Tales of the Legendary Scholar Chapter 2972

Tales of the Legendary Scholar Chapter 2972

The center of the line was the best position to be in, because no matter which side Lord Blood Moon decided to start with, Yu Zi Han's safety would be temporarily guaranteed. Unless Lord Blood Moon wanted to pick Yu Zi Han as the first one to be sacrificed, that is. If that was the case, her luck was just incredibly bad.

"I didn't think that it'd be the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen, of all people to be the one to start fighting. Ai, how lamentable. He was a genius with no parallel. But now he will fall today here in Mercenary City. Does he not know that Mercenary City has prohibited fighting? In the case that there is a violation of the rules, then even a Saint Ruler would not be spared from the following consequences."

Wu Jiu praised. The way he looked at Jiang Chen had changed. With just his Early Divine Core cultivation base, Jiang Chen had actually just forced away a Late Divine Core crystal beast with just a single strike. Combat strength like this was simply astonishing.

Right now, the door to Guo Lei's courtyard was shut. It looked like he wasn't inside the house. But, it was around noon, therefore, it was perfectly normal that he wasn't there.

"Eleven hundred purple coin going twice!" Yulian's voice could be heard once again. Like before, no one spoke to offer another bud over the Harido clan's offer.

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With a snort, the elder responded, "Jian Chen, don't even try to think that with a Supreme Treasure you will be able to defeat an Earth Saint Master like me. Earth Saint Masters and Great Saint Masters have a difference between them as wide as the heavens themselves. There is no way for the Supreme Treasure to make up for that." However, even as he spoke, there was a hint of fear in the deepest parts of the elder's eyes.

A frightening scene played out. A Fiery Dragon formed entirely from magma rushed out from the kettle. The extremely high temperature instantly burned the air. However, compared to this high temperature, what was even more dreadful was the devastating energy that came from the Magma Dragon.

Jiang Chen said.

Qing Styx said. However, he did not expect that what awaited him tomorrow when he arrived at Misty Mountain was just a dead Firethorn Savage, and his decision of letting Jiang Chen off for now would be unreal.

After inspecting the cavern and confirming the security of it, Jian Chen stuck his torch onto the wall and sat down in the central point of the dead end while taking out a few Class 2 Monster Cores to cultivate. He was definitely safer in this hidden cavern compared to the open outside mountain range, and it allowed Jian Chen to freely enter a state of cultivation as he pleased.

Liang Xiao shouted out loudly as he unleashed the Great Slash of Devastation. The longsword in his hand had brought forth a bright curtain which blocked Jiang Chen's sound wave attack. At the same time, Liang Xiao broke through Jiang Chen's lock down and flew far away.

Big Yellow asked.

"Sect Chief, senior disciple Jiang Chen is wrongly accused!"

"Hehe! It's your honor to be killed by this master dog's teeth!"

Just as the Light Wind Sword made contact with the man's sword, the very tip immediately broke through the sword and stabbed into the man's heart. A large amount of the Sword Qi within the sword burst outward and completely destroyed his heart and the other inner organs.

Jian Chen was immediately jolted back to reality. Looking at the sky, he had come to the sudden realization that the sky was dimming, an indication of the impending night. Unconsciously, Jian Chen had been standing there for the whole afternoon. "I understand, Chang Bai. I will go back in a second."

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