My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 1156

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 1156

Only the yellow clothed girl was standing in front of him, and since there was a layer of poisonous mist covering his body, no one else was able to see Jian Chen.

"I will marry you. However, there is one condition; you have to let the Ninth Emperor go."

"Blast! He's escaped!" Jiede Tai angrily cursed between grit teeth at the sight.

"None, but plenty of people were trying to follow me. I was able to throw them off with ease, but not too long after each try, they managed to find me again. I would assume they are the local powers of the city with eyes all over the place. Unless I can alter my face and change my body, I won't be able to completely throw them off." The figure replied in a plain voice. It was Dugu Feng.

An existence as mighty as a Saint Ruler had died right in front of them.

Another three streaks of light came flying out at the four mercenaries. Clearly, the hidden dark attributed archers had figured out the intentions of the mercenaries.

"Sectmaster Kris, what do you mean by your words?" This time, it was Xiao Tian who spoke with unbridled anger in his voice.


"Looks like these dead spirits can be produced endlessly. My guess is they're just like those stone golems we previously encountered. If we can find the main source and destroy it, we will be able to wipe them all out completely and leave this place."

Jian Chen's soul densely concentrated together, and he exerted all his efforts to sense his surroundings. Slowly, his spirit entered a unique state; although he had not extended his soul, at that instant, his soul seemed to have established a subtle relationship with the various plants around him, fusing together. This feeling was extremely mysterious.

"I finally understand, this Chen Jiang was clearly setting the Myriad Sword Sect up, he purposely increased the bid even though he never wanted this movement skill! The Myriad Sword Sect has fallen hard this time."

With the help of the Sword Spirits, Jian Chen was able to absorb both the world qi and the energy within the monster core at a rate several times faster than anyone else. Ever since he'd first awakened the Sword Spirits in Huang Village, they had stopped stealing energy from Jian Chen without his permission. Therefore, the energy was now entirely absorbed by Jian Chen alone.

"I can only hope our suspicions are wrong." The red-haired man sighed.

Another loud explosion, Fan Kun attacked again. He unleashed a huge shining golden palm, a combat skill. This palm flew towards Jiang Chen.

According to logic, this was a measure to ensure everyone's safety, and there was nothing to be said against it. However, when it came to Jiang Chen, it was a completely different story. He hated the feeling of being watched all the time.

The ice-cold energy became stronger and stronger, it eventually started leaking out from the room, as well as covering it in frost and a layer of white fog.

At this sight, Jian Chen's eyes revealed a deep look of yearning. Tian Jian's usage of space was something that was perfected to the highest level. With such capabilities like this, one would be able to travel anywhere under the heavens without wasting time or money to travel on the road.

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