New Earth- A world of Chaos Chapter 2606

New Earth- A world of Chaos Chapter 2606

Then, the two felt suspicious. Just how did the Gesun Kingdom establish a friendship with one of the Imperial Protectors of one of the Eight Great Powers?

"Then what should I do?" Jian Chen asked the Sword Spirit. This was the very first time he had come across an illusion array. He had never heard of such a thing before, so the existence of one was a complete mystery to him. He had no idea how to deal with it, causing him feel helpless.

Within the dark cave, the fire that had been burning incessantly danced slowly. By the side, the sitting Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room. Qin Jue, the girl, and Senior An were all sitting in a meditative position and Qin Xiao was still laying on the stretcher with his eyes closed in a sleeping position. Only Yun Zheng was not in the cave.

The blood of the soldier splurted into the air as the head of the soldier was completely severed. His blood spilt into the river and began to dye the water with it.

The big yellow dog also stared at Jiang Chen. It never expected that this young man in front of it had such powerful force. His body was also almost as strong as its own.

Jiang Chen was like a demon lord from hell. He gripped the old man's neck with his palm and applied powerful force, breaking his neck and stopping the terrible screams instantly. The old man's body fell to the ground.

The young man roared out. After that, a sharp force burst out from the illusionary palm and crushed the ocean demon's head, causing it to explode into a blood mist. With that, the ocean demon's gigantic body fell down from the sky. It died in a miserable manner, and its blood only served to stain the water. The young man stretched his arm forward and caught the demon soul that jumped out from its head, then he casually stored it away.

Within the City of God, a dozen or so people appeared from nowhere above eight huge manors. They gazed at the powerful white light in the sky several dozen kilometers away. The depths of their eyes were filled with great worry.

"Come in."

"Correct. And they are not weak by any means.

The funeral continued for seven whole days before wrapping up. This time, Bi Yunhai's grave was no longer in a desolate place like before. Instead it was in the courtyard where Bi Yuntian lived within the compound. A jewel made specifically for the purpose of fengshui had been affixed to Bai Yunhai's grave, and had made the grave into a very grandiose one.

"But senior disciple Jiang has disappeared for three days, the rumor about him dying in the Myriad Demon Mountain has been spread amongst all outer circle disciples! Guo Lei and his men have become so arrogant now, and they always pick fights with us! Even senior disciple Yan is in secluded cultivation now, there's no one who can help us now££"

Shangguan Yilei's loud and clear voice shook the entire atmosphere. His words caused the expressions of all people to instantly change.

In that short moment, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword stabbed out three times, each one accurately hitting the throats of three different mercenaries. Their bodies went rigid immediately as their throats started to leak blood, dying their necks red. Slowly, their bodies fell to the ground.

Jian Chen inwardly sighed to himself. With such a resolute objection, there would be no way for him to convince his father otherwise.

Chapter 309 ÿ Killed One by One

At this moment, each villager's face was filled with looks of extreme shock yet also full of worship. There was a large amount of respect within their eyes mixed with their initial disbelief.

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