heavenly star dragon god Chapter 343

heavenly star dragon god Chapter 343

Jiang Chen always tried to cover every single possible situation and think things through thoroughly. Every decision he made was back by his own logic and reason. There was no way they could hide the deaths of the two emperors, so the reason why he wanted to send their heads to the Qi Province was to inform the Imperial Emperor that he was going to the Qi Province to save the people there. With this, all their attention would be directed to the Qi Province, and they would focus on him alone; ignoring the Fragrant Sky City.

Seeing how Jian Chen was still unperturbed about the matter, Katata let out a sigh in his mind. This expression of Jian Chen meant that there would be no point in trying to waste words and energy to convince him.

"Little Yu, go to the Red City, I'll proceed to the Fragrant Sky City!"

"Oh!" Jian Chen looked to where the Zhou Mercenaries disappeared to, their image not disappearing from his mind.

By now, the patriarch had realized that Jian Chen's personal strength wasn't very strong, but his attack had far exceeded his own. So fearing another clash, the patriarch moved out of the way before trying to land a strike of his own.

In the following second, Luo Song let out a despairing screech, and all the pain in his body seemed to fade away. This was because, to his shock, his Qi Sea had been destroyed by the kick, and his Yuan energy had started vanishing like a balloon losing its air. In just a few breaths time, all of it had completely vanished.

After resting for a moment to regain some energy, he began to use the Radiant Saint Force within the world to treat his wounds.

By now the city was in a tumultuous chaos. Everyone was grouped in bunches as they filled the streets to talk to each other about the battle between the Saint Rulers with gusto.

"I don't know if my grandfather can save Jian Chen, but I'll immediately call for grandfather." Little Fatty understood that Jian Chen was in danger. After mentioning this, he immediately bit a finger on his left hand, dripping the blood onto the Space Ring on his right hand.


It didn't take much time for these Late Combat Soul warriors to search every inch of the Martial Palace. When they returned, one could easily tell from their expressions that they hadn't found anything.

Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were happily talking with each other. After fighting shoulder to shoulder in the previous battle, their relationship had become closer. Usually, talented and beautiful girl tended to be very prideful, and Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were both like that. Thus, those who could befriend them must be equally excellent.

Wu Jiu stared into the direction where the two of them had disappeared with a gloomy expression. He turned around and glanced at the Seventh Emperor and the others, then shouted with a loud voice, "Get the hell outta here!"

Big Yellow said in a scolding manner.

"Captain Kendall, what is your greatest wish££."

"That is a genius disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect, but she was sent flying with a slap from that young man without any ability to resist! Just how strong is that man?"

Jiang Chen said in a ridiculing tone. In his mind, Lord Nether would inevitably die today. As long as Jiang Chen desired his death, he could easily kill this toad in less than a minute. However, he was in no rush to kill. Not because playing with this toad was something fun, but because he wanted to give those geniuses a chance to vent their anger after being imprisoned and humiliated for so many days.

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