Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2055

Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2055

There was only one Heavenly Core warrior in the Redsun Town, and if these Blood Devils were to decide to attack the town, by just sending a leader alone the town would fall in no time. But luckily, the Blood Devils hadn't been here for a long time, and it wasn't too late for Jiang Chen to help.

"Haha, little brother, do not be nervous. This old man came for an impromptu visit. If I disturbed you, then please forgive me." An elderly voice came from the mouth of the blue-robed man. Yet, he remained seated at the table with his back still facing Jian Chen.

His parents refusal to help him propose to the princess had made him resentful, but he didn't say anything. For in his mind, Cheng Mingxiang had decided that Princess Ge Lan was already his and that no one else would be able to snatch her away from him. After all, within the Gesun Kingdom, there was no one else worthy of Princess Ge Lan, causing him to feel safe.


The Second Elder moved his hands across his neck, making a killing gesture.

"How dare that bastard attack daddy's ass? Daddy here is going to eat him for sure!"

Jian Chen immediately stopped absorbing the power from the monster core. The only thing worth rejoicing about was that his process of stopping his absorption of the monster core's energy had gone very smoothly. No frightening and uncontrollable scene had occurred. Otherwise, he was afraid that he really would've gotten into deep trouble.Chapter 58: Annoyance From the Dantian

"You're all here to give me treasures!"

Yan Chen Yu was astonished.

In those days, a third of the monster cores in Jian Chen's Space Belt had already been used up. Surrounding him was the dust left behind by the spent monster cores piled up in a fine layer, especially on his crossed legs.Chapter 147: Identity Revealed

While walking, Jian Chen committed the path back to Huang Village to memory. He didn't want the path to be lost to him, since he wanted to meet back with Ming Dong after he finished with his personal matters. To find such a small village within the continent would be extremely difficult. So in the case that he would forget the path, he tried his best to remember every detail.

A crisp sound rang through the air as Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword was parried. The sword did not stop there and with a short burst of strength, it disappeared into hundreds of mirror images that stabbed at the Moyun clan's ancestor.

Of course, Yan Zhan Yun wouldn't grant Lee Shan Yue his wish. He blocked Lee Shan Yue. Although he didn't enter the mountain, with his intelligence he could easily guess what had happened there. Obviously, Jiang Chen had once again saved all the men from the Yan family. If not for Jiang Chen, it wouldn't be Lee Chang Ming and all the Lee family men who died within the mountains, it would have been Yan Yang and the rest of their men.

There were two reasons for why he was feeling tired.First, the drainage of his Yuan power.Concocting pills will use both Soul Power and Yuan power.Even if the Dragon Transformation skill was powerful, the first Dragon Mark wasn't fully formed yet.He couldn't use Yuan power nonstop for hours.

"This is too despicable."

"Senior Georgien, go and inform the strongest individuals of the kingdom. Tell them the circumstances, and have them gather within the strongholds. This king will definitely find a way to make the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom retreat." The king sat back on his dragon throne with an exhausted look as his eyes closed.

"Don't tell me that he isn't even from the four big sects££ Move faster brothers, losing to this outsider will be a huge disgrace!"

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