Reincarnated in Naruto world with some annoying author Chapter 2536

Reincarnated in Naruto world with some annoying author Chapter 2536

Tianxiong Lie flew toward the courtyard with a group of men right behind him. These men were the same ones who had just been talking with him in the main hall; each one of them represented a different faction of the variety of power within Wake City.

Those who bet with Big Yellow and were getting ready to witness Jiang Chen make a fool of himself were startled. Especially those who claimed that Jiang Chen would never make it to the 10th or 20th step. They started to doubt their decision when they saw Jiang Chen's outstanding performance.

"My ancestor, you're finally out! If you hadn't come out by now, your master dog would shit on your head!"

A Divine Core warrior shouted as he started injecting his Yuan energy into the gigantic golden net. Right at this moment, the safety of the Blissful Island was the responsibility of every single person present, so no one dared hesitate. If the gigantic golden net was broken, the Blissful Island would definitely be destroyed by the devastating ocean waves, and all of them would be dragged into the waterspouts. Countless people would then die, and nobody wanted to see that happen. Therefore, everyone worked together with all their strength.Chapter 302 ΓΏ Fighting Combat Soul Warriors

"Waiter, serve me another table!"

Yan Chenyu said with a smile. Seeing that both girls had a harmonious relationship, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian once again started pounding their own chests in agony. They stared at Jiang Chen as if they wanted to devour him. For heavens' sake, why was this guy so lucky?! Two girls with unrivaled beauty, and they weren't fighting against each other for Jiang Chen's favor. Instead, they treated each other politely. This made them feel jealous.

"Haha, is that so? I don't mind telling you this; the entire city has been sealed up by the four of us; this place is completely isolated from the outside world! Even if we destroy the entire city, the Profound River Palace will still be in the dark!"

Disciple Huang was laying on the ground crying in sorrow. Tears flowed down from his face. What happened, why was he always the one getting beaten?

"Hahaha, excellent! You are more than worthy of being a descendant of my Bi family! Grandson, your talent is exceedingly shocking! The fact that I've a descendant like you makes me feel completely at ease!" A loud roar of laughter boomed from behind to break the silence of the area. Following the laughter, Bi Hai came striding into the area with a look of pride and joy.



"We absolutely cannot pardon them."

What Jiang Chen said only made Yan Zhan Yun feel even more regret.He couldn't stop worrying and asked again, "Brother Jiang Chen, I believe you have a way to deal with this?"

After the awards ceremony had finished, Jian Chen could not help but smile excitedly at the surging, pure power in the Class 4 Monster Core he held in his hand. With the Class 4 Monster Core, as well as the 200+ monster cores in his Space Belt, he had enough to last him for a long time. Based on Jian Chen's calculations, he wouldn't have to worry about not having monster cores to use for at least a year.Chapter 53: Becoming A Saint

"Ahh? Strange, who are you two? Did you just come out from big brother's body? Why didn't Little Spirit sense you?" Little Spirit suddenly spoke out in confusion. Turning to Jian Chen, she asked, "Big brother, who are those two? They look kinda similar to Little Spirit."

Suddenly, an unbelievably strong amount of Sword Qi appeared and filled up the entire area. In a second, the entire world seemed as if it belonged to this realm of the "Sword". No matter where anyone went to, all they could feel was the overwhelming power of Sword Qi.

Tianxiong Daoyun's face was filled with shock as he looked at the sword in his throat. As his body began to shut down and resign itself to death, Tianxiong Daoyun couldn't help but think to himself one last spiralling question: just how did Jian Chen stab through his Saint Weapon?

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