I Watched Him Slipped Through My Fingers Chapter 1831

I Watched Him Slipped Through My Fingers Chapter 1831

The Heavenspan Sea went still, as did the waterfalls and the surface of the lake. Because of that gaze, the entire island began to tremble.

As the Golden Winged Thunder Condor neared, Canghai Mingyue glanced at Huoyun Liu-Li, before glancing at Qing Shui, as she leapt up onto the back of the condor.

After breaking through, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant seemed to be more intelligent as it happily pranced around Qing Shui. Qing Shui was naturally happy as well. He stretched out his hands and fed another Demon Beast Advancing Pellet into its mouth.

A tall powerful man walked out, he was clad in flowing blue robes, he had brown hair streaming around his head, he looked as ferocious as a lion.

An unknown amount of time passed, before the two of them broke apart!

Suddenly, just as Qing Shui was feeling that all hope was lost, suddenly a tremendous change once again occurred to his Dantian!

Furthermore, the legacy he was receiving now was the technique of All-Creation Plants and Vegetation!

A wave of gaseous substance like the sharp aura from Critical Damage spread out within his body. It was penetrative and powerful. Almost instantly, three pupupu noises rang out softly.

Following that, Qing Shui practiced the Ancient Strengthening Technique, the Thousand Buddha Palm Imprint, and the Sword of Fifth Wave!

In that instant, the Giant Ghost King called upon his indescribable levels of self-control to suppress the burning fire within him. He gripped tight on his connection to the spell formation, and then tried to activate it. However... as soon as Bai Xiaochun burst out of the turtle's eye, the rising energy of the spell formation faded away.

There was a type of garment which was made from Heavenly Silk, just like the Lunar Silk Garment Qing Shui had on. however, their attributes were different. Both the Heavenly Silkworm and Lunar Silkworm were mutated species and it was hard to find one in a hundred years.

"What kind of broken technique is this? This pain is killing me!" Qianxi Ye cursed in his heart.

"Archaean cultivation base. Archaean fleshly bodyˇ­."

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That terrifying possibility fueled the ghost face's mad rush forward.

"If that's all you've got," the Vile-Emperor said coolly, "thenˇ­ I have to say I'm very disappointed." He strode out from his palace and floated up into the air, coming to a stop in front of the crystal mirror, his archaean aura raging.

The middle-aged man was none other than Beihan Lie's Master, and the peak lord of Sunset Peak, who had glared angrily at Bai Xiaochun when he took Beihan Lie away from the Chosen battles.

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