Conqueror of All Chapter 1638

Conqueror of All Chapter 1638

"Two Heavenly Core Blood Devils!"

100,000 purple coins££

Of course, if the Little Devil King knew what Jiang Chen had done to Silver Moon City after he left, he might have started coughing out blood.

"Roar!" A great tiger roar originated from the Gilligan clan member's mouth, before he was shrouded by golden light. In that moment, he became a huge, golden tiger a dozen meters long, with his fur radiating with dazzling gold light. It was extremely blinding and shortly afterwards, the body of the giant tiger shook, actually breaking free from the invisible restraints. He regained his mobility, before immediately dodging to the side.


After leaving the mountain peak of the ancestor, Jian Chen returned to the Huang family's villa where Huang Luan was and walked to the second story of the pavilion.

Jian Chen had already made it past the threshold between life and death. What was next was the most crucial step; the Saint Weapon fragments would only stay within the dantian temporarily They would not be permanent. The amount of energy that moved around the dantian would disappear at an alarming rate, and if all of the energy were to leave, then the cultivator would become a cripple.

Nangong Yunfan's face lit up when he saw his son, while the tense expressions on the faces of the others became a little more relaxed. Regardless of matters, their young master had finally returned.

Jian Chen had already returned to the disguise of a middle aged man that he had wore when he had first entered the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. Slipping into the crowd, he slowly began to walk into the auction house.

Shangguan Yilong said in a depressed manner.

"Brother Jiang, be careful, this is a Shamanic Fire Ape, and it has reached the Mid Divine Core realm. I don't know how Yang Shuo managed to make this Shamanic Fire Ape obey his command. Also, all the other demon beasts, they are all controlled by Yang Shuo."

"Good, good! You don't have to do it, I'll surrender by myself."

"Who is this Jiang Chen? How come he made the Chief of the Lee family so angry that he would even come here personally to get him? I don't think there's anyone from the Misty Rain Tower named Jiang Chen?"

"Uncle Tu, if we are unable to find any better candidates, I hope you can help us."

After the informant left, Yun Li's face hardened in worry as his eyebrows knit together. With a slow sigh, he murmured to himself, "Who would have imagined that Jian Chen would actually return at this moment. Truly, the machinations of man are superseded by those of the Heavens££"

Jiang Chen looked at the young man. It was rare to see a young man capable of reaching the 9th Qi Jing level at his age. He looked familiar as well, hence Jiang Chen searched through his memories and found details regarding this young man.

Ka Di Liang's face hardened as he stood back up, his entire body tried to stand against Jian Chen's fist before he tried to smash his fist against Jian Chen's head.

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