The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2599

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2599

Was this big yellow dog a deity? How did he actually do it?Chapter 63 ΓΏ The New Rules for Red City

"Who are you, and why do you block our path!" An older man bellowed at Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen stared developing a strong interest towards Inferno Hell. He wanted to see for himself what kind of existence Inferno Hell was. The appearance of these strange realms was proof that he had broken the structure of Saint Origin."

Jiang Chen was ruthless and merciless. He placed the tip of the sword on the Seventh Emperor's nose. Although the Seventh Emperor was in severe pain, he was still able to remain conscious. He could feel the freezing sensation coming from his nose clearly, causing him to feel extremely frightened.

In Jian Chen's mind, a pair of mysterious footsteps began to appear. Then a picture appeared inside of Jian Chen's mind. Just like a movie reel, the picture never seemed to stop, but all he could see was a figure wearing a white chang pao. It was a young man holding a sword that was quickly pacing through a mysterious land. He was walking so fast, that a regular person would have a hard time seeing him clearly. Because the young man was walking far too quickly despite the small amount of room he was in, a series of after images were trailing behind him.

"What a powerful red light!"

Right after Great Master Ran Feng disappeared, a vigorous voice a vigorous voice could be heard outside Greenlotus Mountain. Apparently, the reason why Great Master Ran Feng suddenly disappeared was because he sensed that someone was here.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Han Yan asked.


"Right. Brother Yan is considered a rare genius right now, not only does he have the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, he's even a peak Mid Divine Core warrior at such a young age. I'm afraid even I am no match for Brother Yan."

Jiang Chen was very generous, he could still easily afford to pay for a big meal.

Hearing this, there was a glint of disappointment in the king's eyes, but he agreed with Bi Yuntian's thoughts.



On the wall.

"Little Chen, can this Ice Demon defeat Shangguan Ying?"

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