How to stay immortal Chapter 1676

How to stay immortal Chapter 1676

The energy vein, aside from it being able to provide the best cultivation environment and gather natural energies, it was also representation of fortune. Each of the Qi Province's four big sects had occupied land with energy veins, this was the reason why they were eternally prosperous and had produced countless of geniuses.

Jiang Chen was immediately able to determine the actual combat strength of Xuan Yuzi, it was not much different from Wu Cong's. Therefore, Jiang Chen had no fear when fighting him face to face. If he truly took out the Heavenly Saint Sword, he was very confident he would be able to kill Xuan Yuzi.

Jiang Zhen Hai let out his High Qi Hai level Qi, and with one step he approached the old man.The old man was wounded seriously and couldn't move a single step.Jiang Zhen Hai slapped the old man's head, immediately sending him to meet his maker.

When the middle aged man landed on the ground, he laughed, "How insignificant you are. To dare place our Xia clan on the same level as your Kai clan. Today will be the day I teach you a lesson." Immediately, a blue colored Saint Force began to form in his right hand before forming a long and slender blue whip. To the observant ones, they would be able to see water like ripples gleam across the whip's surface.

The female disciple behaved like a tigress. She was even more arrogant than that guy, she just straight up cursed at Jiang Chen and his group.

Fragrant Sky City, Jiang family!

They were pitch black in color and stood on two legs exactly like how a human stood. The only exception was that their heights were roughly thirty meters tall, a height far taller than a human.

Jiang Chen showed a smile that he thought was very friendly.

"You££ you're Jiang Chen?!"

The moment Deere spoke, everyone became calm once more and resumed eating from the plate of beef. In a flash, the platter of beef had quickly been wiped clean, leaving behind only bits and pieces.

"Third teacher!"

But he wasn't the only one. The two brothers from the Jiede clan could only stare in disbelief as well. An Earth Saint Master being able to outpace a wind attributed Heaven Saint Master was an impossible feat until now.

"Lord Jiu, do you think brother Jiang Chen can withstand three strikes from the Imperial Emperor?"

"Nothing is guaranteed just yet. Right now the secret of this place is already leaked. Haven't you seen the never ending stream of people coming here? Just wait for the five experts to all assemble, then they'll be able to enter."Chapter 310: Gathering of the Five Experts (One)

Studying Jian Chen's group, Kaizer could only detect the strength of Tie Ta and You Yue. Ming Dong and Jian Chen on the other hand had completely hidden their presences. They made it so Kaizer had no way to determine their strength. However, Kaizer still hadn't thought the two of them to be a threat. They were young after all, they shouldn't be a match for him no matter how strong they were for their age.

"That's right, if we want to enter the cave, then there is no other choice but to join hands. Those magical beasts are far too strong for us individually." Said Dugu Feng with his fire sword in hand as one of the men with a Ruler Armament.

"Seventy five thousand!"

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