Day Star Chapter 2460

Day Star Chapter 2460

What he saw caused his eyes to go wide.

Drawing Talismans was a cultivation path that burned through a lot of resources. It was a good thing that Qing Shui could afford to do so.

"The Demonic Beast Sect invaded our Heavenly Palace and the people they brought have all been wiped out by us. We should just head straight to them and wipe them out completely." After some thought, Qing Shui spoke.

Qing Shui did not return to the Di Family and instead rushed towards Central Plains. Before he left, he had to send his greetings to Lady Duanmu,

When Bai Xiaochun and the others heard the mocking laughter of Chen Fei and his friends, their rage burned. Now it was obvious why the others from the Supervisors Department had ambushed them on the way here. It was all a big plot!

"If you want to get the power of a deva," Feng Youde continued, "you would have to take a deva as your Master. Either that, or challenge the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials, and reach the violet section of the rainbow. At that point, you would receive a boon from the sect, and could request the power of a deva!"

The entire area was as silent as death.

At the moment the Grand Elder dropped down, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant struck into him with its Gigantic Elephant Collision.

The old man looked over the collected cultivators, and didn't seem to be surprised at all that the River-Defying Sect only had Bai Xiaochun with them. Smiling faintly, he said, "I would like to welcome the emissary from the presiding sect to oversee our four sects' competition for the legacy seals!" Even as the words left his mouth, the clouds up above swirled together as if driven by a powerful wind, rapidly forming into the shape of an enormous eye!

The chosen gritted his teeth, then sent his vulture in pursuit. At the moment, he was operating under the assumption that as long as he didn't get too close, he should be safe. Plus, he would be able to keep eyes on the target and make it easier for the Cai Clan patriarch to track him down.

Qing Shui shifted his gaze downwards, and studied his weapon. "The degree of my erection should be still okay, rightˇ­?"

Imposter Nightcrypt cleared his throat and then proudly went on to say, "According to the legends, above the patriarch level is the Blood Devil!"

He didn't even get to use the Shield Attack!?

Bai Xiaochun's eyes flickered with the realization that he couldn't fight this battleship. However, it wouldn't necessarily be impossible to lock it down temporarily. Completely ignoring the two ghost faces, he unleashed his frigid domain and summoned nine frigid clones, which he sent toward the ghost faces, not in the hopes of defeating them, but just delaying them.

"Let's go take a look at Qi`er. You should come too. I think his mastery of fist techniques isn't bad and would like to teach him some things." Qing Shui smiled and stood up. It was not early anymore and he would like to leave soon.

Nature Energy!

"Haha, that's significant, the increase in strength of 120 countries, defense of 200 countries, and a significant increase in speed of more than 50% of my original speedˇ­ˇ­" Qing Shui felt ecstatic.

Day Star Chapter 2460 End!

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