Ă¿ Let's settle the score

Uncle Tian nodded his head with his eyes still staring brightly at Jian Chen. Then, with a slightly more thoughtful expression, he spoke, "With the intensity of your power of thought, you're already capable of controlling the energy of the world. I didn't expect that since we last met half a year ago, you would reach such a level. This rate of progression is simply too unbelievable." Uncle Tian paused to sit down at the nearby table. "Tell me why you need my assistance so much."

Han Yan who was currently in low spirits suddenly raised his head up and roared out loudly. The roar gave of an ancient, hoarse, evil, brutal££ all kinds of emotions were mixed in it.

Besides, the space within Liang Xiao's storage ring was five times bigger compared to Jiang Chen's storage ring. Jiang Chen estimate there were over 200,000 Mortal Restoration Pills stored within Liang Xiao's ring, and ten Earth Restoration Pills.

"Hehe, the people who have seen it are naturally entitled to the treasure. The Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction's names aren't carved onto this treasure. So, we, the Heavenly Devil Palace would like to fight for it as well. In my opinion, we should just let our strength do the talking!"

The prize reward for any information on Kendall's family had affected many people. Everyone had coveted that monetary reward so multiple people would try any possible method for the sake of getting a little of that money. However, after several days, Jian Chen hadn't heard a single piece of verifiable information since so many people had tried to sneak away with the money with fake information.

The situation had caused all the men from the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect to completely lose all their hope. Since the beginning of the war, Nanbei Chao was their only hope. But now, it seemed like they couldn't depend on him any longer.

Jiang Chen's eyes were cold and penetrating. He had no idea how strong one with an Immortal Spirit Body could become, but he had no fear of it at all. Furthermore, because of today's battle, Jiang Chen had cast a permanent shadow in Nanbei Chao's heart.

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