Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 1492

Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 1492

"I'm fine!" Qing Shui chuckled while holding onto Mu Qing's hand. At that moment when he had been struck by Tianyu Liangyi's deadly attack, he had seen this woman coming towards him without hesitation. He didn't know what to feel back then, but she had indeed leaped towards him during the battle. Perhaps in that sort of situation, he had thought that only his mother or his wives would risk their lives for him. After all, being able to risk one's life for another required an immense amount of courageˇ­...

"Good little baby, it's time to sleep; the wind is blowing and the flames do leap; don't you weep and don't make a peep...."

The truth was that the ghost face wasn't quite looking at the situation properly. After he passed out, Bai Xiaochun could easily have just taken all of his life force. But Bai Xiaochun couldn't bring himself to do something that heartless, and had left him with ten percent.

"Dammit! I should have known! I can't believe the shameless Bai Xiaochun is avoiding the fight!!"

Eighty-eighth level. Eighty-ninth levelˇ­.


"The trial by fire will be dangerous, so you don't need to give me an answer right now. I'll be going into secluded meditation to prepare. You can inform me of your decision after I come out." She gave him a deep look and then headed toward the upper finger.


Grade Six Nature Energy was just the same. That being the case, he managed to save up a bit of time.

"I also think that it's nice. You can't find it anywhere else." Qing Shui smiled and poured her another cup again.

After the chase reached the 1,500-kilometer-mark, the enthusiasm of the River-Defying Sect cultivators began to fade. They were also starting to get exhausted. Eventually, at that 1,500-kilometer mark, the patriarchs issued orders to cease the pursuit!

Throughout these past five years, although Qing Shui only managed to increase the number of circulations from 36 cycles to 48 cycles, he was required to put in efforts 100 times that of others. Just with this increase of 12 cycles of circulation, his strength had directly upgraded from being able to lift 10,000 jin to 13,000 jin, an approximate 30% increase in strength! If he could cultivate to the point where he could circulate 108 cycles or more per activation, Qing Shui didn't even dare to imagine how tyrannical his strength would be thenˇ­ This way of circulating the Qi originated from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, it seems to Qing Shui that there exists no peak, or more accurately, no limit to the maximum number of cycles one could cultivate. But just only increasing 12 cycles actually took him five years of timeˇ­ He didn't know how long would it take for him to cultivate to the stage of 108 cycles or more.

Considering the blood masters and grand elders were reacting in that way, there was no need to even considering how the other cultivators felt. Master God-Diviner, Jia Lie, Song Que, Xu Xiaoshan, and everyone else in the Blood Stream Sect were completely rocked. It didn't matter what they wanted to happen; they had all cultivated based on the Blood Ancestor, and as such, were now being crushed by Bai Xiaochun!

Startled, the young man stared angrily at Bai Xiaochun and said, "What do you think you're going to do with that?!"

"Please don't take offense," the old woman said. "Fellow Daoists from the Blood Stream Sect, I'm afraid we really can't continue on with a tour of the north bank. The north bank is a bit crude, and it would be horrible if the battle beasts got out of control and started eating people." She smiled, although to the people from the Blood Stream Sect, it seemed quite intimidating.

Bai Xiaochun stopped in place, his brow furrowed as he looked over at Li Xu.

"My apprenticeˇ­ has done so much for meˇ­." Bai Xiaochun's heart hurt, and it was impossible to keep his emotions under control. He could not comfort himself, and could not even breathe steadily. It was very obvious that this was not just some random misunderstanding, and yet, he had no idea who exactly was targeting him.

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