Black Belly Enchantress Chapter 517

Black Belly Enchantress Chapter 517

"We'll first join with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, then we'll proceed to the Devil Realm together."

"Alright, Shangguan Yiqing, I never thought your plot would include me. I'm truly blind to have joined forces with you!"

However, Jiang Chen had never expected to face the Minor Three Tribulations that only appeared when breaking through to the Minor Saint realm would come to him so soon. He knew that the reason for this was all because of the Dragon Transformation skill.

"Changyang Xiang Tian, with you and Tie Ta, there are no magical beasts in the 2nd region that can pose a threat to you. so you might as well take her along. Students should look out for one another. And besides, for you two, this shouldn't even be considered a test anymore." Laughed the middle-aged woman.

Jiang Chen smiled and placed the demon soul in his storage ring. Finally, he could be at peace.

One of the Mid Combat Soul disciples was unable to bear it. With a sway of his body, he leapt onto the fighting stage. Without saying another word, he struck out with his palm, unleashing a huge, bright palm from the sky above, aimed toward Jiang Chen's face.

Jian Chen recalled his Light Wind Sword and continued on.

The patrolmen that were guarding the area nearby could only see the sudden spectrum of light that shot out from Jian Chen's room. With a surprised cry, the captain of the guards immediately ordered, "Quick, go and inform the patriarch!", sending a guard away to quickly make the report.

Not too long after, the face of a man could be seen in the light. By using his control of the world energy, Jian Chen was able to use the energy of the world to recreate a picture of Kendall's face.

The poisonous scorpion was evidently extremely annoyed by the fact that Jian Chen had jumped onto its back. It began to violently shake its body, wailing unpleasantly as it recklessly waved its giant pincers around in the air.

"Haha, Xu Neng, don't ask anymore. Even the best alchemist from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan wouldn't be able to concoct this pill."

As Jian Chen rode his horse forward, the two soldiers at the gates scrutinized him with a heavy stare. However, Jian Chen had already changed his appearance; he was completely different from before. If people who had been familiar with him wouldn't be able to recognize him, then how would some strangers be able to find out who he was?

Big Yellow said helplessly.

The thunder was furiously roaring in the skies. Rainbow colored lightning started appearing in the dark clouds. The lightning swiftly jumped around in the skies like snakes. Although the scene looked beautiful, the energy contained within these clouds were beyond anyone's imagination.

At Jian Chen's command, everyone landed on the ground and strode into the palace. As an Imperial protector, Jian Chen was a figure that was known to everyone. Not a single person moved to stop him; they instead bowed from their waists while they stood off to the side.

"Nan Bei Chao has great talent and potential, he is not someone who will stay in a small place for long, he has the aura of someone with the potential to become a king. Someone like him would never surrender under someone else for long."

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