The City of Terror Chapter 1972

The City of Terror Chapter 1972

While the men were still stunned by what they had just seen, a longsword resembling a poisonous snake suddenly appeared in Jiang Chen's hand. Without any effort, he impaled the chest of a Mid Divine Core chief. It was Yang Shuo's Bloodthirsty Sword.

Looking around the area, Hu Xiaotian answered, "Brother Jian Chen, have you gone blind perhaps? There's no such Little Spirit anywhere. I can only see you standing off to yourself and speaking to no one but yourself. No matter where I look, I can't see anyone else."

"Mother, your child isn't as weak as he was years before. The Hua Yun Sect will definitely not harm your son." Jian Chen explained.

After that, the entire group of men began to call out their agreement to helping out Tianxiong Lie.


Ye Xiao burst into laughter.

Jiang Chen said. Although this Black Swamp Serpent was just at the Early Heavenly Core realm, it wasn't some trash like Li Wu Ling. Jiang Chen was able to kill Li Wu Ling with ease, but it would be impossible to kill this serpent in the same way.

"Hmph! The Shangguan Clan is truly shameless, you really followed me here."

Back in the auction hall!

Although the tiny part of the inner organ had already withered up, there was still a large concentration of energy within it. After eating the body piece, the white tiger cub began to feel a large amount of energy within its four limbs. It was as if it had enough energy to support its entire body. There was enough to the point where the tiger cub could feel several sharp fangs starting to grow within its mouth.

"Stop it! You daring monk!"

"How dare I?I will crush him now and let you be a witness."

"Little Chen, since so many people from the middle area are hunting for you, there will be a lot of trouble if we return now."

Above the skies, far away, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were leisurely sitting on a cloud. They were watching the fight in the Green Sanctuary Sect from far. From where they were sitting, they could clearly see everything that was happening in the Green Sanctuary Sect.

"Little brother, I just saw a strange spectrum of light come out from here not too long ago, what sort of treasure might be the cause of it? I am quite interested in what caused that effect, would it be possible for this old man see?" He asked.Chapter 280: A Threat

With so many people looking at the portrait, everyone could only grumble at the descriptions on it.

The Tenth Emperor said with a loud voice.

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