Serial Transmigrator Chapter 329

Serial Transmigrator Chapter 329


"I'll wait another month. He'll be asleep by then, and I can go back in." Having reached this point in his train of thought, he looked around one last time before heading back to Mistysea Prefecture.

A certain luxurious room in Hundred Miles City!

Furthermore, demigod experts were not common at all. In all of the Heavenspan River regionˇ­ there were only four, all of them being patriarchs in the riversource sects.

Chapter 98 Heaven-Defying Primordial Needle Technique!.

While he was at it, he snuck a few grabs. It was warm, tender, and had quite good elasticity to it. The lady's smile still did not change as Qing Shui went through the violet crystal door.

Despite what Qing Shui said, he was still shocked with Yuan Su's change. To think that she would have already become a Martial King in merely a few months time.

It was the same for cultivators who had powerful spirit creature pets. Cultivators like that all thirsted to possess successive generations of their powerful spirit creatures. Unfortunately, they were usually limited to a single pet, which meant that Beastbirth Seeds were incredibly valuable to them.

Over the following several days, Zhao Tianjiao did exactly as Bai Xiaochun had asked him to do. He started to back off from Chen Yueshan a bit, even disappearing for days at a time. When he did show up, he acted a bit coldly.

Qing Shui gave Hu You some silver notes, telling him to get two sets of the equipments he purchased. After Hu You left, Qing Shui picked up the hammer and started practicing. A blacksmith had his specialized forging platform.

When an extraordinarily outstanding woman like her made this kind of expression, it looked particularly attractive. The expression which looked like she was happy and at the same time angry had a fatal attractiveness to it.

The representatives from the other two clans were astonished to the ultimate degree.

After opening the bottle, he saw there was about ten bean-size pellets, surrounded by an yellowish-orange hue that emitted a clear fragrance.

"For thousand of years, no one has been able to successfully cultivate Ghosts Haunt the Night. I can't believe this kid's cultivation has reached this level!"

Qing Shui half-clenched his fist. Now that Qing Shui had already broken through to the 4th Heavenly Layer, it could truly be said that he has shed his mortal body and transcended into a higher realm. Previously at the peak of the 3rd Heavenly Layer, his level of power was equivalent to someone at the peak of Houtian. After he had broken through, and after some time of stabilizing his power, his current power was equal to someone at the 4th grade of Xiantian. For cultivators in the 1st three grades of Xiantian, Qing Shui could care less about them.

By the time Bai Lin got back to the Skin Flayers' district, it was almost dawn. The first thing he did was issue orders to the major generals. "All major generals will come to my residence immediately for a meeting!"

"Still trying to make a break for it?" The devilish specter was so scared that he shivered and then passed out, much to Bai Xiaochun's shock. However, he was obviously a very good specimen, and therefore, he flicked his sleeve and threw him into his bag. Then he looked around at the burning sea of flames that was eating up the entire bound portion of the world. Before long, everythingˇ­ was shattering into fragments.

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