The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball Chapter 1263

The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball Chapter 1263

"How quick he is!" The middle aged man grew startled as his mocking expression quickly became a serious one. Quickly, he had realized that Jian Chen wouldn't be as easy to deal with as he thought.

Afterward, a young, elegant woman slowly walked into view from behind the stand. A tray covered by a red cloth was lifted high into the air by her hand, as she skillfully walked toward the host. Carefully, she set down the tray on the table in front of the host.


Within the room, Jian Chen was currently discussing some of his experiences on cultivation with Bi Lian. For the sake of guiding her onto the path of cultivation, he wanted to make sure that there would be barely any deviations or side paths as possible.

Wu Ningzhu said upon seeing Yan Chenyu. A look of admiration could be seen in her eyes as she looked at Yan Chenyu.

Just as Jian Chen absorbed the Light Wind Sword, both of his hands rested against his chest as he looked at the mercenaries surrounding him. With disdain, he said, "It would appear that many people were tempted by the ten thousand purple coin bounty, but I didn't think that even Great Saints would come to capture me as well. Could it be that you didn't hear about how many Saint Masters died by my hand, or do you think your strength surpasses those of the Saint Masters?"

Back to the scene. The leader and the few other men had finally reacted, all of them stared at Jiang Chen in shock. They never though Jiang Chen would be so brutal, their friend had just said something threatening, and he was immediately killed.

Big Yellow was glowing brightly. He spat a symbol out from his mouth which formed into a defense mechanism, and it flew toward the defense mechanism surrounding the Glory Lotus King with tremendous speed.

Slowly walking forward, Jian Chen advanced one step at a time towards the two Class 5 Magical Beasts. At the same time, the Light Wind Sword appeared within his hand with a hazy glow surrounding the blade as if swallowing it.


"Impossible, Little Chen doesn't fear the Wu Cong, I'm sure he has his own reasons. The broken sword is such a mystical item, but Little Chen managed to obtain it so easily, as if that sword originally belonged to him££ This is truly hard to understand."

The young man asked worriedly.

The one named Uncle Feng started before saying, "Old man Yun, how unexpected for you to be injured."

Slowly walking toward the group of mercenaries until he was within a hundred meters of them, Jian Chen didn't bother to conceal his footsteps, so the sounds of his walking and the rustling of the grass had instantly alerted the mercenaries.

As he spoke, Jian Chen looked at the dead bodies on the floor before finally looking at the Space Belt on Zhou Butong's waist. With two steps forward, Jian Chen had grabbed at the Space Belt.

"Kaka, I am really clever! This kind of easy business thrills me to the max!"

Jian Chen sneered at the elder before turning to the innermost part of the imperial palace, "Qian Yun, come out and accept your death." Jian Chen snarled with a boom that resonated throughout the palace, scaring everyone that heard it. Qian Yun was a member of the royal family and was even the senior of the king of the Qiangan Kingdom. His identity was so majestic that many people didn't even dare to speak his name.

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