Supreme Leveling System Chapter 2165

Supreme Leveling System Chapter 2165

"Rapid Thunderstorm!"

Everyone in Yellowstone, including the Yu family, knew very well that while it seemed like Jiang Chen had saved Redsun Town, in fact, he had actually save all of Yellowstone. Without Jiang Chen, the huge amount of Blood Devil would have already wreaked havoc in Yellowstone.

It was extensively spacious in the hall, but it was filled with a tremendous amount of pressure. Despite the simple arrangement inside, Jian Chen could distinctly feel the broad amount of grandeur that disseminated from the the entire hall in a different way than the imperial palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The crowds filled with over ten thousand people were completely silent, no one dared speak a word! Those warriors who claimed they wanted to kill Jiang Chen before this were extremely frightened right now. In this desert, since everyone's cultivations were suppressed to the same level, none of them were any match for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen could kill them all if he wanted.

"Master Blissful, we're leaving now. If I do find some good treasures, I'll share a portion with you when I return."

Jiang Chen still didn't show any emotion on his face. It was hard to believe that a sixteen year old young man could treat life so lightly.

"No, it's useless for me as well. I possess the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, and it has completely awakened. Following the improvement of my cultivation base, the innate movement skill and combat skill from the Ancient Divine Devil will awaken."

But then his face darkened afterwards, "But the enemy is a very strong one. Thirty years ago, I was of the Fourth Heavenly Layer, and the one chasing me was at the very least a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I was nearly at the brink of death itself before I finally managed to comprehend a holy art to escape. By use of this holy art, I managed to escape death by a fluke."

The commanders immediately tried to stall for time in order to purify the venom within them.

After Jian Chen had left, the pale faced Qian Yun walked into the room with a badly bruised look. There was blood all over his clothes, completely voiding him from his previously scholarly look.

Tan Lang waved his hand and unleashed a powerful seal. The seal was fully covered with mystical runes, and it carried a tremendous force as it rammed into the devil's head from above.

The reason why Jian Chen had said these words was simply to increase his knowledge on the strength of a Saint Ruler. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had already expressed his interest in the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits. The Saint Ruler was afraid of Jian Chen's identity as an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but this did not mean he was not afraid to act in secret against Jian Chen. As long as he could clearly understand the exact strength of a Saint Ruler, then Jian Chen would be able to find a plan to deal with a Saint Ruler should one attack him in the future.

"What other choice do we have? This Class 5 Magical Beast has attracted quite a few people. Now, all the powers still fighting over it aren't any weaker than our Youlan clan." The white robed middle-aged man said in exasperation.

After that, all the men who had had been robbed by Jiang Chen lined up and shouted with all their strength towards Big Yellow, "MASTER DOG, I'M SORRY!!"

"What happened just now? How did Jiang Chen take away that Emperor Weapon?"

At the most crucial moment, the patriarch of the Huang family came speeding forward. A wave of energy washed over the entire area with so much pressure it seemed to freeze the entire place.

The scarred man looked at Jian Chen before standing up slowly. A three meter long red spear appeared in his hands before quickly running toward Jian Chen without a single word. The spear danced with a fiery red glow as it flew toward Jian Chen.

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