Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2837

Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2837

"This is a cave with no owner, but since I was the first to enter, then naturally I would be the owner of the cave!" The girl said confidently. Arguing was a specialty that she was good at.

Just when everyone was pointing and discussing the ferry, a luxurious carriage bolted over from the distance. It stopped slowly close to the dock and shortly afterwards, three people got off it.

"Brother Jiang, my dad is preparing to build a statue for you in the center of Yellowstone City, so all the upcoming generations will know the huge deed brother Jiang has done for Yellowstone!"

Although the invitation was rejected, Feng Jianming did not become unhappy even in the slightest. He clasped his hands at Jian Chen, "Since sir Yang Yutian needs to go to the Radiant Saint Tower to practice Radiant Artes, Feng Jianming will not interrupt sir anymore. Sir, Feng Jianming's mission is now accomplished and will now report back to Mr Cheng. Farewell!" After he finished what he was saying, he turned around to the shadow behind him. His expression immediately became cold, "Shadow, I hope you won't forget the rule set down by the union. If you break it, you won't be able to escape punishment even with your clan supporting you. You probably will even die!"

Jiang Chen said as he furrowed his brows. The Black Sect had just unified the entire Qi Province and had just settled down. But, the Qi Province was still the same Qi Province, the Black Sect didn't have a Combat Soul warrior that could protect them. There was no way it could compare with those bigger sects in the other provinces.

Jiang Chen smiled.

Yun Lian's entire person froze up at that declaration as she registered Bi Yuntian's words. For a small moment, she couldn't believe her ears. The fourth lady of the Changyang clan was her aunt, and the Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom and the fourth master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xiangtian, was her older cousin.

As soon as Jian Chen entered the room where Changyang Hu was, he could see his limbless brother being attended to by two maids onto a wheelchair.

Fortunately, Big Yellow's level of self-control was still high.

Wang Yun said.

Hearing this, Jian Chen suddenly saw the light. This was only the first story of the store, but he hadn't realized that this was how the store functioned.

Looking at the miserable state of this young man, raging fury erupted from Jiang Chen's eyes. He had seen all of Tan Lang's wounds, and they were extremely severe; bringing him to a life-threatening situation. If he was left alone here, Tan Lang would die in less than three days.

However, the giant bear's paw didn't stop due to inertia and continued its path toward Jian Chen. Jian Chen's right arm clenched onto his sword as he twisted his sword in its throat before pulling it out. With an explosive leap, he flew backward to dodge the paw.

"Little Chen, you've given Big Yellow your blood and a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, he should've waken up by now, so why is he still showing no signs of waking up? This is really making me worry."

Jian Chen quickly took notice of this youth. From his appearance, Jian Chen's eyes suddenly took on a dangerous gleam, this person was Shi Xiangran.

Ye Xiao furiously shouted. He waved both his hands and attacked Jiang Chen. At the same time, Shangguan Chong and Mao Sheng attacked as well.

"Peng!" "Peng!" "Peng!"

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