The Minotaur Paladin Chapter 1544

The Minotaur Paladin Chapter 1544

"The duel will be in seven days. Judging from Brother Nan's aura, I think he'll make it."

Zhou Bei Zhen said.

Wu Lang retracted his energy, turned around, and flew toward the sound as well.

Jian Chen looked at everyone slowly. The moment he saw the insignia on their chest plates, he could already guess their identities. The only ones that could wear the coat of arms of the Blue Wind Kingdom were the Blue Wind Kingdom army. Even then, only the elite troops of the army were to be able to wear it; the lower ranking soldiers did not have the right to do so.Chapter 266: Desire to Fight

"Hou!" The Golden Fur Tiger King thundered as it swept its claw forward, catching the weakest member there, Yun Xuan, in the chest. His heart was immediately ripped into many pieces before the tiger disappeared once more before arriving at where Zhou Da Kai stood.

Jiang Chen entered the wet cave, and after taking just a few steps he suddenly felt a cold shiver down his spine. It felt like he was being watched by a pair of eyes within the darkness.

At that moment, in the peaceful sky above Wake City, a crack suddenly appeared in the dense, dark clouds. A sliver of blue light shone through it and underneath the thick clouds, a person appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh heavens! This Chen Jiang is a really daring man, not only did he kill those from the Qingyi Sect, he's now offending a genius from the Myriad Sword Sect!"

Everyone from the Black Sect felt their nerves tensing up, they didn't have the experience and judgment that Jiang Chen had. Even Duan Li couldn't tell what Li Wu Ling's real situation was like, he could only tell that Li Wu Ling had just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and his foundation was unstable.

"Look, what's that?"

Seeing the incredulous looks on their faces, Jian Chen laughed and said, "With the combined powers of me and Tie Ta, there were no magical beasts that were a match for us in the 2nd region, so we decided to move on to the 3rd region."

A Late Qi Hai Green Hellish Python died in such a horrible way, its corpse still wiggling on the ground. The blood flowing out from its corpse was also extremely poisonous; the dirt turned black and all plant life instantly died when being touched by its blood.

Afterward, Qin Yunlong and Harry called in Qing Shaofan. He led the two Saint Rulers to the Space Gate to leave the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The meal had been cooked by fatty's mother. She looked no older than thirty years old and was spectacular in appearance. There was the grand air of a noble about her, and despite the common clothing she was wearing, it did nothing to hide her mannerisms. It didn't take more than a single look to figure out that she wasn't raised from the village.


On the other side, Shangguan Ying and the Ice Demon King were fighting each other intensely. The more they fought, the more scared Shangguan Ying became, because this monster was extremely hard to defeat. It simply fought without a single care for its own safety, and all it knew how to do was attack crazily and never defend. The way it fought simply shocked Shangguan Ying.

Jian Chen's killing intent slowly receded from his eyes as he walked toward the shop owner. "Aunty, don't worry. He is still alive; he just fainted from his wounds." Jian Chen spoke with some remorse. He had checked his wounds earlier, and while they were not life threatening, his inner Saint Weapon had been utterly destroyed. In accordance to the continent, that would mean the youth would never be able to cultivate and would forever remain an ordinary man without strength.

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