Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman Chapter 1891

Rebirth of an Abandoned Woman Chapter 1891

Seemingly Sealed Shut!

"I need 100 breaths of time to open the node. Once it's open, we'll both be sucked into the magical item!

"Is that Bai Xiaochun? Heavens! He only ranks in the 490s, doesn't he? I can't believe he sealed Sima Feiru with the single wave of a finger!!"

In his view, only by reaching Foundation Establishment could he truly take his first step upon the road of eternal life.

"Essence has no form or shape; it's almost like it doesn't even exist, but simultaneously, it creates and contains every form and shape." In this moment, his eyes seemed to flicker like the starry sky as the Essence of the Eternal which existed in the Eternal Immortal Domains, in the form of that mysterious energy, suddenly began to thrum in resonance with him.

She did a bit more research, but in the end, she was simply too anxious to achieve a cultivation base breakthrough to hold back. Her previous fight with Bai Xiaochun had left her feeling very unsatisfied with her current cultivation base. Therefore, she went into secluded meditation and began to cultivate the technique secretly, just like her father had suggested.

As she flew toward one of the ten stone steles, a cheer rose up from the surrounding Outer Sect disciples. She landed and, without even glancing around, headed directly toward one of the log cabins erected beneath the stone steles.

Behind him were two old men with murderous auras and Nascent Soul cultivation bases, both of whom were clearly sizing up Bai Xiaochun curiously.

But these kind of things cannot be rushed, plus those saying a stronger person had fewer chances of being pregnant might not be right. After all, Qing Shui still had other ways to get his woman pregnant, just that he preferred for them to get pregnant naturally. He basically was in one of their rooms every night now, those women seem to be less reserved but he spent the most time with Huoyun Liu-Li and the least with Shi Qingzhuang.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose a little and smirked. "Alright, not to worry, there won't be any incidents. How's the practice with positioning and footwork coming along?"

"That bitch's son isn't even a person!" she shrieked. "He's inhuman! Inhuman!! I don't care how you do it, just kill him as quickly as possible!! He must not be allowed to grow any further!!" A moment later, she seemed to realize she had lost control. Taking a deep breath, she recovered her composure and walked away without another word.

Qing Shui was struck backward, he could barely withstand the opponent's attack with the protection of the Seven Star Armored Vest. Di Xuan was already battling with the weakest old man, Old Madam Mo was also battling evenly with the other one, just that the poison beasts of the opponent were yet to make their move.

"Do you want to kiss me on the left or on the right?"

His belt exploded as well!

Qing Shui activated his gold needle and trapped the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm. Both his hands moved quickly above the Yin Yang Image, flicking each of the needles. The rotating needles gave the illusion that the image was actually moving.

There were no doubts on who would win when it was two against one. In the end the Skywolf, with its life at stake, had dealt a heavy blow on the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion. It splitted the stomach of the Ice Fire Ferocious Lion open that no one could tell if it would survive that blow.


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