Game of Thrones: the king of conquest Chapter 1954

Game of Thrones: the king of conquest Chapter 1954

Nangong Wentian didn't say anything else, he just expressed his gratefulness.

"Buddy is really smart when it comes to fighting."

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan's shoulder.

"Alright, we'll use this plan for now."

"N-no££ that can't be!" Cheng Fei was crestfallen at this unbearable fact. He knew that Changyang Xiangtian was no older than his son, Cheng Mingxiang and had only formed his Saint Weapon a mere six years ago at most. In the span of several years, the little Saint had been the carp that leaped over the dragon's gate and transformed to become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more shocking, he was able to defeat three Heaven Saint Masters by himself without a single scratch. It came to Cheng Fei as such a shock that he started to think that the three Heaven Saint Masters were putting on a show for him.

Taking the map from Situ Qing, Jian Chen began to trace the details on it to arrive at Bi Hai's location.

"En, many member of the Yan family were seriously injured. Chen Gege has a lot of pills that are good for healing them, so we need to help them recover as soon as possible."

"Yes, I'm Lian Haolong! Greetings, young master!"

"How dare you!"

A person immediately cried out, but it was unnecessary. Just as Jian Chen had rushed into a group of Saint Masters, they all ran for their lives in all directions. But because there was a hundred people crowded within a narrow street, it was impossible for all of them to escape from him within a short period of time. With Jian Chen's incomparably fast sword, only a few of the further people could narrowly escape from his path as the unlucky ones were all slain.

Two beings with skin as thick as ancient beasts struck out at the same time. They used the most original and brutal ways they could think of to start the fight.

Guan Yi Yun reminded.


"He went to the Sunset Kingdom." The eldest prince didn't hesitate to reveal the whereabouts of the second prince. Although he and the second prince were bound together by blood, they were not on the best of terms. There had been many secret clashes between them, so the eldest prince was eager to see the second prince die.

Jiang Chen told Yan Chenyu.

Sensing their movements, Jian Chen's eyes flashed in recognition. Immediately charging straight toward the doorway, against the energy wave, Jian Chen twisted and turned in a struggle to get past. Finally, he was able to break free of the energy wave and follow the five through the opening.

Qing Yun narrowed his eyes, "This Jian Chen seems very young, but with the experience I've gained in my lifetime, I can tell that this person is not ordinary at all. He is a mystery with strength that is equally shocking. Although we weren't able accurately guess just how strong he is, if he was able to fight with a Class 5 Monster, then that means his strength isn't anything minor. Furthermore, he was able to kill Liu Zheng who is similar to me in terms of strength."

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