My MCV and The Apocalypse Chapter 2004

My MCV and The Apocalypse Chapter 2004

If he waited for Li Wu Shuang to unleash his attack, with Jiang Chen's current ability, dealing with the attack of a Mid Heavenly Core warrior would require some tricks. Besides, a Mid Heavenly Core warrior's attack was just too fast, it wasn't really easy to deal with.

But, not everyone were Big Yellow. If these few hundred men struck at the same time, Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun would certainly be killed. There was no chance for them to survive the attack.

Bang££ bang££ bang££

Jian Chen and Bi Lian bid farewell to the entire clan before leaving together. They were headed back to the Blue Wind Kingdom.

Daoist Black Said. After this tough battle, the relationship between the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness had become much better.

The four Heaven Saint Masters flew back with some blood coming out from their mouths. With pale faces and heavy wounds, each one of them looked down at their Saint Weapons only to see the jagged parts of their blades from where Jian Chen's Origin energy had struck.

The loser were always in the wrong, and Zhao Chongyang didn't run away from this fact. Of course, he knew that with his current condition, there was no way he could escape from his opponents.

In fact, more than one person was attacked by Big Yellow's attack, as it was already covering more than ten people, causing them all to vomit like there was no tomorrow. However, those people were all better off than he who was struck directly.

"Someone has made the breakthrough. Who could it be?" Jiede Tai asked questioningly. The birth of a Saint Ruler was no small matter as it would affect even these three.

£¦Not only will my status be raised in the Mayor's family upon marrying Miss Mu Rong, I will also have a place in the Mu Rong family as well!How stupid is he, turning down the marriage request and asking me to replace him?Nonetheless, he has done something good for me.When I gain enough authority in both families, I will find a way to get rid of him.'

Yan Xing gazed at Jiang Chen who was standing on the sidelines and said, "The men from the Lee family are here!"

The way Lin Bai looked at Jian Chen also changed very greatly. At this moment, his heart was beating rapidly as he mumbled to himself, "Who would've thought that brother Yang Yutian is already Class 4 even though he's twenty-four years old. It's not any weaker compared to that treasured daughter from the Lei family. Talent this great should already place within the top ten of the Holy Empire."

Someone said.

Jian Chen's eyes became lit. He nodded solemnly, before slowly closing his eyes, standing there unmoving.

After the Yangji Sect left, the entire inn was a deathly calm silence. The inn's shopkeeper and the waiter only looked at Jian Chen timidly, not knowing what he was planning to do next.

The appraising elder recorded the value in his notebook, then continued, "93 Class 2 Monster Cores, huh! If nothing unexpected happens, then you will definitely be part of the top 3 places for Class 2 Monster Cores. In addition, you are the Cultivation Genius, so your future is boundless. Keep working hard."

"Bastard! Kill us now if you dare, kill us now!"

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