Rebirth: Minato Namikaze Chapter 1223

Rebirth: Minato Namikaze Chapter 1223

Taking a deep breath, he sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began to utilize the methods described in the fourth level of the Undying Codex to cultivate Undying Bones. Before long, cracking sounds could be heard inside of him. They started out soft, but after enough time passed for two incense sticks to burn, they became so loud that they were like thunder in his ears.

"Sister-in-law, we are all of one family, there is no need to be courteous." Qing You laughed mischievously.

"It's like all the decisions about this trial by fire were made behind closed doors, and everybody knows it...." Sighing, he looked over at Song Junwan. Song Junwan's eyes flashed as she also extended her right hand, causing the second blood-colored command medallion to appear in her palm.

With that, he looked up and said, "I'll be there tomorrow morning at Blood Master Temple!"

"Isn't it the same with you, XiaochunĄ­? Back in that battle in the Luochen Mountains, why did you go back to save your fellow disciples? Didn't you know that if you went back, you might die?

From when he come of age at the age of 16, it had been about fourteen years, Qing Shui was basically rarely at home. He had always been fighting outside, before there was the Qing Clan of today, everything Qing Clan had was given to them by Qing Shui.

The Old Ancestor of the Heavenly Palace swept his eye through the crowd then continued to slowly say: "I believe everyone already knows, that my lifespan is coming to an end, I do not have many days left. While I am still alive, I wish to find a good successor, one that can control the situation."

The gravekeeper's words already had Bai Xiaochun reeling in astonishment, and yet, that astonishment grew more intense when Bai Xiaochun saw the gravekeeper's face.

There were now 1,080,000 suns, all of which were also Bai Xiaochun's left eye!

"Kill those two!" Bai Xiaochun said coldly, flicking his sleeve.

Lin Zhanhan made simple introductions to the woman. He knew that this woman was definitely not an ordinary person since the manners of those two Grade Four Martial Saint cultivators were not fake. If they had come to express their gratitude, then this might very well be considered a good fortune.

Another day passed.

A piercing howl rang out from Gongsun Yi, and his eyes were crimson as he watched the fist approaching, and the black hole. Then he waved both hands out in front of him.

The audience gaped, and some people's vision started to turn black as they realized they had underestimated the true depth of Bai Xiaochun's shamelessness....

"Haha, beat me up? Come! If I don't bash you up today, then I haven't brought up by humans." The young man laughed. He did not even dare to accept his challenge earlier, and now, he is blatantly saying that he wants to beat himself up!

"Is thatĄ­ 2,000 of them? In addition to the original 1,000, Bai Hao now controls an army of 3,000!!"

At the moment, it was not something he could just casually use. Generally speaking, it could only be unleashed after reaching the third stratum of the Tempered Bones.

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