Returning from the Immortal World Translation Chapter 1081

Returning from the Immortal World Translation Chapter 1081

"Captain of the Flame Mercenaries, make your way to see us at once." Suddenly, a voice like thunder had boomed through the skies. The speaker's voice had been so strong that it seemed to shake the world itself. The streets shooked and the buildings quivered--even the clouds had been blown away to reveal the sun behind it--everyone had heard the voice to what very well might belong to a god.

"The key is that this dog's head is too powerful! It's able to confront a King Weapon without getting hurt! If I hadn't seen this myself, I wouldn't have believed it at all!"

"Hey, why are you so cruel? Don't you have any sympathy? You even kill girls?! You need to find me another human pet!"

"The Blissful Island's trade fair is too attractive, even a Combat Soul warrior was attracted. I'm sure the Golden Lion isn't the only Combat Soul warrior here, those big sects in the Eastern Continent will definitely send their Combat Soul warriors here as well. Some powerful rogue cultivators might emerged as well."

Everyone were stunned by what they just saw. The table between Jiang Chen and those Combat Soul warriors had completely turned! Jiang Chen was the one being chased and hunted down just now, but now, he was the one who could easily kill them!

Jiang Chen felt tired at this moment, but it wasn't because of constantly using his Soul Power.With the might of the Soul Derivation Skill, he would never have to worry about running out of Soul Power.


Therefore, all of them had great interest towards their savior, Jiang Chen. No matter what, he was the one who saved their lives.

Those disciples who held long pikes in their hands didn't care too much anymore, they just did what Jiang Chen asked. They raised the long pikes high into the air and started beating those four men once again. If anything bad really happened, then they had Jiang Chen standing in front of them.

"This is satisfying!"

Afterwards, more and more people started paying the entrance fee. Although the Manor Master increasing the price was somewhat shady, the majority of the people didn't really mind that much, as it was just an Earth Restoration Pill. Those who genuinely came here to get some rare and unique treasures were all rich and wealthy men, even those who felt pain regarding the price also paid and stepped onto the island. After all, they had traveled far to get here, and no one wanted to return empty handed.

Jian Chen nodded his head, "That will do!"Chapter 419: Interference of the Qiangan Kingdom

After Cheng Mingxiang left, another student with similarly tattered clothes walked up to the table. He directly pulled out a large handful of monster cores; it seemed that he did not have any less monster cores than Chen Ming Xiang.

The Great Soul Derivation skill was divided into two parts, and Jiang Chen had given the first part to Guo Shan. He wanted to see if Guo Shan would be able to comprehend it. The Great Soul Derivation skill was an advanced and complicated skill, and it was not something that anyone could cultivate. If Guo Shan could master the first part alone, he would be able to concoct Heaven rank pills and become a Heavenly alchemist.

Sensing the strong amount of Qi radiating from the King Tiger Squad, Jian Chen felt a little bit of shock in his heart. Each and every single one of these twenty members were at the very least as strong as a Saint Master.

Shangguan Hui who was about to step onto the path suddenly turned around and threw a fierce glance at the man who just spoke, "Why can't I step onto this path?"

Jiang Chen's words caused Nangong Wentian's eyes to light up. Only now did he realize that this men next to him was a man who could achieve everything. Although the man was only about 17 years old, he was a man who was an expert at everything. Cultivation skills, combat skills, formations, alchemy, combat weapons££ it seemed like there was nothing this man hadn't mastered.

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