NPC GAMER Chapter 1147

NPC GAMER Chapter 1147

In any case, there was no longer any ways to change it either because news of this had already spread. Furthermore, Donggong Taiqing definitely did not have any intention to make any changes. It was already surprising for him to agree to holding it three days later. Going by his usual personality, he would have just killed Qing Shui on the spot.

A graceful figure, decked in a white-colored female warrior attire gave Yu He a charming and holy feel. Oozing incomparable s*x appeal, those plump red lips, and with that smile-yet-not-a-smile expression on her face, left Qing Shui slacked-jawed.

It's just that later on, he suddenly lost all his strength. He ended up no different to the most ordinary person. When a group of gangsters stopped him and his woman, they even started to verbally insult his woman.

"Qing Shui, promise me, don't think too much over my issues. The reason I told you was to let my heart feel at ease for a moment. I've never thought of realizing my own dreams. I've already buried it deep at the bottom of my heart." Yiye Jiange smiled and said.

"Is Martial Uncle Fei still well?" Qing Shui enquired with a smile.

"Alright, you reckless fool. I shall accept this challenge. When and where?" Donggong Taiqing was so infuriated that his expression turned into a sinister smile.

"Old Devil Zhou is incredibly tough, but look at him now!!"

When Big Fatty Zhang heard that, his eyes gleamed, and he immediately crawled to his feet.

"I'm sorry for what I did, Sect Uncle Bai..."

This was a good life, Qing Shui was happy with this, this was what life should be like, it was also what he looked forward to. During this one month period, his mentality had changed slightly.

The clan chief's eyes shone with intense killing intent; by now, he wanted to kill Bai Hao more than anything else. Performing a double-handed incantation gesture, he drew on the explosive power of his mid Nascent Soul cultivation base to summon a massive black hole that instantly caused the air in all directions to distort.

He had worked very hard to reach this point. And all the while, the cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm were suffering. Thinking back to what had happened in the imperial palace, he suddenly threw caution to the wind and shouted, "Bring it on!!"?

Furthermore, she'd had no idea that Bai Xiaochun's corpse troopers were at this level. Before, he had commanded 3,000, but now he had 5,000. Plus, the silver-armored one was fully in the deva level.

"There's no way that a Core Formation cultivator could remain so close to that sound without exploding. Not even a Nascent Soul expert could do it for long!!

Almost immediately, the imps in the various Dark Concocter tribes shivered and looked up. Despite the fact that Bai Xiaochun was hiding his cultivation base, they all suddenly looked in his direction, and could see him clearly!

The woman from Feng Clan was only a bargain exchange between him and Feng Clan. But after everything with Feng Clan, Qing Shui wished he could forget about her sometime soon.

Knock knock knock!

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