Tales of a Seductress Chapter 470

Tales of a Seductress Chapter 470

"Qing Shui, tell this old man what Grade of Martial Saints you can defeat now?" Elder Ge seemed to be curious about Qing Shui's strength.

Legends had it that the blade of this weapon was refined from the tooth of an evil dragon, the evil dragon was a kind of a poison dragon, the tooth was the sharpest and most poisonous thing on its entire body. As to whether the evil dragon was a true dragon, Qing Shui did not know but the evil dragon was an existence, that was stronger than the poison dragon.

"Li Tiansheng, you and Zhou Hong worked together with all those other chosen to cause me endless trouble. You tried your best to see me dead, and I let you off the hook over and over again. But now you've gone and really pissed me off. Well let me tell you, when I get pissed off, I frighten even myself!" Bai Xiaochun didn't have a care in the world, and his eyes shone with keen anticipation as he imagined the reactions of all of the people who had tried to kill him in the past.

However, it was in that same moment that the old man's eyes snapped open to reveal light as bright as a shining sun. At the same time, he suddenly transformed into a crimson, three-headed python. Bai Xiaochun couldn't hold back from letting out a shriek.

"I'll do it myself!" Mingyue said, flustered!

"Cang Lang Country is just right in front there!" Huoyun Liu-li cheered and pointed happily at the city on the far horizon.

"That's right. We've been expanding too quickly recently, and the news about the restrictions on the Fantasy Pills is definitely going to spread like wildfire through the city...."

After a long moment passed, she frowned and said, "I need to think about the matter in detail. I'll give you an answer tomorrow!"

Huoyun Liu-Li, "бн"

In the blink of an eye, the sea of fire was only 900 meters wide!!

Thankfully, Bai Hao was also present, and was often swarmed with customers because of the situation.

The Cloud Order cultivators looked around at the moonflowers, dumbfounded. Within moments, people began to cry out.

Qing Shui didn't want to imagine what would have happen if he wasn't here today. After all, there were two Martial King martial warriors amongst the group. Cang Lang Country has a weak reputation to begin with. It was of no surprise that Martial King martial warriors would dare come to Cang Lang Country to commit foolish acts, and this would not be the last time for them either.?

In the distance, a giant fiery bird had stopped in midair, with the man of her dreams standing on it, giving her a faint smile.

Rumbling sounds filled the air as the Heavenhorn Sword shot down from the sky. After coming to a stop some distance above the ground, the three patriarchs led Bai Xiaochun and Bruiser off of the sword and down to the ground.

Bai Xiaochun was already scared witless; clearly these people really were trying to kill him!

Ever since Qing Shui wiped out the Situ Clan, endless people came and knocked on their doors. Many reputable characters in Hundred Miles City all came to the Qing Clan bearing valuable gifts.

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