The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1173

The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1173

Many of the young kids from the village also ran towards them.

Of course, there were others from the auxiliary bloodlines nearby, none of whom stood out as much as Bai Qi did, but who were clearly special. One of them was the fifth young lady that Bai Xiaochun had met on his first day in the clan. She was beautiful, and despite her cold personality, was surrounded by quite a crowd of devotees.

"Wait. No. There should still be time! I have to at least go check it out!" Gritting his teeth, he also began to speed toward the desert.

The only catch was that acquiring those resources required merit points, and a lot of them. Thankfully, that was exactly what Bai Xiaochun had!

Besides, she didn't want to distract her father. Unfortunately, she had virtually no life-saving precious treasures left after the months of battle. To her bitterness, she could only stagger backward, blood oozing out of her mouth, her vision fading.

As it fell, the Scorpion King lost its balance and completely exposed its abdomen area!

"Haha, I don't know. Rumor has it that the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect's Sovereign is already very close to reaching Peak Martial Saint, but he is still a step away."The fatty chuckled and replied.

"Mother, feel free to just say it. It sounds like something major." Qing Shui smiled and said.

A fifty percent speed boost!?

"Oh no I wouldn't presume to have the honour; thank you brother!" Qing Shui told the strong man. Qing Shui was going to tag them with an unfair label but later decided that it was pointless.

"Blood-colored light from Middle Peak! That's the sign of the blood master!!"

Upon reaching their destination, the two of them were astonished for a while. It was a hidden mountain cave. An excitement that was hard to suppress flashed across his face as they arrived at it's entrance.

As they were thrown into chaos, the cultivators surrounding Bai Xiaochun shot forward with flashing eyes and vicious grins. Booms rang out as the slaughter commenced.

Bai Xiaochun threw his head back and laughed uproariously. By this point, the Beastbirth Flower was beginning to close in on itself. It was no longer emitting any aura or fragrance, and was clearly about to give birth to the battle beast inside, to Bai Xiaochun's delight and pride. Recently, he had heard about how the disciples of the north bank were investigating the situation regarding the battle beasts, and couldn't help but chuckle proudly.

That blood qi became a mighty pressure that caused even Bai Xiaochun's spiritual seas to vibrate.

Qing Shui focused intently on his practice, especially the Tiger Tailwhip Kick he once used before. This was an extremely sinister move. Not only was its attack power overwhelming, but also as long as this attack hit a vital point, there would be no way for the enemy to survive.

The three of them wielded the same sword. Qing Shui decided to analyze the swords by utilizing his spiritual sense!

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