God Slayer Chronicles Chapter 2166

God Slayer Chronicles Chapter 2166

"When I capture you you'll be begging to die!" The elder cried out as he chased Jian Chen.

Although he already could guess that Jian Chen could cultivate Saint Force, hearing the confirmation from Jian Chen's own mouth made Changyang Ba feel even more emotional.

"Both of you are just at the Mortal Core realm, and you have forced me, the Wolf King to step back££ This is ridiculous! But now you have really pissed me off, I'll let you die in miserable ways!"

"What kind of magical powers does this Jiang Chen have? Even the genius from the Valley of Happiness admitted defeat straight away!"

So when a person of this legendary status had been killed by the punishment of Mercenary City, everyone had been thoroughly shocked once more by the severity of the punishment. Once again, everyone had acknowledged the power of Mercenary City if they could so easily kill a Saint Ruler.

"Big Yellow, you must be joking. This is just a normal pond££ How could there be a stupid treasure here?"

Even Yun Li, who was still kneeling on the ground, turned completely white when he saw the cyclone that reached into the sky. With a rather disheartened murmur, he said, "An Earth-Tier Battle Skill, he has one of those?"Chapter 552: Men From Tianlong City

Looking outside the window, Jiang Chen realized that the skies were getting dark.He was too concentrated when cultivating and reading the history book that he forgot about the time.

Jiang Chen knew that. Although Guan Yi Yun was a rare genius, compared to the abnormal Nan Bei Chao who had received blessings from lady luck herself, there was just a huge gap. Perhaps the gap between them wasn't that wide at the moment, but soon, it would just become bigger and bigger.

He tried not to think about Kai Er and the other three. Instead, he tried to talk o Jian Chen about more important topics before leaving in a hurry.

Jiang Chen unleashed his Single Solar Finger, and Big Yellow spat out a golden beam from his mouth. They attacked the trio's swords together.

The group immediately followed after Jiang Chen and entered the passage.

Guo Shan immediately summarized all the information and passed it onto Daoist Black through his Divine Sense, giving him a picture of what had happened. In order to save Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen had gone to Misty Mountain to hunt for Firethorn Savage, and in the end, he had used the Green Sanctuary Sect and caused them to suffer great losses.


Soon enough, a black armored middle aged man came walking into the room. This man's appearance was rather ordinary looking but he had a resolute expression on his face. His eyes shined brightly below his scarred face. The scars ran across his entire forehead, causing people to jump at his terrifying appearance.

Tu Yi said as he furrowed his brows.

"So this is the treasure hidden in Inferno City. This place has existed for such a long time, and this is the first time someone has discovered the blood talisman."

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