Immortal Moon Chapter 726

Immortal Moon Chapter 726

These men just gave up on their curiosity and focused on healing up, they didn't say anything else to Wu Jiu.

Not a single swordsman should have a stocky build. A sword user must remain thin and slender. This way, it would be more beneficial for the swordsman to be able to swing in any position with the least amount of power or movement. The way the Azulet Sword Laws had recorded the "Record of Bodily Refinement" would best suit a sword user that fights in the same manner as a fencer.

"Let's go. We'll return to the sect and report to Sect Chief, then we'll catch those people who have met with Jiang Chen and question them. If this guy really isn't from the Qian Province, we'll head to the Qi Province to search for him. We can't let go of this matter, if we can't kill this man and dog, us three won't be able to live good lives in the Qian Province, and our reputations will be gone."

"Indeed, thank you for your warning." Jian Chen replied gratefully.

Yang Shuo's clothes were fluttering in the wind. The Bloodthirsty Sword flew far away from his hand, and started floating in front of his chest.


"Alright, if that's what you want. Let us proceed to the Profound River Palace!"

Seeing Jian Chen's movement, everyone in the mercenary group had stopped as well and nervously looked carefully at their surroundings. Although Jian Chen had repeated time after time that as long as 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts didn't attack them at the same time, then they would be in no danger at all, everyone was still extremely nervous. After all, they were up against a Class 3 Magical Beast this time instead of the normal Class 2 Magical Beasts. Although there was only one class apart from each other, the difference in strength between a Class 2 and a Class 3 Magical Beast was vast.

The giant serpent let out a blood-curdling screech. The scales on its body were falling off, and were scattered all around the ground. It flesh was torn, and its blood was raining down from the sky. In an instant, the giant serpent was knocked away from the sky, and fell into the Serpent's Great Mountain Stream.

"Little Chen, after this giant serpent succeeds this Minor Three Tribulation, it will evolve into a Flood Dragon, and that will give it a small amount of a dragon's bloodline. If you can get its demon soul and blood essence, the benefits you'll receive will be boundless!"

"Brother Nan, tell me about your family."

Quickly, a group of people came back to where Jian Chen was. The leader of the group was Qin Xiao with the patriarch of the Tianqin clan along with a few other guards.

At that moment, the destructive Chaotic Force seemed to turn into an extremely regenerative life force, actually healing the injury on Jian Chen's hand with a speed that had even exceeded Radiant Saint Force.

After that, the rest of the mercenaries began to pledge themselves to the Flame Mercenaries. If their old captains had acknowledged him, then naturally they would follow suit and try to appease their new captain.

Jiang Chen suddenly shouted out loudly. With extremely fast speed, he punched toward Han Yan's back.

"Ha!" Ka Di Yun snarled in anger, as his hand started to glow golden with his Saint Force. The huge concentration of Saint Force condensed into his hand as he faced Jian Chen, aiming it towards Jian Chen's chest. Seeing Jian Chen attack with a seemingly light fist, Ka Di Yun prepared to take it head on in order to get close to Jian Chen for his own attack.

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