The Insatiable Chapter 1250

The Insatiable Chapter 1250

"Sir, what is the gap between you and that person? Uh, I don't mean anything else. I just want to see how I can help you." Qing Shui said.

His mysterious savior's sect was a very, very long way away from the Blood Stream Sect, and there were other things that made it difficult to go back and forth between the two. Furthermore, he wasn't able to directly plunder the relic of eternal indestructibility himself. Because of that, he only appeared three times, and those three times had all been by means of a projection, and apparently came at great cost.

And yet, he didn't attempt to shrink the sea of fire down again. He tried yet again to find the eighteenth color. Then he tried a second time, and a third time¡­. In the short time it takes an incense stick to burn, he was able to glimpse it a total of fourteen times.

Suddenly a soul throbbing cry rang out in the valleys before them. Just from its cry alone, Qing Zun knew that this was a Peak Martial Saint demonic beast. There was then a deep knocking sound, followed by the cry of another demonic beast.

His mind was currently filled with the two different methods his apprentice had come up with regarding the formula for eighteen-colored flame.

Crystallized spiritual sea!

Big Dipper Sword relied on brute force, piercing, thrusting, hacking, and sweeping. Every time it struck, a life was taken!

"Daddy!" Little Yuchang ran towards him happily.

"It's really you, Que'er. It's really you!! How did you get yourself in such a bad situation, Que'er? I mean, I thought I had it bad, but obviously, you have it way worse than me.

The more he thought about the situation, the more fishy it seemed. Finally, he came to a conclusion. "Elder Zhou must have done this on purpose!

The primordial fire saps his energy level too quickly. Qing Shui could only maintain the Yin-Yang Flame for about four hours. After all, he was only at the 3rd layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

"What are you doing, Mr. Blackbear? Fighting again? What did I tell you last time? Alright, you're in time out for the next two hours!"

Xi Ri extended his hand hesitantly. However, he knitted his brows tightly. He wanted to catch him, but he did not dare to because he felt that if he were to catch him under this impact, he would not only injure himself, but he would not be able to guarantee Jing Changzheng's safety.?

The red-haired old man's expression was extremely unsightly, and rage could be seen flickering in his eyes. All of a sudden, he felt as if the disciples he had sent into the legacy zone were completely useless. Even as he began to feel regret in his heart, the River-Defying Sect's glowing circle got even brighter!

Qing Shui was surprised when he saw that Mingyue Gelou had picked it up very quickly. She was able to smoothly activate the meridians, gather Qi, and channel it at one go. This caused Qing Shui's thoughts to be cut off. He naturally used his Heavenly Vision Technique on Mingyue Gelou, and he was immediately stunned!

Although she knew that this man could not contend against the Sky Prison Sect, She felt very calm when she was in his presense. He had never said more words than needed, as there was no use in showing off. However he would accomplish stunning and breathtaking things.

Without the Snowdance Blood Killing Formation, Qing Shui once again used his Emperor's Qi. His opponents had dashed upwards before him, he swept out a Raging Blow with his Violet Star Thunder God.

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