The Strongest Hokage Chapter 2302

The Strongest Hokage Chapter 2302

"Hehe, Elder Harido gives thanks to everyone." An elder from the Harido clan laughed gently.



Jiang Chen had memorized the scripts of the Dragon Transformation skill, and with a single thought mentally, those miraculous scripts started appearing in his mind.

Even Dugu Feng found it hard to remain calm and was stunned. For such an ordinary looking stone door to be able to take a blow from a Ruler Armament without any damage, it was far too much to believe.

"Yes, uncle Tian!" Ming Dong cried out respectfully.

By the second morning, Bi Yuntian came by Jian Chen's room. Waking up, Jian Chen felt his body refreshed and very light-hearted¨•a feeling he hadn't had in a very long time. Was this the feeling of returning home?

Letting out a startled yelp, the elder swung his head as if his life was hanging by a thread. Despite just barely dodging the strike by a hair's breadth, there had been a single gash on his forehead.

"Brother Jian Chen, please forgive me for asking, but did you breakthrough into a higher realm?" The village elder asked.

Ling Yi coldly harrumphed.

The distance from here to the Gesun Kingdom was far too wide. Even if Jian Chen were to fly the entire distance without stopping, it would take a tremendous amount of time and energy. So, the only solution was to use a Space Gate.

"Boom!" As soon as the three bursts of Sword Qi zoomed towards the Saint Ruler, the man had dodged it easily once again to the side, allowing the Sword Qi to cause a nearby restaurant to tremble from the blast. Several wooden splinters could even be seen flying off.

Uncle Xiu continued, "Other than that, there is another great secret to the union. This secret directly affects all Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. My main reason for coming and finding you is because of this."

"I guess he must have some hidden motive, just like what young master Jiang Chen said.Maybe there's someone from the Mu Rong family's young generation who has reached the Qi Hai level."

"Of course!" Jian Chen nodded.

The Heavenly Saint Sword instantly caused the Earth's Force to perish, but just a split second later, Shangguan Yiqing had formed a few other Earth's Forces and forcefully thrown them toward Jiang Chen. On the other side, Xuan Yuzi had struck once again, but his attack was blocked off by the Earth's Force as well.

The Radiant Saint Master nodded before leaving the room wearily. As soon as he left, the expression of respect on Lei Mingao's face disappeared. He became overcast as he grinded his teeth, "Even a mere low class Radiant Saint Master dares to be so brash before me, and he even broke a finger of mine. If I don't take revenge, do I still have any dignity to face the Lei family anymore?"

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