Anarchy of marvel Chapter 1721

Anarchy of marvel Chapter 1721

The Golden Fur Tiger King had no intentions of letting Jian Chen go. Stamping toward Jian Chen, it opened its jaws wide in preparation to eat him.

"Brother Jiang has become even stronger!"

When the news spread, it instantly caused dissatisfaction amongst the people.

But they soon regained their wits and started to sweat. Without even needing to discuss it amongst themselves, they all concluded that they needed to dispose of Jian Chen.

"Jian Chen, what are you doing slowing down? Hurry up and run." Kendall said anxiously.

"If there are no other options, let me fight this third match. Even if I have to die, I won't let them get what it is they aim for!"

"Since this guy wants first place, why don't we give him a chance? I really want to see who dares to fight for first place with me, Wang Yuan!"

The traces of the bizarre and special energy within the snake's blood seemed to be attracted by something, and continuously rushed into Jian Chen's pores. As the amount of energy in his body continued to increase, the berserk elements contained within also increased, and became more and more powerful. The pain brought forth onto his body by these berserk elements made Jian Chen sweat profusely. However, he clenched his teeth and fists tightly, and continued to resist it.

"Haha, brother Shangguan is a generous man! I'm guessing Jiang Chen won't show up to this Gathering of Skynet! Faced with the combined force of the two strongest geniuses in the Jian Province££ he just doesn't have enough lives to do so!"

All three Sect Elders had their eyes went wide, only now they managed to pull themselves out from the shocking emotion. They couldn't believe what just happened, and felt like this was the first time they knew this Zhang Yang.

Many of the officers rose up to greet Jian Chen with loud respectful greetings in a careful manner as if afraid of saying the wrong thing. Even the Heaven Saint Master looked at Jian Chen with a respectful but enthusiastic look.

"Young lord, it is up to you if we should help him or not. After all, this Quick Cloud Beast was provided by him, so it could be said that he helped us." The gray robed elder spoke to the other man.

"Pah! Jian Chen, do you think you can escape from my grasp?" The Saint Ruler sneered before rushing out with patriarch Shi.

"No wonder Big Yellow has such high confidence in brother Jiang, his current aura is more than enough to compare with those Late Divine Core warriors."

"Are you sure you want to rob me?"

"Extremely fierce and brutal! I don't think he's a Combat Soul warrior, but in term of talent and potential, Jiang Chen is definitely number one in the Eastern Continent's younger generation!"

What Fan Zhongtang said was like a sharp blade that pierced into the hearts of all disciples and Sect Elders of the Black Sect.

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