Reincarnation of the Cheater Chapter 246

Reincarnation of the Cheater Chapter 246

"Imperial Protector, where should our division set up a base?" Qin Wuming asked Jian Chen.

"My name is Zhuang Fan. Originally, I wasn't a demon, but a human."

"You're the one who forced me to do this, you're the one who kept protect Jiang Chen! He killed my grandson, but you still wanted to protect him!"


"How is this possible!" Changyang Ba flew from his chair once more, "Xiang'er is unable to use the Saint Force, while Changyang Ke is 3 years older and is also at the third Saint Force layer. Combined with the fact that Ke Er practices martial arts everyday, how was he not able to beat Xiang'er?"

Nangong Wentian showed no signs of being scared. Once again, he transformed into a barbarian elephants. An illusionary image of a barbarian elephant appeared outside of his body, and it was just as big as the golden mountain. The elephant then charged violently toward the golden mountain.

By noon, Jian Chen was seated within a luxurious room that once used to be the bedroom of the old king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. Out of the entire palace, this was the most luxurious room.

Although many people were seduced by Tianxiong Lie's promise of a heavy reward, one needed to be alive to claim it. If they were to throw away their lives, they would not be able to enjoy it even if they earned the reward.

When the young man in white and the big yellow dog were mentioned, Liu Hong and the other two old men immediately became enraged. The flames of fury in their eyes could literally burn the air in front of them.

Jiang Chen flipped his palm, taking out a bright bronze plate.

"What is it?"

The headmaster's gaze swept across the two middle aged men and waved his hand as he said, "Don't mind me, please continue reading your books."

A loud roar that shook the sky sounded out from far, and just a split second later, the source of the roar landed onto the battlefield. It was a dog with a body bigger than an adult bull, and the entire body was glowing in a golden light. In an ultimate ferocious manner, when he arrived at the battlefield, he immediately crushed an Early Divine Core warriors from the Burning Sky Pavilion into pieces with his head, killing him in an instant.

"You two have guessed it already. My blood is not at all red in color, it has the color of what one might expect to find in a magical beast. Combined with my physique, do you think that I might not be even human?" Tie Ta spoke in anguish.

Jian Chen knew that the dark energy within Rum Guinness was far too strong, so he had spared no effort in trying to condense the Radiant Saint Force. Because of that, he wasn't able to clearly hear what Rum Guinness had said.

"They're finished; if they continue like this, they are doomed for sure!"

This was him showing his disdain towards Lee Chang Hao. This disdain deeply wounded Lee Chang Hao's pride. Both his eyes were now red, and he was enraged.

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