My Female Prince Chapter 2760

My Female Prince Chapter 2760

Quickly, Jian Chen had spent the last ten months of his time in the first area of the holy land. His strength had already reached the Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master, and in those ten months, Jian Chen's comprehension of the profound mysteries of the world had substantially increased. His mind was like a world of spirits and the profound mysteries were like a divine light that would occasionally shine. Sometimes, a strange thought would occur in his mind, but Jian Chen had never been able to fully grasp just what the thought meant. At times, his thoughts would be vague as he tried to comprehend them, but they were mysteries for a reason.

Ming Dong wasn't angry. With a meaningful smile to Bai En, he retreated to the very edge of the platform before coming to a sudden stop. Then moving slightly to the left, he flew forward to cross by Bai En's side from the front. Just as the two crossed paths, Ming Dong's right palm began to swirl with wind-attributed Saint Force before gently striking Bai En's back.

Riding on top of the magical beast, Jian Chen traveled slowly through the major streets of the city to buy all sorts of delicacies from the street stalls. These were all gifts for the natives of Longevity Valley--little fatty most especially. He had never once traveled outside the valley and knew nothing about the outside world. This by extension meant that he had never once experienced the delicacies of the continent.

"Brother Jiang, you've raised a good son! The kindness your son has shown to the Yan family won't ever be forgotten!"

The people who were ready to leave again focused their visions on the center of the square, it looks like the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Black Sect are going to fight for a dog.

"Traveler, if you are inclined, please come sit at our Pure Heart Pavilion for a while." The floating Heaven Saint Master had a smile on his face as he spoke.

"You are here, young master."

"Of course, we will place a sign with our prices at the front door tomorrow.A single Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness will be 4 gold coins.At the same time, we will promote that we can turn useless pills into precious ones.Two pills with 60%effectiveness and 3 gold coins can be exchanged for a Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness."

After that, Jiang Chen slapped the Earth Devil's head and crushed it. In an instant, a black devil soul shot out from the crushed skull, and he grabbed it with his hand.Chapter 252 ΓΏ Rather Die Fighting

At night, Rosco brought Jian Chen back to the house and the five people sat down at the table once more to eat dinner. Like lunch, the dinner was relatively simple with a big bowl of rice and some vegetables.

"The environment here constantly keeps changing unpredictably, what a mess!"

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly as he unleashed the True Dragon Palm and threw it towards the Black Crow.

"Under normal circumstances, the person who stepped into a formation would be trapped, and he would definitely not disappear. Therefore, the invisible formation here should be similar to an illusion realm. I suppose the real scene behind these two trees are as simple as what we are looking at right now, perhaps there is something unusual here, but it's covered by this formation, like a camouflage that's trying to distract us. Therefore, I assume that Wang Heng disappeared because he entered the scene behind this formation. Wang Heng's life isn't at risk, currently."

"I am at the Grand Elder's command." The patriarch and Tian Zhou both spoke out.

Big Yellow's expression turned solemn. He spat out a clump of blood. The blood was the blood essence of a Dragon Horse. When the blood feel onto the broken sword, the sword that once looked like a scrap of broken metal begun violently vibrating.

Whilst Jian Chen's outer skin was undergoing a process of metamorphism, his muscles were also being elevated to new heights. Like the cicada shedding its carapace, Jian Chen was undergoing a new level of evolution.

Within the secret chamber, the devilish characteristic had been completely devoured by the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, and everything had been merged into Han Yan's body. The Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline was smoothly circulating within Han Yan's body, especially in his viscera.

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