Gate of God Chapter 1261

Gate of God Chapter 1261

Jian Chen sighed to himself. He didn't think that such an unfortunate event would happen at such a crucial point. This was definitely the last thing he had wanted; it was a shame that fate didn't go as he had wished.

It wasn't difficult to tell that the Old Great Emperor had used up all his available tricks. Also, fighting desperately just now had brought him a negative impact, and combined with the injuries inflicted onto him by Jiang Chen as well as losing his King Weapon, as well as the fact that Jiang Chen had an incredibly powerful skill, faced with this situation, there was no way the Old Great Emperor could be a match for Jiang Chen any longer.

Elder Xiu's eyes latched onto the tiger cub and spoke, "If my guess is not wrong, then this cub is the Heavenly Tiger God that has appeared several times in the ancient past."

This white-robed middle-aged man was clearly an existence even more paramount than that of a Saint Ruler!

In that moment, Bi Dao had already secretly made the decision. In the future, he would spend all his efforts in raising his strength!

Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, an agitated look emerged on Great Master Ran Feng's face. He felt really excited. With his sharp eyes, he was certain that this young man in front of him would definitely achieve extraordinary things in the future. If he was able to obtain Jiang Chen's help, then he would have a bigger chance at fulfilling his dream.

Wu Tianyang's face was filled with shock.

"Brother Yan, Zihan, Yiyun, Yishan, you four split up and go to different cities, kill every single Dimensional Creature you encounter, don't leave any behind. Try your best to save as many lives as you can!"

Rosco had been pushed back around twenty meters away from the energy Jian Chen had unleashed before slowly stabilizing himself. Slowly turning his head to look at Jian Chen, he immediately realized the state he was in. With concern, he asked quickly, "Kid, what's wrong?"

"Blissful Island, Blissful Villa££ Alright, I'll make a trip to the ocean."

The disciple flew down to the training ground and spoke in an imposing manner.

"That's not it." Xiu Mi shook his head. "Little fatty has exceptional talent--it's far stronger than mine or my father's in fact. There had been nothing wrong with his development. He had only required a half year to become an Earth Saint Master, but because my father was not willing to let him go with you into the Tian Yuan Continent like this, he took little fatty with him to teach and give a few things to him. This way, when he goes to the outside world, he'll be able to protect himself."

"What! You found out the moment we arrived? How is that possible?" The woman cried out in disbelief.

A sinister smile was plastered across Situ Qing's face. "There is no need for the esteemed ancient families to kill Jian Chen, however. Allow this one to do the honors. Ge Qiu, you deal with that magical beast. Jin Tian, Jin Feng, you deal with Huang Tianba. Bi Hai, you and I will kill Jian Chen."

Jian Chen laughed as well before saying, "That's right. This place is truly large, after walking for half a day, we've finally come across a lone person."

Jian Chen was shocked at this man's strength. With just a single exchange, he had been dealt an injury he couldn't afford to take. At the very least, this unknown assailant's strength was at the Third Cycle Earth Saint Masters level.

The Heavenly Saint Sword started trembling even more rapidly, and the sword's energy became more and more violent. Its momentum however, was still seemingly unstoppable.

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