The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 115

The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 115

"I've heard that the cave of a previous cultivator was around here and contains a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. People even say that the five experts were all gathered there as well. Bah, I should go take a look myselfÿhopefully I'll be able to find him." The black robed youth muttered to himself.

Looking at Mu Yun fervently, the man laughed, "What an amazing battle skill. You even managed to block an attack that contained all my power as a Great Saint!" He paused for a while before sneering once more, "However, you could only temporarily block my Great Saint attack with the aid of the battle skill. Ultimately, it's not your own strength. I wonder how long you can last?" After talking, he lifted his Guan Dao high into the air. Just as he prepared to slash down onto Mu Yun, another strong source of energy suddenly came flying over from the distance.

When the surrounding audience saw Jian Chen's group starting to walk away, the ones that were in his immediate path had quickly moved to get out of his way.

"N-no££ that can't be!" Cheng Fei was crestfallen at this unbearable fact. He knew that Changyang Xiangtian was no older than his son, Cheng Mingxiang and had only formed his Saint Weapon a mere six years ago at most. In the span of several years, the little Saint had been the carp that leaped over the dragon's gate and transformed to become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more shocking, he was able to defeat three Heaven Saint Masters by himself without a single scratch. It came to Cheng Fei as such a shock that he started to think that the three Heaven Saint Masters were putting on a show for him.

Because this arranged marriage was proposed by the emperor, Jian Chen was absolutely powerless to go against the marriage. His parents wouldn't even dare to give up the chance to establish a friendship with the royal family, let alone a relationship with them. Aside from the emperor taking back the proposal, there would be no way for Jian Chen to refuse it, so he would have to quietly accept it.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's eyes brightened and thought for only a few seconds before responding, "Father, would you allow your son to go to the library and read some of the books there so I can get some experience and learn even more."

Another voice continued straight after the first servant, "If my guess is correct, then fourth master came down to the kitchens to get some steamed buns. But that's weird, why isn't the fourth master eating at the dining halls with the rest of the clan? Has he wronged himself and so wanted to eat the steamed buns from the kitchens? These steamed buns are only fit for us lowly servants and guards to eat however." Another 30 year old servant continued to sneer at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen walked up to the wall and gently pushed away the tall grass to reveal a hole. This cavern had been discovered by Jian Chen 2 days ago.

Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a smile. He turned around and looked at Tian Yishan, then he said, "Brother Tian, where are Guan Yiyun and the other men?"

The fact was, the once greatest Saint in the world had never been afraid of threats. When Lee Shan Yue threatened Jiang Chen, he didn't care at all. In fact, Lee Shan Yue's threats were like farts to him.

A faded £¦pop' sounded out from within the flame sea. Jiang Chen let out a deep shout; then a pill covered in five different colors jumped out from the flames. Jiang Chen retracted his soul energy and flames, then he extended his hand and grabbed the pill.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. For a guy who could never settle for peace, the Chaotic Ocean was indeed a perfect place to be.Chapter 492 ÿ Heavenhawk Island

"Give me all your belongings, and I'll spare your life. If not, I'll just kill you."

On the second morning, news from the southern stronghold reported that the Andreas Kingdom had finally fully withdrawn their entire army from the Gesun Kingdom. At the same time, they sent a letter to the king of the Gesun Kingdom with a promise to compensate them for the war. Aside from this, the Andreas Kingdom had also sent the prime minister and prince to the Gesun Kingdom as a sign of good faith.

After Jiang Chen and Han Yan walked into the courtyard, Xiao Wei hurried up and closed the door for them. After that, extremely joyful, she left the place.

"That's him, he killed a few of our men!"

Everybody were bawling in shock, their impression of Jiang Chen had once again changed, and Jiang Chen's image in their minds had been raised to a new level. Initially, the crowds were thinking that the match was already decided at the beginning, but now it was just a guessing game.

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