The Shadow of My Light Chapter 1122

The Shadow of My Light Chapter 1122

"Those men has been trapped by chief Jiang's illusion realm, but why are they killing each other?"

The monk could easily abandon Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, leaving them here to go on his way. However, he would never do something like that. Jiang Chen had previously saved his life, so he had to save Jiang Chen no matter what, and he would give it his all.

"This junior understands. Thank you for your warning, senior." Jian Chen replied gratefully.

Eldest Mang had a gruesome look in his eyes as he spoke. A huge silver blade appeared in his hand, and it was glowing with a deadly shine. At the same time, the other five weirdoes took out their own combat weapons. With their flawless synergy, they were able to perfectly combine their combat strength.

Hearing this, the elder hummed in contemplation. "It seems that this Jian Chen had altered his appearances and slipped away in secret. I didn't think that he would have such a skillset like this, how extraordinary."

In a remote city like Wake City, people that had the ability to ride magical beasts were a very rare sight. One thing was for sure, however; if the person who was riding a magical beast was not a high leveled expert, then it was a person from a noble clan. That was because only these 2 types of people could typically use magical beasts as mounts.

Soon after, Jiang Chen descended another 15-18 meters, then the water flow immediately became violent. There were also some bright lights blinking in front of him, filling him with astonishment. Without hesitating, Jiang Chen started moving towards those bright lights.Chapter 328 ΓΏ Black Ice Talisman


"Holy Empire? Why there?" Jian Chen was doubtful and remained puzzled even after thinking over it.

The colors of Jiang Chen's pupils immediately became red. The condition of both Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan was too serious, their internal organs had stopped functioning, and there was only the slightest life-force floating around in the deepest parts of their souls. It would be extremely difficult to revive their life forces now. If it wasn't for the pills Guo Shan had concocted and fed them, both of them would be dead by now.

Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were startled at the same time. Using a formation to seal the dimensional crack, they had never heard of this method before. But, would it really work?

"Headmaster, what should we do now then?" He asked.

At this, Ming Dong felt quite anxious. Worried that his uncle Tian would refuse Jian Chen, Ming Dong pleaded, "Uncle Tian, Jian Chen is my sworn brother. If it wasn't for Jian Chen saving me in the past, I wouldn't be able to survive until today, let alone see you uncle Tian. Now that my sworn brother is in trouble, you must help my sworn brother."


Jian Chen could not help but smile, "The fifth elder is extremely correct."

Seeing Ming Dong hop onto the platform, Jian Chen couldn't do anything but shake his wistful head helplessly since he knew he couldn't stop him. A mighty Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master bullying a single Saint Master, this was something that would make anyone a joke just for saying it.

Jian Chen slowly shook his head, "I'm fine, uncle, just a little tired. Could you possibly find me a spare room to sleep in for a moment?"

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