The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 1929

The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 1929

"Precisely! What a poor observant!"

Jiang Chen replied with a faint smile. Indeed, the harvest for this trip was tremendous! Not only had he obtained great wealth and broken through to the Divine Core realm, as well as killed the Earth Devil and gotten its demon soul, accomplishing the goal he had in mind when he came to Inferno Hell. But now, Jiang Chen only had a sad expression on his face.

"What a strange movement skill! How does he unleash so many identical phantoms at the same time?"

A killing intent emerged within Jiang Ru Long's eyes together with a laugh.

She nodded in response, "Correct, that is I. Might I ask who you are?"


"Jiang Zhen Hai, you should have read the written challenge carefully.I only mentioned that both our families had to find someone who can represent us in the duel, but I never said that the person has to be from our own families.If you can find another genius who is also at Qi Hai level, I will not be against it."

"Brother Ming, hurry up and kill him, we can't hold on for much longer!"

"Oh heavens, what a powerful energy! Is that pressure coming from a Combat Soul existence? Don't tell me the master of the Demon Palace came here personally?"

When part of the formation was broken, the entire formation was destined to be completely destroyed. Cracking sounds started sounding out from the huge light barrier, and in just a short amount of time, cracks could be seen everywhere. After that, the formation completely shattered with a loud explosive sound.

Seated not too far away at an empty clearing in the valley was Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Tie Ta, Huang Luan, You Yue, Jiede Tai, Nubis, Wang Yufeng, and Little Fatty. Chatting and eating at the table, not a single one of them looked as if they cared about the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

But at the same time she spoke, the men who were outside all piled into the room, each one of them had a smile on their faces. One after another each person began to congratulate the woman on the bed.

Jiang Chen looked at Qiu Tianba and the others who were brought into the courtyard with disgust. With a dazzling smile, Yu Zihan picked them all up and threw them out.

These were the best words to describe the Martial Saint Dynasty. Just standing outside, one could easily feel its supreme atmosphere, causing one to be filled with admiration.

Jian Chen transformed into a bolt of lightning in the sky, and arrived at the borders of Gesun Kingdom very soon. Afterwards, he travelled another few thousand kilometers, entering Blue Wind Kingdom.

Jian Chen looked at that man and asked, "Now that I am here, what will you do now?"

"Damn you! Do you guys dare to bet with me? One hundred Mortal Restoration Pills! 1 to 10 ratio, who dares to bet?"

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