Mother Of All Systems!! Chapter 2700

Mother Of All Systems!! Chapter 2700

"If you want to resist against the guardian clans and the Beast God Continent, you must be a peak Saint King, or even a Saint Emperor that has exceeded Saint Kings."

The three elders didn't know whether to laugh or cry when they heard what Little Spirit said. From this, they could all understand that there was undoubtedly a deeper relationship between the two, but that had been very shocking to them. None of them had known just how Jian Chen was able to meet with Little Spirit, and so the mystery had only thickened.

Even though Zhou Yun was a Great Saint Master, it hadn't been a long time since he made that breakthrough. He was only a Primary Great Saint Master, and compared to Jian Chen, Zhou Yun's strength was comparable to a Peak Saint Master at most.

Yan Chen Yu gazed at Big Yellow with an unsatisfied expression.

"You must be Jian Chen. Relax, I won't be troubling you. Just hand the small tiger to me and nothing will happen." The man said with an extremely cold tone as he stared at Jian Chen expressionlessly.

Hearing the words £¦Heaven Tier Battle Skill', Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat once more. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something that he absolutely wanted. He didn't think that he would come across 3 separate Heaven Tier Battle Skills so quickly.

What? He wants blood again? A bowl?

Liang Xiao let out a cold snort and didn't speak another word. Even Nan Bei Chao agreed to let the competition continue, what else could he say?

"Haha, come, show me what you got! I, Jiang Chen, does not fear anything!"

Turning his head to his sister, Qin Xiao spoke up, "Second sister, since it's been quite long since your return, you should go see father. After so long, father has been worried."

Not even looking at the python, he reclaimed the Light Wind Sword into his body and continued to sit down next to the tree. Closing his eyes, he continued to try to recover his spirit. While it looked like he was in a deep meditative state like a monk, in actuality, he was keeping close track of his environment. In an area where magical beasts roamed about, he didn't dare be careless as he tried to recover his Saint Force.

"Nine Solar Holy Water!"

All of the conversations contained Jiang Chen, a name that had changed everyone's mind in such a short period of time. From someone who fooled around and was useless to a great warrior who was capable of destroying the Mu Rong family in just one night££ This all happened too fast.

No more precautions could be made for a Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, so Nubis had to show his true power all at once.

An aggressive look suddenly flickered in Jiang Cheng's eyes. He lowered his head and looked at the razor sharp blade placed on his throat by another Golden Guard. Without hesitating, he pushed himself toward it with great speed.

Many people were sighing. Nan Bei Chao was just too brutal, no one was able resist him. Jiang Chen was done for, today, there's nowhere he can go in order to survive. Since Nan Bei Chao wants to kill him, no one can save him; even those blood wings are useless. No one can escape from Nan Bei Chao.

Jian Chen laid there on the grass for a whole day and night. Without moving his body a single time, his eyes had remained closed for just as long.

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