Marvel : Blue Devil Chapter 2161

Marvel : Blue Devil Chapter 2161

The Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp!

Before losing consciousness, he didn't sigh, but tears filled his eyes.

With a loud elephant howl, a faint red light arose from the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. In fact, when he looked more closely, it was more of a scarlet black light, and its shade was deepening.

"A Wildlands cloudgyre!!" Chen Yueshan blurted. Zhao Tianjiao's face fell, and the others in the group seemed equally shaken.

Qing Shui was in fact trying to discreetly express that the other party was so unrefined despite his age, not knowing how big the world was and if not for the Demon Gate, he would be nothing.

The old man remained adamant on piercing through Qing Shui's heart with his dagger instead of blocking Qing Shui's deadly strike.

This was because warriors at the pinnacle of Martial King Grade was absolutely not capable of breaking a Martial Saint Warrior's defense. If they were to battle, they would only be slaughtered.

"I'm fine!"

Poison weapon!

"Speed is your strength!" At this moment, Qing Shui managed to have a deeper understanding towards this phrase.

Internal Pellet; the Internal Pellet from 1000 year beasts would do. Dragon Tendons and Golden Phoenix Feathers and Unicorn Blood were excluded immediately. Qing Shui's head ached looking at them. Where could anyone find those legendary items? Heavenly Silk was rare but possible to find, while Black Turtle Shell should be turtle shells of 3000 years and above. Heaven Healing Stones were automatically filtered out, wasn't this a joke?

"Live forever...." Bai Xiaochun murmured. A tremor ran through him, and a look of determination slowly filled his eyes. Under the encouraging gazes of the old man and the other villagers, he nodded his head seriously and looked around at everyone one last time. Finally, he turned and walked away from the village.

He had already practiced the Ancient Strengthening Technique to the 89th cycle of circulated Qi. Qing Shui knew that it was going to be tremendously difficult to break through to the 90th cycle. The final cycle prior to a breakthrough would always be the greatest barrier. After which, he practiced his sword techniques and forging methods, seeking to increase his personal strength with the shortest amount of time possible. Qing Shui knew that the time to go to the Yan Clan was approaching. Since he had promised Qing Yi, he would definitely have to keep the promise. It would be excellent if he managed to forge a piece of a godly weapon. It would surely aid him when he goes to the Yan Clan.

Qing Shui was giddy with excitement, the joy in his heart indescribable.

Once Qing Shui completed all the preparatory work, he sat down to practice his Ancient Strengthening Technique, had something to eat and took a nap before attempting to refine it.

Now, Qing Shui had actually destroyed Luo Clan. How would this not shock them?

Chapter 224 Comprehending the Crane Form, Small Success Stage for the Crane's Might.

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