Out of Space Chapter 519

Out of Space Chapter 519

"Grandpa, Hundred Miles City is still in Cang Lang Country. If something happens, wouldn't it still be more convenient for the Skysword Sect?"


Worried that they were seeing things, they sent more power into the mirror, sending its light sweeping back and forth through the lands inside the Necromancer Kettle. Under the power of that light, even the densest of mists were dispersed. And yet¡­ they still couldn't find a trace of a single one of the chosen!

They were also devas, and had very high positions. Despite the fact that she didn't really like them, she wasn't in a position to reject them outright. Therefore, if she kept Bai Hao around, she would have a good excuse to avoid them. Plus, if fights broke out between the men, Bai Hao would probably get killed, and she wouldn't have to do anything.


Although she was far away, Qing Shui could still clearly see her beautiful face. Just the sight of that slender, well developed body figure and her plump breasts that held her dress up made one's mouth go dry.

Qing Shui performed the Basic Sword Techniques over and over again. Having comprehended the profoundness of the Basic Sword Techniques, each sword swing was consecutively more solid than the last, as if the swing was like returning to nature's simplicity. Each sword swing was direct and agile.

all of them completely focused¡­ on the new imperial dynasty that was rising to prominence!


In one look, Qing Shui could guess that this old man had done something which he had regretted before and it was something that was unknown to others. However, it was something which could make him regret for life. To him, it should be like a nightmare.

"Nightcrypt, why haven't you started scrubbing yet!?

There was a Golden Eyed Tiger Hawk Beast standing firmly at the foot of the Dong Clan's entrance door, which quickly flew up and disappeared to the horizon as the three of them approached the entrance. At the same time, a young man guarding the entrance came forward and greeted Dong Yan.

"Mmm!" Although Di Chen replied, her expression was grim. It was because at this moment, everyone saw three old men heading up.

Even as he sat there cross-legged, afterimages appeared around him. At the moment, it looked like his true self was sitting there with four other versions of himself in the same spot. Time passed.... Slowly but surely... a fifth afterimage appeared, until it was completely clear!

After that incident, Qing Shui had never taken a step out of Cloud Mist Peak. He was cultivating the Bear Form, Tiger Form, and Deer Cantering technique almost every day. So far, he had already deciphered the essence of the Bear Form and recorded that down. After which, he would pass the cultivation methods for the Bear and Tiger Form to Yiye Jiange. After all, these techniques were all supplementary techniques and were extremely difficult to cultivate in.

Or maybe it was because Qing Shui was the one who saved the little girl from the clutches of death. In the little girl's heart, Qing Shui had already taken on an immensely important position.

"Alright!" Tang Wude replied helplessly and immediately gave out instructions to get the job done.

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