Path to Heaven Chapter 1682

Path to Heaven Chapter 1682

It was the same with the Pill Stream Sect, and even the Blood Stream Sect patriarchs were shocked.

Having made his decision, Bai Xiaochun did his best to keep his excitement under control as he sped off into the distance. This time, instead of avoiding all of the random souls, he would walk right up to them and then grab them with the swish of a sleeve.

He waved his hand, causing countless vengeful souls to stream toward him. As they did, he started with a one-colored flame, and conjured all the way up to a twenty-colored flame, using them to push the moonflower all the way to a twentyfold spirit enhancement. Then he conjured a twenty-one-colored flame!!

"Everyone will support you!"

State of Immovable as Mountains!

Even as his spirits began to fall, the first match ended, and the second began. Du Lingfei was one of the fighters in this match, and she immediately performed an incantation gesture, causing a banner to fly out, which then turned into a stream of mist that enveloped her opponent. After struggling a bit, the disciple couldn't escape, and conceded, filled with admiration for Du Lingfei.

Bai Xiaochun was just as shaken, and felt as if he had just laid eyes on a predestined archenemy. Considering what he had seen in the Worldly Daoist's memories, his feelings were even more complex. Even as he took in a deep breath, he noticed that, as the eyelids of the Mortal Renegade quivered, two strips that almost looked like paper were now visible on his body!!

Qing Shui looked toward her and noticed that there was joy in that pair of worried, beautiful eyes. However, she didn't say anything more.

Qing Shui frowned again. This was the most important organ. If it could not be healed, the results would be inconceivable. Thankfully, the deterioration was stopped and he could now use his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique again. His acupuncture and alchemy should be able to heal it.

Bai Xiaochun was very pleased to have become the Arch-Emperor, and that he could now boss everyone around. Of course, he quickly came to find that although he did have the authority to issue orders, when it came to governing the nation, the Grand Heavenmaster was far more adept than him.

"Impossible!!" the young woman gasped, her face falling.

Finally, he looked off into the distance and shouted, "You just wait, you old ghost! Once I break through, I'll beat you so badly that Ghostmother won't even recognize you! If I don't, then my name's not Bai Xiaochun!"

It was a kind of feeling which appeared when they weren't paying attention. Furthermore, they had good feelings for each other¡­

Qing Yi, who was standing beside him was bewildered by the sudden change in expression of Qing Shui, while she suddenly felt a strong urge rising to kick her son.

Within 15 minutes, everyone from the Soulreaper Valley fell onto the ground. Qing Shui patted his hands, they were not stained with even a trace of blood. He turned his head to tell everyone to board the carriage, then Qing Shui got up and continued the journey.

As for Nine-Isles and Xu Xiaoshan, they had never seen anything like the Waterswamp Kingdom before, and were so terrified that their scalps were numb.

A murderous aura sprang up around Bai Xiaochun as he said, "Stepfather, Patriarch, as the blood master of Middle Peak, and as a legacy echelon cultivator of the Spirit Stream Sect, I must perform meritorious services! I must go to the battlefield to face the enemy!"

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