A Fleeting Moment Chapter 1856

A Fleeting Moment Chapter 1856

Bai Xiaochun licked his lips and mused that he definitely couldn't allow himself to look scared in front of his apprentice. Thumping himself on his chest, he said, "Hahaha! Nothing! I'm not scared at all, go on with your explanation."

Yu He could not help but laugh at his inane replies. At this moment she felt that Qing Shui had a really pure heart. She felt that he would be a good husband to his future wife.

"Uncle Li, what do you think about this!" Yan Haozheng asked the shaky old man at the bottom left corner with great respect.

Within the first 1,000 li, they could still see groups of people but beyond the first 1,000 li, the number of groups around diminished and they might not even come across a single group even when half the day had passed.

It started with the four heavenly marquises, and then turned into an endless stream of soul cultivators. Virtually all of the groups and organizations in the city sent people to him.

If he was going to end up as a fugitive in the Wildlands, then he might as well just reveal his true identity as Bai Xiaochun.

Nascent Soul experts almost didn't count for anything in this type of fighting, much less Core Formation cultivators, who could be exterminated in the blink of an eye.

Everyone exchanged unsettled glances and then, not being in the mood for chit-chat, rushed away to prepare as well as they could for their missions.

There was one night the little lass called out from above, "Daddy, come up. Let's sleep together with Auntie."

One of the shadow staffs struck the air, the second staff shadow was knocked aside by Canghai, while the third staff shadow smashed onto Canghai's shoulder but was blocked by the golden radiance.

As it re-entered her body, her breath increased abruptly and slowly returned to normal. Qing Shui knew that she had a breakthrough.

An hour passed, and the two demigods were nowhere to be seen. They had disappeared as surely as a clay bull tossed into the ocean. Except, not even a wave or ripple spread out to give any clue as to what had occurred. There were no fluctuations from magical techniques, and no sounds to be heard.

"Bai Hao!" he called out. "Didn't you say that you were talented in spirit enhancement? Everybody else gave an answer for the assessment, perhaps you would like to do the same? Come on, let's hear it. There's no need to feel embarrassed." An enigmatic smile could be seen on Bai Qi's face. He really did sound like an older brother offering a bit of encouragement to his younger brother. However, his sinister goal was clearly to humiliate Bai Hao.

"It really is a seal which is below that of Martial Saint grade!" Qing Shui said secretly in his heart.

"Therefore, not only must you hurry and concoct as many Soul Convergence Pill as possible, you should also try to come up with a way to produce a type of exploding furnace whose detonation surpasses anything you did before by multiple times. The bigger the explosion, the better!!"

Petal Rain Under the SkiesŁĄ

The delta sect cultivators trembled in fear, and a few of them went out to offer formal greetings as the airship passed.

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