Evolution Theory of the Hunter Chapter 575

Evolution Theory of the Hunter Chapter 575

A boom echoed out, and the spell formation shuddered. However, a massive backlash also hit Bai Xiaochun, causing his expression to turn even more unsightly. Clearly, the defenses of this spell formation could not easily be broken!


The whole battle ended very quickly. Apart from the time Qing Shui used to disrupt the formation, it only took a few minutes to totally clean up the remaining trash.

The pressure coming off of the Giant Ghost King had Bai Xiaochun trembling physically, as if he were a tiny rowboat in a thrashing ocean of angry waves. In fact, he had the premonition that if he made the slightest mistake, he would be destroyed in both body and soul!

Ancient Strengthening Technique and at the same time at the 4th Level of Blue Lotus Art.

What was even more shocking, though, was the news about the Saint-Turtle, which caused a stir even in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty.

"It's too bad I still don't have a way to cultivate my Undying Bonesˇ­." Although he was happy to have improved his cultivation base again, the mere thought of his Undying Bones got him depressed.

Qing Shui added them in bit by bit in turn. He activated his spiritual sense to control the primordial flames which were now very powerful. He had a powerful spiritual sense, extremely precious Golden Flint Iron Cauldron and most importantly, the primordial flames.

"The patriarch wasn't able to kill him back then, and he ended up getting taken away by the Giant Ghost King...."

"No!" Huoyun Liu-Li answered embarrassedly. If it were not for the Drunken Fragrance Fruit, the food that she made would not be edible.

Big Fatty Zhang had started out very confident in being able to make a living with his spirit enhancement abilities, but after a string of failures, including one very important magical item belonging to this clan chief, he had ended up being imprisoned in their clan headquarters. Half a year had gone by, and Big Fatty Zhang felt like he was descending into insanity. He didn't do anything other than perform spirit enhancements, and never got enough food to make him full. Were it not for his intense determination to keep living, he probably would have long since died from hunger and exhaustion.

After Gongsun Yun left, Bai Xiaochun felt even worse than before. He didn't like feeling like this. He liked being happy and having fun. However, as he grew up, he realized that such emotions were inescapable.

"Tomorrow morning at the arena, I want to challenge you fair and square!" The firm youth in the middle with bushy brows and big eyes smiled and said. He held back Hai Xing who was about to explode with anger.

His goal was to wipe away the text about the curse, but from what Mistress Red-Dust could tell, he was urgently trying to wipe away all of the words.

The labyrinth was essentially a complicated, sprawling maze in which divine sense was severely limited. As for all the people who wanted to track down Bai Xiaochun, they immediately scattered in different directions to look for him, and yet, none of them were able to find a single trace.

"It's all thanks to this mask, huhˇ­." he thought. He looked over the mask in more detail, and was shocked to find that he had no idea what it was made of. However, its aura was shocking, and no matter how he looked at it, it seemed like a precious treasure.

He was someone with a story, but just what was his background that would cause him to react in such a way? Canghai Mingyue discovered that this little guy was more and more pleasing to the eye.

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