Xu Neng shouted, his head pointing toward the Myriad Sword Sect's room.

This was Lord Nether's most powerful offensive skill, and it could be called its innate ability. Aside from containing a very strong poison, it also carried powerful offensive strength. If someone was hit by hit, that man would almost certainly die. Even a formidable Combat King couldn't withstanding this powerful venom.

"This officer will do as instructed!" Tu Fu cupped his hands before giving an order to the people behind him. With Jian Chen's status as an Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom, he had full authority to command the commanding officer of Lore City.

"I don't need to blink my eyes to kill someone like you. Don't worry, I will return the Shangguan Clan's generous order to kill, you can just wait for all your family members down there, they will soon be united with you."

Unable to preserve his calm composure, a tremendous aura exploded forth from Bi Hai's body and solidified the area around him so that Jian Chen felt himself unable to move a hand or foot in any direction.

Seated at the very center of all the banners and tents was Jian Chen and the others who were currently discussing matters.

Therefore, none of the Divine Core warriors would let go of this opportunity, they were all rushing around in search for Jiang Chen, scared someone else might find him first. It was as if they were in the hunt for an easy prey. With this, Inferno Hell had become even more chaotic.

These two men were strong enough to force an Earth Saint Master like Yun Zheng to flee, but in an instant, they had been killed in a single strike by Jian Chen. That made Yun Zheng open his eyes wide in disbelief and shock at what had just happened. This type of strength, was this really something a twenty-year-old youth should be able to possess?

"Hmph! I don't care who it was, but I won't forget it! Those who tries to kill me will never have a good ending! Let's go back to the Black Sect, I want to find the one who tried to kill me."

"I'm the one who beat them up, and you better not talk to my friend in that kind of tone. Also, get your men and throw these trash out from here, including yourself, before I become angry."

Just as Dongyi Junbai and Cao Keqin finished spreading out their Saint Force to protect the city walls, there was a strong ripple of energy that diffused over the walls from the impact of the four Heaven Saint Master's battle skills. Combined with the fact that it had not been all that far away, the barrier put up by the two began to sway, causing the two to find it difficult to maintain.

The spear caused the air to violently vibrate. The friction between the spear and the air produced a lot of fire sparks. In just an instant, the spear arrived in front of Shangguan Chong.

Calming himself, Jian Chen departed from both his room and the restaurant to mingle with the crowded streets.

Looking at his own hard work with a joyous smile, Jian Chen laughed. Half a year after the Saint Test, Jian Chen had already finished the cultivation stage of the first principle of the Azulet Sword Law. This meant that he officially started to cultivate the Saint Force without having to assimilate it into his own body. His cultivation rate was extremely fast, so fast that in the span of a just few years, he had already reached an astounding result. As he was now, he could use the Saint Force that was stored inside of him to reinforce his hands so that they could break through stone without effort.

Nanbei Chao was cultivating the heavenly favored Imperious Ruler skill, which made him destined to walk the path leading to him becoming an imperial emperor. The Trinity Fist was one of the Imperious Ruler skill's terrifying combat skills.

"This dog is really cruel! I'm sure that young man isn't a good man either. Birds of a feather flock together, like master like pet!"


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