Vampire rulerĄ¯s strong Bride Chapter 1845

Vampire rulerĄ¯s strong Bride Chapter 1845

The assistant immediately nodded, "We do, these herbs are very common and are not pricy at all. We have them all, but I don't know how much the honored customer wants?"

Three pillars of blood flew into the air as the bodies of the beheaded fell to the floor in a rigid manner. As the heads fell, their eyes were opened wide in shock that would never go away in due to their death.

The same day, Chang Qing threw a grand welcoming feast for Jiang Chen and Tan Lang in the City Lord Mansion. Early morning the next day, the group set off toward the Chaotic Ocean.

Hearing Qin Ji speak, the seated Dugu Feng spoke up, "The Albino's Earthworm has extremely strong defenses and has a lot of strength as well. The average Earth Saint Master wouldn't be able to do any damage to it, and without a Ruler Armament, its defenses cannot be pierced. My division will take this one, the Amethyst Thunder Lion and Pangolin Emperor will be handled by the other two divisions."

If it wasn't for them knowing Jiang Chen quite well, they would all have started laughing at Jiang Chen for telling a lie before deeply despising him afterwards.

"N-no! That can't be! The one who struck first was clearly Jian Chen! Why was he the one to escape punishment instead of patriarch Shi, who struck only afterwards? This is impossible!" The Saint Ruler cried out in disbelief. The fact that the barrier of Mercenary City had ignored punishment for Jian Chen had given him no small amount of fear. As of now, the Saint Ruler was completely besides himself.

But when he picked up the strange white stone, he could clearly sense the excitement and happiness emanating from within his dantian. However, Jian Chen was skeptical of this sensation because only beings that were given life would be able to experience these types of emotions. And yet, the two glows within his dantian were clearly giving off this sensation, so could it be that the azure and violet glow in his dantian actually had self awareness? Perhaps they already had the ability to think for themselves.

Just as the sword and Guan Dao collided, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed. He immediately paled as he felt an intense churning sensation in his stomach, and he immediately retreated.Chapter 76: Using Tai Ji Against the Enemy

Qiu Tianba heartily laughed out. He obviously knew who Jiang Chen was, but he also knew what kind of situation Jiang Chen was facing right now, that's why he didn't care about that fact at all.

For example, the seriously wounded man and Shangguan Wei found themselves in a desolate mountain range, and there were no one else there except the two of them. Shangguan Wei saw that his opponent was severely wounded, close to death, and it would only take him a single strike to kill this man. At the same time, the seriously injured man saw the same situation as he looked at Shangguan Wei.

Earth Jail was also one of the innate abilities which would become stronger with Jiang Chen.

The Yan family was fighting back with everything they had, but there was no way they could defeat their enemies, as they didn't have someone like the Black Hawk who was a Divine Core warrior. Yan Zhanyun and Great Elder Yan Hongtai were both Heavenly Core warriors, but Yan Hongtai was only an Early Heavenly Core warrior. They were no match for these formidable Dimensional Creatures.

Up against Jian Chen, Hu Ba's sabre in his right hand began to grow dim as it gradually lost its original luster. On the blade, two jagged chips could be seen quite clearly.

Hearing that someone was going to Mount Tianyuan, many people immediately turned around and looked at Jiang Chen. Anyone who was going to Mount Tianyuan right now must be some geniuses, because Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi had only invited the geniuses from the younger generation.

Inside his dantian, the Saint Weapon fragments continued to twinkle with a faint light almost as if they were each a tiny star. The amount of energy they absorbed made them resemble more of a black hole instead as they showed no signs of stopping, however, the light grew stronger with each passing second.

Of course, these two figures were the fleeing Ice Demon and the pursuing Jiang Chen.

When Jian Chen entered the hall, he didn't have to worry about the activity that was normally seen in the daytime. There were only three people within the hall. Two of them were his parents while the third person was a middle-aged man wearing black armor. He recognized this middle-aged man sitting across from Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba. It was his uncle¨•Bi Dao.

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