I am Wolverine in AOT Chapter 2273

I am Wolverine in AOT Chapter 2273

The darkness had been pierced however by a single orb of azure and yellow. It had been Jian chen and Tynes who were traveling to the entrance of the ravine with Jian Chen's flying abilities.

Although Jian Chen demonstrated power beyond Class 4 by destroying the testing rock, it did not mean that Jian Chen was a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master and only meant he possessed the power of a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master. Whether he really was Class 5 or not would still depend on the test.

Shushing everyone with a hand, Jian Chen said in a strong voice, "There is no need for concern; my injuries aren't serious. They are only scratches, but I've important news to tell everyone. From today on, no one will try to take our tungsten alloy now. So please rest assured."

In the centre of an endless desert, an obscure figure shot through the sky like a lightning bolt, and reached the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Right after Nangong Yunzheng finished speaking, an explosive sound could be heard from the southern side of the Nangong family. Violent airwaves shot up into the sky, and with that, a young man with a tall and robust body appeared.

Right after that, Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder turned their glances toward Wu Ningzhu, and they couldn't help but look at her with looks of praise. It seemed like the reason why Jiang Chen was here to offer his help was Wu Ningzhu. Indirectly, Wu Ningzhu had made a huge contribution to the people of the Southern Continent.

Jiang Zhen Hai said while looking at Jiang Chen.

Consequently, this had caused the second and third-rate factions to feel slightly nervous. For the entire day, they had been extremely nervous to the point of having some clans electing to temporarily leaving the city and hide away until the crisis was gone. They were afraid that the hands of the Flame Mercenaries would stretch towards even them. Many--if not all--of the factions did not want to lose the power they had worked for to become a lackey for another.

After the token collections were finished, the able bodied men looked at each other and nodded. Straight away, they flew at the injured comrades and slashed at them.

Everyone's expressions changed once again. Those disciples who had been following Jiang Chen looked at each other, they were wondering what Jiang Chen was about to do. The matters had reached a point where it was very difficult to end. Guo Lei was beaten, and they had gotten their Mortal Restoration Pills back. Even inner circle disciples Cai Dong and Wang Heng were hung up, their score could be considered settled, and now would be the right time to end it all. However, Jiang Chen didn't seem to have any intentions of ending this, and he even wanted to hang these men up at the training grounds.

"It is completely true. My brother and I were there to witness it. My lord, the captain of the Flame Mercenaries isn't a simple person. He cannot be belittled. Even now, he somehow managed to find and bring four Earth Saint Masters into his mercenary group. This is already enough to paint him as a very unique person." Katata replied in a serious manner. Thinking back to how Jian Chen had killed those three Class 5 Magical Beasts, Katata felt some lingering surprise reappear.

With the help of this scroll, Jian Chen was growing a deeper and deeper level of comprehension of the mysteries of the world. These mysteries were becoming more and more clear to Jian Chen, and he could feel himself growing one step closer to becoming a Saint Ruler.


Guan Yiyun explained.

Even if the half a million strong elite soldiers from the Qinhuang Kingdom were to be excluded from the garrisoned troops at Lore City, the Changyang clan had far more Heaven Saint Masters tucked away within it than the entirety of the Gesun Kingdom at its golden age. The fact that a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters defeated the ones from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was no secret either.

Someone said.

Seeing the highly excited looks of anticipation on everyone's faces, Bi Yuntian couldn't help but have a proud smile on her own face. "I only just asked this of Xiang'er himself. Xiang'er is truly an amazing child. Not only does he not fear any Saint Ruler, he has the strength to fight one as well."

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