Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself Chapter 745

Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself Chapter 745

The patriarch looked at Elder Wu and spoke calmly, "Elder Wu, this little brother is currently the guest of our Tianqin clan. You barging into his residency is not an acceptable behavior. If the city were to hear about this, then what face will our Tianqin clan have? Hurry up and apologize to brother Jian Chen!"

Jian Chen found an inn in the first class city and replanned what he was going to do after today. Three days later, Jian Chen departed from the city, and flew towards one of the three capitals of the Holy Empire, the City of God. This was because the Radiant Saint Master Union was there.

Jiang Chen was speechless.

"I am called Jian Chen!" Jian Chen spoke with a friendly smile at Senior An.

"Oh heavens, what did Jiang Chen do?! Not only did he offend the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, he actually offended the Martial Saint Dynasty! His offense was so great that all those related to him has to be killed! What should we do? Do we really want to get involved in this?"

"Sins of the heavens can be forgiven, but one's own sins cannot be forgiven. Zihan, kill him."

"Xuan Ye."

Luo Jian's eyes widened in realization as the iron rod had already reached him. This time Luo Jian was unable to defend himself from Jian Chen's attack nor was he able to dodge in time, resulting in the iron rod piercing deeply into his chest.

A light smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face, he was filled with an ultimate overbearing manner and confidence, his current combat strength was equal to a middle tier Divine Core warrior, but because he was having many powerful tricks, that made even upper tier Divine Core warrior wasn't his match at all.

A hum escaped from the king's mouth, "I wouldn't say get rid of. The fact that another strong individual has appeared within the Blue Wind Kingdom is a boon to us as a whole. But I fear if he is an outsider and has come into our kingdom to expand his influence before taking those men and leaving the kingdom. Should that happen, the damages to our kingdom would be huge. We have only just finished a war with the Gesun Kingdom, our weakened kingdom definitely cannot sustain another crippling."

"How is this possible, the Saint Rock doesn't even have a sliver of color reflected!" De Shu couldn't help but cry out in alarm. The smile that had been on his face slowly disappeared from his face and turned to look at Jian Chen's own face with an odd expression. Neither of the two could believe what was going on.

"I will let you feel what it's like to be a human sandbag!"

"The Firethorn Savage has sensed the Golden Egg's energy, and it's now heading towards the Green Sanctuary Sect. Let's follow it and watching this great show!"

"Damn it, many of our men died because of him! Give him death from a thousand cuts!"

Hearing Jian Chen's words, Hu Ba was stunned for a moment before cursing himself on the inside. Unexpectedly, he had made the crass mistake of engaging in a battle of words with someone from the younger generation.

The moment Jian Chen and Kai Er walked out to the gates, every single person standing behind Seth's mercenary group suddenly began to emit a faint aura of blood lust. This was something only those truly baptized in the waters of death could prepare themselves for. In front of this amassed group of blood lust, only those with a strong will would be able to approach.

"Oh, why the rush?"

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