Make my Mom Fall in Love with Dad Chapter 1869

Make my Mom Fall in Love with Dad Chapter 1869

The elder who stood in the middle said with a loud voice. When he mentioned the reward for the disciple who gets first place, the eyes of those geniuses who were ranked the strongest immediately lit up. Being able to receive enlightenment from the Palace Chief; a Combat Emperor! That was a great honor.

Jian Chen turned to look at Tian Zhou with an attentive gaze and taunted, "Were you not saying that you were going to kill me? Just why haven't you done anything yet then?"


"It would appear I need to become a Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master. This way, I'll be able to heal myself even after the Chaotic Force is used. Furthermore, there is still my brother's arms and legs as well as the white tiger cub's mother, Rum Guinness to heal." Jian Chen thought to himself, but he himself knew that becoming a Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master was still a long path to travel on. It was a path that was perhaps longer than the path from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler.Chapter 511: Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom

The old Seventh Grade Combat King was struck with astonishment. Right at this moment, everyone turned their heads toward the sky. No one had any idea what was going to happen. However, they had a really bad feeling about it.

This brutal scene shocked everyone, even Qiu Tianba couldn't stop himself from trembling. No one had any idea where this ferocious dog came from.

[TL:how much would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood]

"Bastard! Is that guy a lunatic?! Does he really think he can act so lawlessly just because he's a bit strong?!"


The 3 old men had been cultivating like crazy after receiving the Soul Training skill from Jiang Chen, they even forgot to eat at times.

"City lord, I received news not too long ago that a Heaven Saint Master had arrived within our city. I believe that the person who killed the Yangji Sect may be the very same person as that Heaven Saint Master."

"Don't you dare run away from me!"

"Of course you've underestimated me. When you do something wrong, you naturally have to pay the price for it."

Although the man was a Middle Saint Master and was considered a strong expert in the Boundless Bandits, he still hadn't grasped a battle skill yet. Just the sight of one had him drooling. Unfortunately for him, his strength didn't reach the qualifications necessary to receive a battle skill from the bandits.

"That is correct. Our Four Harmonies Manor are related to the Pure Heart Pavilion. And it is no ordinary relationship either. In all honesty, the Four Harmonies Manor can be considered an outer sect to the Pure Heart Pavilion. Its goal is to find cultivators from the outside that are compatible with being disciples for the Pure Heart Pavilion." Ge Qiu spoke.

This was life, which was full of helpless moments. You were forced to make all kinds of decision, and sometimes the decisions would be life threatening. But even if you were forced to, you still had to make that decision.

The Light Wind Sword carried a large amount of Sword Qi as it struck against Zhou Yun's spear firmly. A large sound rang out into the air as the two Saint Weapons made contact with each other. In every possible direction a large shockwave spread out so dense that it could be seen by the naked eye. Along with the pulse of Saint Force, a large cloud of dust was kicked up and surrounded the area. At the same time, the weaker guards of the Zhou clan were forced back a few steps because of it..

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