Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens Chapter 1978

Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens Chapter 1978

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, this was not good news. But for Jiang Chen, receiving news about Lord Blood Moon was better that receiving no news at all.

The Crown Prince said in a gloomy manner.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the Four Great Kingdoms each sent their strongest expert to fight the Boundless Bandits at their main baseÿBoundless Mountain. Those four experts came to Boundless Mountain and fought so hard that the entire mountain shook and split open. The explosions of battle lasted for one day and one night before gradually stopping. Sometime during the battle, the six peaks of the mountain had caved in.

"Pch!" "Pch!"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. He was really speechless when it came to this dog. In the end, he could only beg Big Yellow to stop causing trouble."

"The Divine Continent."

"Three seniors, please follow me."

The skinny old man inquired.

Right at this moment, Xu Neng took out a rock the size of a human's head. It was pitch black rock, and it was glowing in a dark light. It gave an eerie feeling to those who looked at it.Chapter 295 ÿ Nine Soul Restoration Pill

If things were like before, Jian Chen wouldn't have done things as such. This powerful energy would have torn his body apart and. But because he had already achieved a level of Minor Achievement with his Chaotic Body, he could easily withstand this without a problem or any feeling of pain.

"Sir, I always used to say there are no geniuses in this worldI was wrong."

"Where is Xiang'er?" Changyang Ba quickly asked. This sudden development was extremely important to him, after all, he was his father.

"Older brother, before I leave, I have something I need your help with."

With a wave of his hand, the waitress retreated back, allowing him to dig into his delicious meal with vigor.

"What?! Xiao Er has brought an outsider to our Tianqin clan? Troublesome, how truly troublesome! Our Tianqin clan isn't some place that just anyone can enter." An expensively dressed middle aged man spoke out angrily as he sat on his chair.

Noticing their movements, a sharp glint entered Jian Chen's eye. "Since you're here, leaving now won't be as easy as you think!" Swinging his palm, a tremendous amount of energy flew towards the Heaven Saint Master and locked the space around them. Then, the energy slammed into several of them without further ado.

One of the waitresses to the inn stared at Jian Chen's back with a suspicious stare, "If my memory isn't wrong, I could have sworn that I didn't see him yesterday. Could he have snuck in when I wasn't looking?"

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