Queen of Nothing Chapter 73

Queen of Nothing Chapter 73

"Then if you would please try one of these." With that, Ming Dong took out a small bottle and took out a small medicinal pill from within before handing it over to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen forced a smile on his face as he looked at the people behind Ming Dong as he whispered, "Why did you bring so many people in here?"

The Crown Prince suddenly let out a furious roar. Using his golden halberd, he shattered the Ice Demon King once more and knocked Yan Chenyu more than 30 meters back.

With Jian Chen's current strength, he could only yearn for this power for now. A spot where Tian Jian resided was a spot where Jian Chen could only look forward to. After all, that was a position where even a Saint Ruler had to bow and scrape his knee.

On the second day, Qin Ji had woken up Jian Chen early in the morning before taking him on a stroll around the palace. On the stroll, he pointed out many of the different types of scenery within the place. Jian Chen never brought the tiger cub with him since he didn't wish for the cub to be subjected to the eyes of a lord. So, to ensure that the cub was safe, he would feed it a large amount of heavenly resources and would wait for it to fall into a deep sleep before walking out.

Lee Chang Hong spoke without hiding anything.

A milky white glow of light could be seen forming in between Jian Chen's hands. With time, it quickly began to glow even more dazzling with a gentle but strong light that was comforting to look at. The rays of light that could be felt from this ball of light would make anyone feel happy.

As outer circle disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan, whether its status or their rank, they were superior to any ordinary people. But, the trio would be cultivating within the clan at all times, so they never really had the chance to enjoy life outside of their clan. Besides, the feeling of being respected was really nice. As one of the four big clans in the Qi Province, there were more than ten thousand inner circle disciples. They were just some outer circle disciples.


Dugu Feng did not stop the man from entering this time, allowing him to charge into the room without a problem. He tried to grab at the woman. However, Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously as he growled, "Who let you enter this room, scram!" With a wave of his right hand, a wave of energy from the world burst forth and slammed squarely into the man's body.


Seeing someone coming up, the trio's faces became more serious.

"No worries, if worst comes to worst, I'll find even more Ruler Armaments to take." Jian Chen waved his hands without concern.

But too bad, Jiang Chen didn't care about his words. Jiang Chen had decided to kill Li Wu Shuang today, even if the father of the gods were here, there's no way Jiang Chen would let Li Wu Shuang survive.

"You! You are courting death!" Jian Chen's words reversed the scale of Jiede Wukang, causing him to immediately blow up in anger. Holding his Ruler Armament, he flew at Jian Chen, but before he could get far with his outstretched Ruler Armament, he immediately stopped.

"The Mutian clan offers one hundred twenty thousand five hundred purple coins££"

"Humph! 60 million."

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