Touch of Fate Chapter 1910

Touch of Fate Chapter 1910

"But Big Bro Jiang Chen, I just destroyed another house."

Nangong Wenyang coldly harrumphed. After that, he made a welcoming gesture toward Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian, then led both men into the city. All the guards were kneeling down with heads lowered, so none of them were able to see that Nangong Wentian was one of the men that came. If not, they might even be terrified, because the Nangong family's young master was an existence who could do anything he wanted in Nangong City.

"That's not right. I could clearly see the Holy Yangji Mountain go up in flames just a while ago. Take a look, even the clouds nearby have turned black."

"That mysterious stranger would definitely be able to wipe us out with ease." Bai Fei Yun said.

"The dimensional crack has started dropping out Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, the two of us just can't stop them anymore."

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice.


Qian Yun sat down in a nearby chair and spoke dimly, "Ai, this sin of mine has involved the Qiangan Kingdom, regrettably."

But the Gesun Kingdom men were all joyous. Being an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom must mean that, that person had a tremendous amount of power. Possibly enough for him to beat back the rest by himself.

"Big brother, Little Spirit is right here!" Following the voice, the young figure of a woman suddenly materialized in front of Jian Chen. It was the very same Little Spirit that had appeared in his room the night before. But this time, her body was slightly transparent. One would be able to see straight through her body.

"Don't worry, I just returned from the Martial Saint Dynasty yesterday, so they won't expect me to leave the Martial Palace today."

There were guards day and night at the imperial palace, and the arrival of a Heaven Saint Master shocked everyone and prompted for the head watch to immediately head down to greet Jian Chen respectfully, "Senior, this one is the captain of the fifth guard unit, might this one know the reason for senior's presence?" As he spoke, the man looked curiously at Jian Chen. When he took note of how young Jian Chen was, the captain couldn't help but feel surprised. After a while, he concluded that Jian Chen must have used some sort of secret to maintain his youthful appearance, allowing his real age to remain hidden.

"Who was that young man? How does he have the audacity to kill Green Sanctuary Sect disciple in Misty Mountain?"

"Little Chen, you're such an overbearing man, I really wonder if there is anything you wouldn't dare to do."

"I think that will be really difficult, he has too many enemies. Further, he has offended the prince, and with Wu Cong's temper, there is no way he will let Jiang Chen off. Not only is Jiang Chen not going to be able to keep the Emperor Weapon, he would have to be incredibly lucky in order to keep his own life."

Nubis revealed a soft smile and said, "Then no problem. With their strength, I can even handle three at once. However, they have Ruler Armements. The strength of those things cannot be ignored and cannot be casually hit by one of them. I'll be responsible for keeping one busy. You two can handle the other one."

Sighing to himself inwardly, Jian Chen resigned himself to accepting that calamity will befall him. Petting the tiger wrapped up in his chest, Jian Chen could only feel shame. He had promised Rum Guinness to take care of her child, but now that he was stuck in this situation, he had no more power to do so.

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