Sounds Of A Metal Gong Chapter 1076

Sounds Of A Metal Gong Chapter 1076

"Kid, what did you just say?"

"He is quite heavily injured, but it is nothing life threatening." Jian Chen spoke.

Jiang Chen said.This was a perfect idea, producing synthetic pills was an impossible task for ordinary alchemists, but for Jiang Chen who was once the Greatest Saint, pills such as Restoration Pills can be easily synthesized without much effort.

"Bang!" When the palm and fist collided, there was a deep muffled sound as if the sound of thunder could be heard echoing through the air, forcing the hearts of anyone that heard it to skip a beat.

In Waluarent CIty, it had been Qin Xiao that had left the biggest impression on Jian Chen.

Whether people believed it or not, the news that they received had sparked a paradigm shift in the Blue Wind Kingdom--the rise of a new powerful faction had come.

"How is Ke Er, his injuries are not that severe are they?" Changyang Ba asked with a voice of concern.

Jiang Chen punched out with a massive forced. His fist collided with the shadowy Flood Dragon, causing it to shatter together with a cracking sound. It was instantly destroyed by Jiang Chen.

The eyes of the two Saint Rulers gathered on Jian Chen before the elderly one smiled, "You must be Jian Chen!"

Jian Chen looked at the wall in front of him as the shade covered him. Under the protection of the wall, the setting sun was completely blocked, and the the area in front of the wall was completely covered in darkness.. This sight was enough to make people who had never seen this sight before shake in awe, as they felt like the wall was some frightening and profound force.

Guo Shan was really amazed; he couldn't imagine how a 15-16 year old young man could be so knowledgeable in alchemy. If he hadn't experienced all of this by himself, he wouldn't believe that someone like this truly existed.

With another smile, the elder looked around the room, but there was nothing of value to be seen.

"I've already convinced your grandfather who has agreed with me as well. If I can find someone even stronger than the Huanggu family, he will rescind your betrothment to the Huanggu family." Jian Chen explained.

At this scene, Jian Chen couldn't help but doubt his eyes. Was this really the injured Class 6 Magical Beast that was currently as strong as a Class 5 Magical Beast? No matter how he looked, it did not seem right.

Then, the patriarch's nose twitched before his eyes flew open and he stared dangerously outward.

The Great Tycoon, Xiao Nanfeng said with a cold voice. Two ice-cold beams leaked out from his eyes. In fact, he inwardly felt depressed about these recent matters. All this time, everything he had done was kept in secret, and no one had ever found out about his dirty deeds, as he left no traces behind. He never expected that this Heavenhawk Island Master, who was actually Zhuang Fan, survived because of his own careless mistakes. This was ridiculous.


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