Love Contract Chapter 2643

Love Contract Chapter 2643

The other 4 people were 32 years old, and aside from the Primary Great Saint Hu Po, the other 3 people were called Yun Xuan, Xiao Dao, and Chang Ning Feng.

The last man was startled. He opened his mouth widely and stared at Jiang Chen with a look of disbelief. Jiang Chen's aggressiveness had shocked him. There had never been anyone who had dared to attack a Black Sect disciple at this place. This was ridiculous.

Jiang Chen retracted the True Dragon Flames and spoke in an indifferent manner.

"I have to go to the Holy Empire. It holds the only hope of reviving my parents, so no matter how great the dangers are, I have to go." Jian Chen's tone carried a determination that had never appeared before.

Within the group, not only were there the original divisions of Earth Saint Masters, but also at least a hundred Great Saint Masters. After the two divisions with the Ruler Armaments had killed two of the magical beasts and entered the cave, the Great Saint Masters all decided to risk it and charge forward. In hopes of obtaining the treasure within, each one threw away their lives to charge toward the cave.

Nether represented hell; it was the symbol of death. Only the most deadly venoms were qualified to bear the name Nether. Clearly, the venomous strength of this Venomous Nether Toad was many times stronger than that of the Green Hellish Python.

The two magical beasts struggled for a moment, seemingly trying to stand. However, despite their efforts, they weren't able to do even accomplish this extremely simple task.

"The Island of Ice has reappeared after a hundred years; this is our fortune. This time, I, the Sect Elder will bring you all to the island. As for how many benefits you can get; it all depends on yourself."

The beam of light had been extremely scorching in its light and basked the entire world in a radiant light. With unbelievable speed, it had been brought down onto the head of patriarch Shi before anyone could even react.

Several middle-aged men came running out of the compound as soon as they saw Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta descend to their courtyard. Staring at the three in astonishment, they immediately bent their backs in respect. One of the men among their group respectfully yelled out, "This one is the captain of the guards for the Xiao family. We welcome your presence into our home."

The Tian Yuan Continent was a cruel place where disputes and murders ran rampant. So murder was a common thing that everyone was used to. Even though a murder had happened within the restaurant, the other customers wouldn't care. As long as they weren't involved, they would treat it as a good show to watch, without it having any affect on their appetites.

Jiang Chen said.


Perhaps it was because of the ground, but there wasn't much grass in the 3rd region, so line of sight was much better than the 2nd region.

"Haha, this is delicious..."

Yin Zhong Cheng said. They had locked down Jiang Chen completely, and they were surrounding him from all corners, removing all possibility of escape.

A trace of guilt was shown on Jian Chen's face as he said, "Sorry mother, I have brought a great trouble to our clan."

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