The Savior of a world of magic cannot use any magic????!!!!! Chapter 1110

The Savior of a world of magic cannot use any magic????!!!!! Chapter 1110

Jian Chen gave an embarrassed smile as he spoke, "Sister Tianmu Ling likes to joke I see. You've given me a precious item, in the future when I have the chance, I will definitely return the favor ten or even a hundred times back."

Jiang Chen continued unleashing attacks. Every time he attacked, he would be knocked back by the Third Emperor's powerful counterattack, and he would be injured each time and forced to cough out some blood. However, it was as if he would never run out of blood, as if his combat strength would stay at his peak for all eternity. His entire body shone with a scorching hot light, causing him to look like a blazing sun that would never dim.

"They were courting death by themselves."

"The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 25,000 purple coins££"

After Wu Lang learned what had happened, his expression instantly changed.



The cyan colored light lit up the night as the man's Guan Dao cut through the night air towards Jian Chen.

Even Jiang Chen was shocked. Initially he had thought that Big Yellow would have a way to make the old man listen to his order, but he never expected it to be so simple. A Heavenly Core Demon Lord was doing exactly what Big Yellow told him, totally submissive without any arguments. It looked like if Big Yellow were to order the old man to commit suicide on the spot, he would do it without any hesitation.

"What senior disciple Tian said is correct. With our current situation, hiding in this secret place is the best option. All of us are wounded, and we need to heal ourselves back to normal as quickly as possible."

Wang Heng was laughing out heartily.

Jian Chen and the other two descended into the empty space of the Xiao family's courtyards with the guards of the family instantly noticing their arrival. Even the observers from the outside of the compound had seen them descend from the sky, causing a tremendous clamor to appear. News that a Heaven Saint Masters had graced their city with their presence had subsequently spread like wildfire.

This time, Ka Di Yun was not infuriated by the humiliating and condescending tone of Ming Dong. After this exchange, he had already come to realize just how strong Ming Dong was compared to him.

A massive amount of energy erupted from the Flood Dragon's blood essence. It flowed into every single part of Jiang Chen's body. No one could really withstand the sudden impact from this violent energy, only Jiang Chen who had an extremely strong body could resist it.

"Jian Chen, so what you're saying is that as long as we don't come across 3 Class 3 Magical Beasts at the same time, then we won't be in any danger at all." Kendall said with a deep breath. If what Jian Chen said was true, then Kendall would want to bring Jian Chen with him to go kill some Class 3 Magical Beasts. After all, Class 3 Magical Beasts had a body and a Monster Core that were far more valuable than a Class 2 Magical Beast.

The power that ran through the bloodline of the tiger cub was far too massive. Nubis swore that not once in his life had he ever felt such a domineering pressure. Even a Class 8 Magical Beast ¨• the magical beast equivalent of a Saint King in the human world ¨• would not be able to force Nubis to feel this very intense, dreadful pressure. It was a pressure that shook his soul to its very core so that he wouldn't dare rebel. In fact, he even felt the urge to kneel down on his knee to swear his allegiance to the cub.

The Light Wind Sword, encased in light, stabbed forward with an ear splitting sound. In an instant, Jian Chen had already stabbed ten times, intercepting the three incoming Saint Weapons, causing a series of metallic sounds.

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