Life Hunter Chapter 2257

Life Hunter Chapter 2257

The old monk glared snappishly at Tyrant. Tyrant spat out his tongue in response. However, he knew that everything his master did was for his own good.

At the same time, another horrifying cry sounded out from the other direction. The last leader was brutally killed by Yu Zi Han, and died in a horrifying way. Yu Zi Han never showed any mercy towards his opponents, he even destroyed the leader's devil core.

Witnessing this amazing scene, everyone in the Mayor's mansion were startled to the point where their mouths were wide open. They looked at the young man who kept flying around and killing all Dimensional Creatures he saw, as if they were witnessing something that could only happen in their dreams.

Secondly, Daoist Black was using this as an excuse to punish Jiang Chen. After all, Jiang Chen had caused a really big disturbance yesterday, and if nothing was done by the Sect Chief, the Black Sect would become a place with no rules and laws.

The atmosphere was shaking violently from this incredible collision. The gigantic monster was the Ice Demon King that was let out by Yan Chenyu.

Immediately a dozen men ran back toward the caravans at the back of the group. The moment they saw the caravans, each one of them became thunderstruck. Each one of the caravans had been broken apart from the shockwaves, making it impossible to run away.

When the four men at the gates heard Jian Chen's words, they let out a gasp of disbelief one after another, but the emotions in their eyes was of extreme joy.

Jiang Chen leapt forwards, he pointed his finger out like a sword and unleashed the Six Profound Solar Fingers in an instant. Six gigantic and bright fingers merged into one and pierced towards the gigantic iron fan.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you insult me?! Who gave you the audacity to do that?!"

"That will do." Jian Chen nodded in agreement. Turning behind to Sans and his mother, he spoke kindly, "Aunty, Sans, you two should rest up for now. You haven't eaten all day, I'm sure you two are hungry."

Jian Chen could only laugh and say, "If I'm letting it go, then why not let it have its freedom? On such a large continent, whether or not it can survive, it'll be up to its luck." Horses were the most common of animals on the continent as well as the most inferior and abundant type of transportation. Wild animals were also able to absorb the World Essence and eat a few treasures to become magical beasts. Even these horses had the ability to become one. Jian Chen had once read that 100 years ago, there was a horse with the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast, however, its potential was limited and its innate ability was lacking. Advancing in strength for them was a difficult path as well as a long one.

Someone asked.

Jian Chen laughed as he said, "That's right, I am Jian Chen. The Jian Chen that has been chased by the Tianxiong clan. Right now, I stand here waiting to see if you can capture and take me back to Wake City for the bounty."

And within the room in front of them, the sounds of a woman crying in pain could be heard.

The fifth elder understood that the technique would not last very long on Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, so his face immediately became stern. With a thought, a thick layer of Radiant Saint Force quickly gathered before him, slowly forming a weird seal, floating mid-air.

After that, the two men let out loud shouts at the same time. They unleashed tremendous waves of energy from their combat weapons, which tore the Evil Devil's body into pieces, and sent all its blood and flesh flying. It was killed in a miserable way.

Jiang Chen mentioned five herbs at once, and they were the main ingredients he needed to concoct a pill that could strengthen his foundation.

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