My Possessive Admirer Chapter 632

My Possessive Admirer Chapter 632

"Brother Tian, when we return to the outside world, are you going back to the Qi Province, or the Jian Province?"

The eyes of the bystanders nearby the Flame Mercenaries changed in intensity after hearing Yun Li's words. Shortly after they passed, everyone began to talk among with each other, but none of them were stupid. They simply wouldn't believe that the Flame Mercenaries would rebel against the Blue Wind Kingdom on the words of the lord alone. Combined with the strength of the mercenaries within Wake City, no one dared step into their path to stop them.

Jiang Chen had a big smile on his face. He could imagine Han Yan once again standing in front of him, brimming with energy. He had finally accomplished his goal. Han Yan was his first brother after he had reincarnated, Han Yan's friendship had touched him. His brave action of protecting Yan Chenyu in a time of dangers, the willingness to sacrifice his own life for his brother's sake; how many people could do that?

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he started laughing out loud.Chapter 12Ă¿The Massive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills

All Sect Elders were burning with rage. No matter what, the Heavenly Sword Sect was one of the biggest sects in the Qi Province, and now, someone had placed a knife on their throat. Of course they wouldn't accept it.

Still in shock, Changyang Ke shook his head. Grabbing the tree branch at his throat, he snapped it in two and cried out in disbelief, "That didn't count. It definitely didn't count! Fourth brother, you weren't fighting fair at all."

"Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well."

Ling Du said.

Nightfall came by quickly, leaving the garden empty. Jian Chen lightly opened the doors and escaped outside with the white tiger. In a moment, he came across the well used by the inhabitants of the building. Taking the Space Ring with the box in it, he tossed it into the well and headed back toward the room he was staying in. Leaping onto the beams of the building, Jian Chen released a sharp amount of Sword Qi from his fingertips and dug a small finger sized hole for the other Space Ring to be placed.

Not long after Tie Ta had left, Jian Chen quickly ate his own food and returned to his room. Right as he closed the door behind him, a knock could be heard on it.

Jian Chen once again used his spirit controlled sword technique to continuously attack the snake.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. Although it was really difficult to cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill, as it required a massive amount of energy, the energy it brought him was really frightening, and Jiang Chen had proved that with his combat history.

"Damn it! So brutal!"

The Light Wind Sword's blade barely nicked his neck with the sharp layer of Sword Qi that enveloped the sword. Despite the sword nicking Tianxiong Lie's neck it only sliced through the top most layer of his skin. If he had reacted just one half-second slower, he would have been struck through the neck and his life would have been claimed by the Light Wind Sword.

"Heavens! He really reached the top of the Stairway to Heaven! The Qi Province competition has been held yearly for so many years and today is the first time someone has reached the top!"

The Late Mortal Core warrior's name was Liang Dong. When he heard what Big Yellow said, his killing intent immediately exploded out. He turned his gaze over to Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu, but his eyes immediately landed on Yan Chen Yu.

"This££ is this the feeling of death?"

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