Trafford is Trading Club Chapter 433

Trafford is Trading Club Chapter 433



Hearing this sound, Yullian straightened in her seat, and reached out to press an inconspicuous button on the sofa. The drawing room door silently opened. Outside it stood a charming-looking, 20 year old girl wearing a uniform.

Not only Jiang Chen, even Big Yellow who was fighting alongside them was the same. This had completely stunned Yu Tian Long. This man and dog were an eye-opener for all of them.Sponsored by: Quadwarrior, Eric, Pontus and Mathias! Thank you very much!

"Why does everyone from the Shangguan Clan wear the same shitty expression on their faces? And why can they only talk bullshit?"

The loud sound of a collision could be heard as the extremely sharp point of the Light Wind Sword broke through the skull of the magical beast and inserted itself deeply into its brain.

"Don't tell me only you are allowed to kill!"

The monk said with the same calm and indifferent tone, carrying an undertone of an eminent monk passing on his knowledge. However, his words nearly caused many people to cough out a mouthful of blood. Many people felt a strong desire to just fly up and slap his face. Even Jiang Chen felt a desire to kick this monk's face.

Young master Q waved his hand, taking out a stack of golden talismans. As if these talismans were some sentient beings, they automatically flew into the hands of every single person.

"I've seen your body and you've seen mine. But I've also saved your life, so let's consider this even. If I owe you in the future, tell me." With that, Jian Chen began to walk away without a look back.

Captain Kendall surveyed the magical beast in front of them. His expression turned grave as he said, "Magical Horned Boar! Jian Chen, be careful. That's a Class 3 Magical Horned Boar."

The Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of the eight clans all spoke out. Most of them did not believe that Jian Chen could really use Judgement's Sword.

What's more important was that Jiang Chen had too many enemies now, not only Fan Zhong Tang. Jiang Chen believed that when he left the Black Sect's territory, Fan Zhong Tang would hunt him down at all cost. Also, there was the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion, both of them were Jiang Chen's enemies as well, especially the Heavenly Sword Sect. The news about Jiang Chen killing Liang Xiao would soon spread to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Once Jiang Chen left the Black Sect, he would step into a situation where no matter where he went, he would surrounded by all his enemies. Of course, he wasn't scared of this, but he needed to find a peaceful place for Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan to recover.


Ankhs did not answer him and snorted before calling out another price, "One hundred and ten thousand!" This price was already going far beyond what he expected, but for a Class 5 Monster Core, it was not a loss.

"Sect Chief, we've found something, that's why we returned to report it to you. We'll wait for Sect Chief's orders."

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