Self-Created System Chapter 84

Self-Created System Chapter 84

"Maybe it's not just the Go pieceĦ­." Holding his breath, he sent his divine sense into the Go board as a whole, which also began to shine with bright light. However, only a moment later, the light faded, and his divine sense began to dissolve.

The first type would show what overall level the necromancers had achieved, and the second would show how skilled they were in it.

It was because many people realized that the two of them looked very harmonious or rather, they seemed to be a good match when they were standing together. It was a feeling they gave off. This young man was very mature and hid a terrifying power. He was also giving off an indescribable feeling.

In fact, they even began to back up. At the same time, there were no vicious expressions on their faces anymore, but rather, what appeared to be flickers of intelligence. It was a very odd-looking sight; such expressions seemed very out of place.

"Qing Shui, since you dare to kill, then don't be a coward. If you still refuse to come out, I wouldn't mind killing everyone in Hundred Miles City." The man's deep voice once again rang out from skies.

Second Fatty Huang shivered and replied, "Oh no! This is bad! Junior Brother is drunk on spiritual energy! He's gone crazy from cultivation.... We mustn't provoke him now!"

Huoyun Liu-Li slowly laid down on the biggest sofa. Dressed in purple, the scene of her on the purple sofa with the surrounding walls and ceilings formed the most beautiful painting of a beauty!

A soft yet distinct sound rang out, like plastic abruptly exploded into pieces. Their dantian areas were pierced in an instant, causing the pitiful men to shriek in excrutiating pain. Having their dantians destroyed meant that their cultivations had been crippled as well. No one could endure such an excruciating pain physically nor mentally.

The Golden Buddha Aura Lotus didn't receive any damage at all, but they weren't able to manage forcing the demonic beast out either!

Perhaps those footsteps had been mingled in with theirs from the moment they had entered the courtyard, and they hadn't noticed because of the strange fruits. But now, in the silence that followed the fruits' outburst, the sound of the additional footsteps was extremely conspicuous.

Out of the group of opponents, there were three middle aged men and an elder. Just from these people's abilities, he could estimate the Shan Clan's influence in Rainbow Light City. Moreover, the guy he had broken the teeth of had earlier been shouting how powerful their Shan Clan was.

"Unfilial bitch!" he shouted, striding forward into the black pool of liquid.

"Since the clan is ignoring us and Boss Azure Dragon is too mysterious, then why don't just take the Fantasy Pills out of the picture? That would cripple the Azure Dragon Society, resolve this deadlock, and also make it more clear how to completely finish things.

He had endured eighty-one days of pain and then eighty-one days of hunger. That combination transformed into a shocking power that erupted up inside of Bai Xiaochun, over and over again.

And yet, the eyes of both women seemed to have inadvertently come to rest on his feet.

"A straggler!" Off in the distance, he could see a burly fellow striding along, slaughtering vengeful souls left and right. It was none other thanĦ­ Zhao Dongshan.

"My daughter! This is my daughter! Bonuses! Everybody gets a bonus to their salary!" Laughing contentedly, he began to walk around randomly, staring at his daughter the entire time. He almost looked like a child. Then he hurried into Song Junwan's wing of the palace, where he found her laying on her bed, her face a bit pale.

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