A Serenade for the Innocent Chapter 1036

A Serenade for the Innocent Chapter 1036

The powerful voice spoke out once again. This was a voice that resonated a person's soul, and it could disturb one's mind easily.

Jian Chen dodged out of the circle the Saint Masters had put up and began to fight intensely with the Great Saints. After a few flashes of his sword, more mercenaries had their throats and hearts pierced, and died as well.

Mao Sheng unleashed a huge golden hand toward Jiang Chen and tried to grab him.

Nangong Yunzheng ran forward and caught Nangong Wenyen in his arms, then immediately gave him a pill. Although his son had been defeated, his life was at least safe now.


Within the Tian Yuan Continent, the Three Great Empires reigned supreme among the strongest nations within the continent. Each and every single one of the three were terrifyingly powerful, and under the Three Great Empires, there were the Eight Great Powers with influence that was just as awe-inspiring. The Qinhuang Kingdom were one of these Eight Great Powers and had a wide influence that allowed it to remain at the top of the pyramid.

"Brother Jiang, listen to me, you can't kill Wu Cong! His status is not normal, and he represents the Martial Saint Dynasty here. If you kill him, you'll become an enemy of the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, trust me! Don't be impulsive, Brother Jiang."

"That's where Chen'er is staying!"

Duan Jianhong who was fighting Daoist Black and Granny Feng suddenly shouted.

"Senior, with the situation looking like this, I don't know what the proper course of action should be." A middle aged man spoke seriously; it was Qing Yun. After returning to the Tianhua Sect, he had reported what he had learned in Wake City to the leader of the sect.

"Damn you! Are you two done laughing?"

Han Yan said. Comparing the Qi Province to the Martial Palace, the gap was not small.

When the 5 saw Jian Chen and Tie Ta, they let loose happy smiles to each other, as if they had mutually agreed on something. Increasing their speeds, the 5 of them quickly reached and surrounded Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

A hidden Heavenly Core warrior? Of course not, in this residence there was only one man, Jiang Chen.

"Amitabha. Since both misters are here, please don't leave in such a hurry. I need to send you to nirvana and release your souls from purgatory."

Jian Chen's expression grew uncomfortable at this. The Aoyun clan was simply far too much if they were trying to lay claim to what he owned.

Jian Chen's question caused the general to feel skeptical; the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom had no relations to each other as far as he knew. But today, the Qinhuang Kingdom's Imperial Advisors had come by to provide assistance for them. Furthermore, this youth was also an Imperial Advisor but had also some sort of connection to the Changyang clan. Connecting the two together, the general couldn't help but think, could this youth in front of him be responsible for the Qinhuang Kingdom coming to the Gesun Kingdom for assistance?

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