Living Within a World of His Own Creation Chapter 721

Living Within a World of His Own Creation Chapter 721

Taking the word-filled parchment into his hands, Jian Chen began to look at the inner contents. The longer he read, the more thunderstruck he felt.

Seeing the dreadful cyclone appear from nowhere, Duo Li's face blanched as he cried out, "Ear-earth Tier Battle Skill! You're££ you're an Earth Saint Master!"

An old man whispered and asked with a pale expression.

It was obvious that the man made his voice thick on purpose, the man simply didn't want Jiang Chen to recognize his real identity.

Jian Chen stared deeply into his brother's eyes. He nodded and said, "Brother, don't worry. I swear that I'll revive mother and father." In that moment, Jian Chen's decision to go to the Holy Empire to break through Class 6 became even more resolute.

After Yun Li left, Qingfeng sneered. "That Yun Li is an unsavory character. He helped the Defiance Mercenaries grow in secret before, does he think we don't know that?"


"We can't let go off this matter so easily, I'll proceed to the Martial Palace tomorrow, I want him to pay for my grandson's death! I'm going to rip that guy into a thousand pieces, and not only the Ninth Emperor, even the Majestic Emperor has to give us some words on this."

The entire Changyang clan fell into a deathly silence. All the people stared at the five elderly men in the sky with fear and hatred, but no one was willing to announce Jian Chen's whereabouts.

Guan Yi Yun said as he cupped his fists. This was truly going to be a hellish training.

Yan Zhan Yun visibly expressed his gratitude and joy.He turned and spoke to Yan Meng, "Yan Meng, prepare a comfortable guest room for Brother Jiang Chen, and do not let anyone disturb him.If anyone gets within 100 footsteps of the room, have both his legs be broken."

"It's an Heaven Saint Master!"

"He said leave no survivors."

Beside the furnace there was an assortment of herbs.Jiang Chen examined them and saw Thousand Leaves Grass, Hundred Soul Wood, Sprouting Blue Grass, etc££These were all ingredients needed to concoct a Tiger Restoration Pill, and there was a red box there as well.Inside the box there was a demon soul the size of a fist.It looked like a crystal and was emitting a weak glow.Jiang Chen could feel the energy inside with just a single glance.

"Punished again? We don't even have anything with us now!"

The leader was badly injured after just a single attack from Jiang Chen, and this had caused him to lose the ability to fight. Right now, when he saw Big Yellow coming towards, he was incredibly frightened. He had heard about this dog before; this dog was not someone who could easily be trifled with.

Han Yan said.

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