All Returns to Dusk Chapter 2475

All Returns to Dusk Chapter 2475

It looked very realistic, was larger than the cauldrons from before, and exerted formidable pressure. Bai Xiaochun could even sense that if he wished, he could disperse the cauldron and draw the resulting spiritual power back into his body.

"Mm, all right. It's up to you Master, and there's no need to trouble over me." Qing Shui smiled and looked on as Yiye Jiange left on the Snow White Crane. The ethereal beauty that could overthrow a kingdom was still overwhelming. The poise of both Yiye Jiange on the Snow White Crane and the stunning lady on the Golden Winged Thunder Condor were similar in their air of grandeur and the lethality of their majestic beauty.

"Qing Shui!"

A power similar to the early Deva Realm began to weigh down from the black heavenly lightning, growing stronger and stronger until it was equivalent to the great circle!

As of this point, the conspiracy to have Bai Xiaochun killed had been completely defeated. As everyone left Heavenmaster Hall, Bai Xiaochun looked up into the sky and felt freer than ever.

"Brother Qing Shui!" Yan Ling`er's delicate lips parted slightly as she smiled and greeted Qing Shui.

The Elder was also surprised for a moment. What had seemed to be casual talk, especially given Qing Shui's current strength, should have been known to him. However, given Qing Shui's puzzled expression, that did not seem to be the case.


"We can't let it touch us!" That was what both Song Que and the Saint-Emperor were thinking. Even as they fell back at top speed, the smoke balls locked onto them, piercing through the void toward them at top speed. Glaring, Song Que struck the top of his own head, injuring himself and shaking his own divine soul to gain a moment of added clarity. Without any hesitation, he sent out a stream of divine sense to summon the two archaean slaves. An instant, later, they appeared in front of him and the Saint-Emperor, standing in for them to take the blow of the two spheres of smoke.

Looking back in fear at Bai Xiaochun, he didn't hesitate for even a moment to utilize a minor teleportation. However, before he could complete it, an arrow appeared, shooting toward him at high speed and with shocking energy. Then, before it even reached him, it detonated.

Considering the momentous event which was playing out, more and more audience members were personally paying merit points to be able to observe Bai Xiaochun as he made his way through the trials by fire.

Qing Shui hated people like this the most. If you said that you liked Canghai Mingyue, then by all means, pursue her yourself. But then you just had to use me as a stepping stone. The Qing Shui of the past would really not have been able to do anything about this because he understood the pain of having no potential. There was too much hopelessness among the weak group.

Therefore, he led Bai Xiaochun to a corner with a clear vantage point of the entire corridor, and then used a deva-level magical device to cloak him in invisibility. Finally, he took a deep breath and stood there to wait for the next phase of the plan.

"Let go of me!" Hou Yunfei said. "You two go. Without me, you'll be a bit faster."

Qing Shui now said his farewells to the old man heading towards the depths of the Mountain of Longevity. He had rejected the old man's offers to have people accompany him. The old man did not insist as having a group of people to follow Qing Shui seemed like they were trying to monitor him.

As the Hell-Emperor's legacy began to be passed on, Bai Xiaochun was in his immortal's cave in the Underworld River Restricted Area, absorbing the life force from the Celestial's blood-hair.

It opened up!

All Returns to Dusk Chapter 2475 End!

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