Era of Disaster Chapter 2161

Era of Disaster Chapter 2161

"Jiang Chen, let me advise you; you better not put yourself in a position that goes against the Martial Saint Dynasty! The Martial Saint Dynasty's true strength is not something you can deal with! If you can spare our lives today, we can just write off all our resentments! With your talent and strength, as long as you work for the Martial Saint Dynasty wholeheartedly, I'm sure you'll have limitless achievements in the future!"

The leading young man was surprised. When these four young men saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they looked like they had seen their biggest idol. Without hesitation, they walked forward and bowed toward them.

"Qingyi Grand Formation!"

Changyang Hu shook his head without any mind, and said, "It's just a bit of injury, nothing major. However, Chang Bai, why did you come to the academy?" Changyang Hu asked in confusion.

Jiang Chen was standing still while holding his sword, blood dripping down from its tip. He showed a calm expression on his face, as if all that had happened was a normal thing for him. It was hard to imagine a 15 year old young man could have such an attitude, acting so cruelly.

Chang Bai thought back to when he had sent Changyang Hu to Kargath Academy a few years back. After sitting on the flying beast, Changyang Hu's entire body had shivered from fright as he grabbed hold of the feathers on the beast's neck.

Xuan Ye cupped his fist toward Jiang Chen and bowed deeply.

"You actually dare to attack our Yangji Sect? You're tired of living!" A youth roared.

"Oh, so it was like that?"

Jiang Chen was cultivating with a peace of mind right now, and Big Yellow was fulfilling his duty by guarding outside. However, none of the Black Sect disciples could have a peace of mind now. The arrival of Yun Can had created a turmoil amongst them, everyone knew what was going to happen in two days. If Jiang Chen really broke through, a violent fight was inevitable.

Yan Hong Tai was laughing out loud. He had been worrying a lot these past few days, and now he had finally heard these exciting news.

By this point, Jian Chen had simply closed his eyes and no longer looked at the two elders. The manners of the elders were quite lacking. The master of the house had already told them to leave, yet they still remained.

"That must be the Golden Unicorn Mercenaries, if you look up front, those are the captain and vice captains. It seems like they're heading for the Thousand Poison Valley."

In the distance, two human cultivators were flying in the direction of this desolate island. They were actually just passing by this area. If it was in the past, all those who flew past these desolate islands would just go straight past them, and no one would stop by for even a single second. But now, as these two cultivators saw the bright light, they were immediately attracted to it.

"That's a defense mechanism, it's the exit! Let's go check it out!"

"Let's go, we need to leave this place."

Bi Yuntian lifted her head slowly, "I had already understood this fact,." Looking a Jian Chen, she gently started to caress the back of Jian Chen's head. "Xiang'er, don't feel sad, what your second aunt said is correct. Although you cannot cultivate Saint Force, you are still a very intelligent child, we still don't know in what areas you would be best suited for."

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