The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 2419

The Coming Heroine: The Only Princess Chapter 2419

"This junior has only just received this power, so I do not fully understand it just yet. If elder Xiu has any pointers to give, then please." With that, Jian Chen's eyes began to flash brightly. With a single thought, the ground beneath them began to float up into the air from the power of some mysterious force. Then, an azure and violet glow began to appear before flying straight toward elder Xiu without any hesitation.

"Young Master wants to concoct pills?Stop fooling around££you are good at consuming pills££But concocting pills?Forget it."

"Jian Chen, this is probably because of the golden blood in Tie Ta. That golden blood he has in him is really too strange, but it's all the more proof that Tie Ta is not an ordinary person." Ming Dong spoke.

This was a very strong source of power, but it was still unfamiliar to Jian Chen. If he didn't properly familiarize himself with it then he wouldn't be able to freely use it at an efficient level. So Jian Chen didn't waste any time and immediately set himself to training with it.

After the seventeenth and eighteenth box, Jian Chen threw open the lid only to discover that there were several thousand Class 3 Monster Cores inside.

A sharp glare made its way into the bald man's eyes as he saw this. "Sire, what is the meaning of this?" He questioned with a heavy expression.

Jiang Chen quietly nodded his head. Although this man's surname wasn't Nangong, it was just like Nangong Wentian had said, his position in the family was really supreme.

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

The two elders had nearly died from anger from his response as their eyes burned furiously. They had no way to vent their anger since they didn't dare do anything in the city.

Curious, Jian Chen glanced at the two elders beside her. Just inwardly, he remarked to himself that these two elders surely had to possess an extremely terrifying strength.

"One moment££"Chapter 176: Gray Robed Man

Instead of running, Jian Chen's face darkened as he said in a low voice, "Big brother, who in the world beat you to such a state?" The suppressed rage in his tone could've been identified by anyone.

The Second Manager looked at the Great Manager. He had known the Great Manager for long, and he knew he was a smart man. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been given his current position.

Jiang Chen pointed his head toward the sky and let out a dragon's roar while the lightning continuously hammered against his body. When the lightning entered his body, all the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea started experiencing a transformation at their very source.

Jiang Chen unleashed his killing intent. As the once greatest Saint in the world, the bones of those he had killed were enough to pile up to be a gigantic mountain. He had killed countless enemies along his way to the top.

"Search for a dog."

The door opened as two plain clothed people walked into the room. The first person looked to be around 30 years old with a relatively built stature that matched Jian Chen's own physique and eyes that shone just as bright. The one following behind was a person who resembled someone around Captain Kendall's age. While his face was rather ordinary looking, the shine in his eyes were anything but ordinary.

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