The Strongest Hokage of Konaha Chapter 2624

The Strongest Hokage of Konaha Chapter 2624

With an impassive look, Jian Chen replied, "There is no need for you to know my strength. Just know that you need not kowtow because you will not leave here alive. Remember that each and every word of yours comes at a heavy price" With that, Jian Chen's killing intent began to leak out from him.

"Precisely, this desert is just a small part of the Island of Ice."

Jiang Chen could sense the eyes laid upon him and the auras. He just smiled with a carefree expression.

Huang Luang stared oddly at Jian Chen, "A Heaven Tier Battle Skill is the highest battle skill on the continent. Each Heaven Tier Battle Skill is highly profound so that a regular person would never be able to fully comprehend a Heaven Tier Battle Skill in their entire life. It isn't to say that learning more battle skills are good. Even if one were to learn many Heaven Tier Battle Skills, they would not be better than one who mastered a single one. So one should try to fully master a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill and not waste time learning anything else. Wasting energy is one thing, but wasting progress is another."

The servant's attitude was firm. He turned to Jiang Chen and said, "Young master, please follow the rules, this is a high-class venue."

This was what was called being blind as a bat, to have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai. You won't die if you don't look for trouble, but this could precisely be described as looking for trouble.

The monk was too impatient to absorb the sarira, and he would definitely attract the mighty warriors of the four major powers. Perhaps this monk thought he would be able to finish the absorption before those warriors could find him. However, he had really underestimated this sarira. With his current Third Grade Combat King cultivation, he could only absorb one tenth of the energy contained within, and he would have to absorb the remaining energy in the future. Although it was only one tenth of the energy, it was not something that was easy to digest, and it required much more time than the monk had expected.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed as he decided to take back his sword. With a flickering of his body, he circled around the ancestor's body to attack from the back,but the results had been the same. The Origin energy stopped moving three inches away from the ancestor's body, it was unable to progress anymore.

Lee Chang Ming started expressing his killing intent. His Early Mortal Core aura unleashed together with his Yuan energy, and the invisible air started rippling.

"What was that light?"

Jian Chen gave a small smile and said, "Xiao Dao, are you planning to go out?"

"Damned dog, no one would think you were dumb if you had just kept your mouth shut!"

Furthermore, they still had another secret weapon; the King Weapon in the Third Emperor's possession. As Late Combat Soul warriors who were only one step away from the Combat King realm, they all knew how frightening a King Weapon was.

Upon seeing Jiang Chen above to leave in such a hurry, the Great Manager quickly stopped him.

Against Jian Chen's entire strength, the opposition of Great Saint Masters could only defend themselves against three sword strokes with confidence. After his Light Wind Sword had pressured them to retreat backward, Jian Chen made another movement and instantly propelled himself forward toward Tianxiong Lie like a bullet.

Jian Chen had a strange look on his face as he looked forward and thought to himself.

"Kid, who the hell are you? Why do you want to go against the Green Sanctuary Sect?"

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