Children of a Lesser God Chapter 2537

Children of a Lesser God Chapter 2537

He proceeded with extreme nervousness, feeling like he was holding an incredibly valuable treasure, and that someone might try to rob him at any moment. If some accident occurred, and his trip back to the Great Wall was interrupted, then his dream of becoming a major general might be dashed to pieces.

Eidetic Memory?

After a moment, the heavy stone door opened, a senile looking old man with cloudy eyes and a head full of white hair appeared. Qing Shui stared mutely, the attire of this old man was totally different from what Qing Shui expected from someone like this. The old man looked like he could not be bothered with the slightest bit of personal hygiene, yet his clothes were the epitome of cleanliness.

However, now was not the time to try to wipe out the Starry River Court. The Polarity River Court had no heart to continue fighting, and instead, began to flee. The Starry River Court and Dao River Court cultivators were also sapped of their will to fight, and their hearts were seized with alarm and terror.

"Your cultivation is going a bit too quickly, isn't it?" he said. It didn't seem fair. He had worked long and hard to reach mid Foundation Establishment, and had even risked his own life. All Bruiser had to do was fool around all day, and he got the same result.

If it was about the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal being upgraded, he already felt it was a miracle that it was still there after he lost his cultivations and was crippled. As for upgrading the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he didn't really ponder too much on it. For now, he was only thinking about how to recover his strength.

Of course, he was just getting ready to go strolling about to receive some praise and adulation.

When everyone collided, a massive boom filled heaven and earth, and the chosen all flew backward, qi and blood surging. Zhou Hong's expression flickered slightly in response to the ferocity on display by Bai Xiaochun. The other chosen were equally shocked, and were now coming to the conclusion that they had misjudged his speed, and would be unable to prevent him from fleeing.

AST 0117 - The State of Xiantian

"That's right," said another elder. "Not only does he have extraordinary skill with plants and vegetation, he also cultivates a shocking type of body refinement. I'd say he's a definite dark horse in the qualifying round today."

"You should rest early. I will send some better weapons to you later. This is no longer suitable for you to use." Qing Shui got up. He still had to enter the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

"Young lady Qing indeed knows me quite well." Sima Sha chuckled.

"In our cultivation, we have to cut down Chosen like that. Kill them, steal their good fortune, and use that to realize our own Dao!

He needed to make sure that, even if the sealing strip was destroyed, there was a second sealing magic in place to buy more time.

The chances of using the stomp technique like this were rare. It would require multiple coincidence to make it happen again.

She wasn't the only one thinking about Bai Xiaochun. Chen Manyao, the Hell-Emperor, Zhou Hong, and many other people who now knew who Bai Xiaochun really was were all thinking about him.

The muscles seemed to be building up from inside of the hand itself, and yet, even as it squirmedĦ­ the entire ghost hand began to wither!

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