The Dark City Chapter 185

The Dark City Chapter 185

Bidding farewell to everyone from the clan, the party of seven finally mounted their magical beasts and began to set off away from Lore City.

This stronghold had protected the Pingyang Kingdom for many years and had weathered many storms, but it had been easily destroyed by Jian Chen. With the stronghold destroyed, Jian Chen could see the million remaining soldiers who were staring back at Jian Chen blankly. A look of abject horror and dread could be seen from their eyes at the floating figure of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen took the thumb sized Multicolored Stone and looked at it closely. Although this stone was very small in his hands, he had a hard time imagining that with a drop of water, the stone would instantly become extremely heavy.

After passing through the border fort, Jian Chen immediately calmed down quite a bit. At the very least, he had escaped from the powerful grasp of the Hua Yun Sect. Although they held a formidable amount of power within the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen was convinced that their powers did not stretch over to the lands of the Blue Wind Kingdom.

Judging from the current situation, it seemed that the best option would be to temporarily hide in this Chaotic Ocean.

Jian Chen looked at Liang Xiaole helplessly before trying to persuade her, "Liang Xiaole, you should go with the teachers, the magical beasts in this forest are many, and so there's no guarantee that we can protect you."

The Black Sect was located in the north of the Qi Province. It was a land with splendid mountain ranges and tall mountain peaks. The natural Yuan energy was rich on top of the mountain. The mountains were surrounded by light fog all year long. This place truly gave off a holy and noble feeling.

His figure now was a haphazard one. His hair was a mess, his face was pale from blood loss, and his previously white robes were torn and dyed red from his blood. No longer was he the same elegant figure from before the battle.

Although Jiang Chen's soul was under continuous healing from the Great Soul Derivation skill, the damage this time was too great. The healing alone was not enough for him to recover. What he currently required was a pill that could nourish his soul and a rare natural item.

"Hmph! Consider this your lucky day!"


The way they looked at Shangguan Yiqing instantly became vicious, their faces were filled with resentment. If no for Jiang Chen finally breaking the Skynet Formation, only death would await them.

After all, Class 5 Magical Beasts weren't like Earth Saint Masters. In a few of the bustling cities, many of the bigger sects had a few Earth Saint Master experts. Class 5 Magical Beasts were also very different from humans, they would usually stick to their own areas instead of strolling out and about. Although, whenever they did come across any humans, those humans would surely die. So Class 5 Magical Beasts were beings that many weaker humans wouldn't want to be stuck with.

Jian Chen looked on with shock as well as he saw Ming Dong begin to rise up into the air after them. He felt confusion in his heart as he tried to figure out just what had just happened. A flash of concern came over his face. The elder's words were quite clear, after they pass through the World Door, it would be a free for all. With Ming Dong being a Primary Great Saint master, the amount of danger he would have to face would be obscenely absurd. Even if they were together, Jian Chen would be powerless to protect him.

Within the Zhou Clan's residence in a grand hall. A single seventy year old elder sat at the first position of a table with ten other members nearby.

Jiang Chen really couldn't bother talking to Shangguan Ying anymore. He simply squeezed the True Dragon Palm with tremendous force, causing the man to explode into ashes. After that, he took over Shangguan Ying's blade and storage ring which fell down not far away from him.

At the same time, the last Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil couldn't defend himself from Big Yellow's powerful attack. He was killed by Big Yellow's head smash. It was a painful and miserable way of dying.

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