Supreme Island King Chapter 2108

Supreme Island King Chapter 2108

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Compared to Great Master Ran Feng, he had a clearer picture of Big Yellow's condition.

Within the peaceful room, Yun Li and Jian Chen were about to sit down when Jian Chen asked, "What might the city lord want to talk about with me?"

Big Yellow then spit the head out from his mouth. The young man's skull flew a few meters away. The face was staring up towards the sky. Blood stains were all over the face, and the eyes were wide open.

Yan Chen Yu's voice was pretty loud. Many people immediately turned their vision towards Jiang Chen.

The other dozen men walked back into their tents to rest, slowly disappearing from everyone's sight.

Han Yan's expression changed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This was all the information that every influential power could find out.

As for this Nine Stars Killing Formation prepared by the Third Emperor, it was just perfect for Jiang Chen, and he really liked it. His current strength wasn't good enough for him to take on a Combat King warrior, but a collision like this with someone who had the strength of someone just half a step from the Combat King realm was just perfect for him, and he could only get the result he was looking for with this.

"But that Jiang Chen is a really incredible man! He has killed so many geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. I believe that only a person like him possesses such amazing courage! Furthermore, I heard he also nearly killed the crown prince, son of Tenth Emperor! He is incredibly fierce!"

Soon after, all the disciples of the Black Sect arrived at the training ground. Although the place was filled with people, it was completely silent; no one spoke a word. All the disciples and elders of the Black Sect were looking at the white-clothed youngster with passionate gazes. It was a man who was like a god to them.

The entire sky above the mountain range was filled with glints and flashes of cold steel. All those sword created by the Heavenly Saint Sword turned into shooting stars as they flew across the area. Each and every single one of them looked like a deadly sword, causing those who looked at them to feel a shiver running down their spine.

Bang, bang, bang££

Jiang Chen waved his hand at the demon soul, and it immediately flew into the air before falling onto his palm.Jiang Chen then folded his hands in a complicated pattern.Under the effect of the complicated pattern, a red fire core was extracted from the demon soul.

As for the Family Chief, Nangong Yunfan, his cultivation was similar to Nangong Yunzheng. The result of their match was unpredictable, so therefore, the most vital match was the third match. He knew Nangong Yunzheng must have found a mighty warrior from the Profound River Palace, but for the Nangong family, they just couldn't find anyone who was strong enough to help them. Even if they found some candidates, who would be willing to offend the Profound River Palace?

Nangong Wentian's face was filled with excitement. He kept looking around without daring to blink his eyes, but all he could see was the variegated dimensional currents. No more Dimensional Purplesand Crystals were to be found.

"I'm fine, thanks to Jiang Chen."

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