Pivot Chapter 444

Pivot Chapter 444

Two mighty and ferocious men had opened up a new battlefield high up in the skies. They were exchanging attacks in the most brutal way, and they nearly destroyed the sky where they fought. Energies swept and raged crazily, it was difficult to find out who had the upper hand.

At this sight, the one-armed man's face darkened. Snorting, he spoke, "If you wish to die, then I'll grant you all that favor! Kill them all!"

All the guards in the mayor's mansion went out in search of their young master. They overturned every single brick available, but there was still no sign of him. Finally, the mayor gave an order that if the young master still couldn't be found by sunset, all the guards would not need to return.

The youth holding the Ruler Armament looked at the longbow wielding girl behind Jian Chen with a terrified look as he spoke out, stuttering, "Rul-Ruler Arma-Armament!"

Fan Kun shouted out loudly. Immediately, a golden beam shot out from afar. It was like a sharp blade that collided with Guo Shan's attack, and it immediately shattered it into pieces.

"This is fucking insane!"

Some time later, the news that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would be auctioning a Class 5 Magical Beast had spread to 500 kilometers away. Soon enough, every influential power had heard about the Class 5 Magical Beasts and set off for Phoenix City.

"That££" The man found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Changyang clan was not some sort of two-bit clan. They were a clan of nobles within the Gesun Kingdom. Having a funeral for an outsider was something the assistant housekeeper found inappropriate.

With a pair of red eyes, Mao Sheng threw his glance at Jiang Chen and Han Yan, it seemed as if he was going to devour both of them alive.

Xuan Yuzi strong once again. The longsword in his hand transformed into a long dragon, and it shone like a sword beam. With the energy of the dawn, it arrived in front of Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye.

Right by Jian Chen's side, Tynes had noticed the puzzled look on Jian Chen's face and asked out in concern, "Imperial Protector, what is the matter?"

"That's right, I am. Whether you want to torture me or kill me, do as you please."

"En, that is right. I have that notion as well." Huang He spoke.

Therefore, judging from the outlook, even with Jiang Chen's help, it wouldn't be easy for the Profound River Palace to completely defeat the Demon King Palace. There would definitely be a bloody war, and the battlefield would be filled with streams of blood.

In the end, they had come to this quiet desolate mountain, but two of their men were dead due to severe injuries.

"Fine then, that's enough discussion. The Carnage Mercenaries are extremely strange. Nothing more needs to be said about that. We should pay them a visit and see if there's a chance we learn anything about them." Jian Chen spoke.

The leader of the bandits stared in horror at the oncoming youth before stuttering, "I-is it y-you that's kil-killing££ my men?"

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