Upside Down Chapter 891

Upside Down Chapter 891

No matter how much Jian Chen looked at the old man, he couldn't see anything but mediocrity. Although he still didn't dare underestimate the old man. It was his inner instincts that told him that this old figure was an expert with extraordinary strength. The strongest man he had seen since he had entered this world was his father Changyang Ba, but it was impossible to measure his father to what Jian Chen was feeling from this old man.Chapter 6: Saint's Test

"What, a sewing needle and string can cut through a tree? Fourth brother, do you have a fever or something? This can't be possible." Changyang Hu cried out in shock. He couldn't believe what Jian Chen had said at all since he had never heard of such a thing since he was born; to him, this was an impossible feat.

"Hou!" The warbeast let out an angry snarl as both of its eyeballs stared at Jian Chen with a bloodthirsty glare and threw a hand at him.

This was a fight that had taken everyone's attention. Many disciples were gathered around the stage to witness it all. An outer circle disciple and an inner circle disciple fighting in a deathmatch, this was the first time in the Black Sect's history something like this had happened. No matter what the result was, who the last man standing was, Jiang Chen had done something never before seen.

Jiang Chen replied with an equally cold voice. He didn't seem to feel threatened by the Imperial Emperor's words at all. Comparing their temperament, there was no doubt Jiang Chen was steadier than the Imperial Emperor. He knew the Imperial Emperor would definitely compromise today, because no matter what happened to the Crown Prince, he was still the Crown Prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty. In the Imperial Emperor's mind, the Crown Prince was much more precious than Jiang Zhenhai. Besides that, all the emperors' heads represented the Martial Saint Dynasty's face, and their deaths had brought a disgrace to the Martial Saint Dynasty. If someone really destroyed these heads in front of the Imperial Emperor, it wouldn't just be a matter of losing face.

From far away, the ten Heaven Saint Masters saw that their Saint Ruler had ran away in defeat. Turning pale in fright, each one of them immediately made a hasty retreat away from the area as well.

However, as Jian Chen stabbed with his sword, the man's Guan Dao changed direction in midair and whistled through the air, as it parried Jian Chen's sword.

Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile and said, "Being invincible here is considered nothing. My aspirations are far beyond this, and I'm guessing you all have the aspirations. After all, the Eastern Continent and Southern Continent are too small. A Second Grade Combat King is strong enough to conquer everything. However, do you guys know that a Second Grade Combat King is nothing in the Divine Continent? Not only that, even a Ninth Grade Combat King can't claim to be a big shit. In some of the superpowers, even Combat Emperors aren't considered much. There are also some families and other powers who inherited things from the ancient era; their resources are rich and powerful, and there are real Saints among them."

Guan Yiyun asked. Since Jiang Chen wasn't around, Han Yan had become their leader.

Without hesitating, with incredible speed, Jiang Chen grabbed the talisman once again.

At the same time, the rest of the men wearing black suits unleashed their Yuan power and started attacking the mercenaries.

"Do you really think you will be able to kill me?" Jian Chen asked emotionlessly. With his Chaotic Body and its ultimate defenses, he was sure that the Saint Ruler would be hardpressed to kill him.

Those who stood outside Mount Tianyuan all had mixed emotions. No one had expected the battle would turn out like this. The allies had suddenly become enemies, and now, the situation had become much messier.

"Shangguan Clan Chief, you really know how to tell a funny joke! Shangguan Ying is a Late Combat Soul warrior. Even if I wanted to kill him, do you really think I have the strength to do so?"

Every single one of the twelve Heaven Saint Masters displayed stunned looks when they saw the healthy Jian Chen walk in front of them without a problem. Xiao Tian's mouth dropped open to ask, "Imperial Protector, your wounds have already fully healed?"

Of course, this was something that can be forgiven.

"Qin Ji, which magical beast do you think we should take on?" Jian Chen asked from the side.

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