Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 2965

Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 2965

"So now everyone has heard him clearly, this man spread the news about me being killed in the Myriad Demon Mountain, and that is because, when I was training there, he tried to assassinate me. However, fortunately, I am still alive."

"Fuck, do you think we're all idiots? The Yellow Spirit Plant is only a High Mortal Rank herb, it's not even close to approaching the Earth Rank! It also only has one usage in pill concoction, and you're actually selling them for ten Earth Restoration Pills? Why don't you just go rob someone? I'll buy it for one Earth Restoration Pill, will you sell it?"

Jiang Chen's name was being discussed in every corner of the Martial Palace.

The azure and violet Sword Spirits and the Multicolored Stone began to float toward Jian Chen's eyebrows. Slowly descending downward, the Multicolored Stone began to fuse into the space between Jian Chen's eyebrows before disappearing from view.

Jiang Chen said.

Zhan Tian and the other four had lit up when they saw these figures--they could see that it was Jian Chen and the others.

Mu Jian continued to look at Jian Chen with a complicated look, but seeing the amount of blood that was leaking down from his Light Wind Sword, he suddenly became dejected and said helplessly, "Everyone take out your monster cores. Honored Jian Chen has already been merciful toward us, if we don't follow his demands this time, then simple injuries won't be the end of our problems."

"How arrogant! Sire, if you are so confident in your own skill, then allow this elder to bear witness to it!' The Saint King from the Aoyun clan sneered before a condensed amount of World Force began to form around his palm. With frightening speed, he flew toward Tian Jian with a fist ready to punch.

With a small amount of hesitation, Jian Chen decided to forgo the giant sword and fight against Ka DI Yun barehanded. This way, he would at least have the advantage in speed and nimbleness.


Jian Chen and Ming Dong both walked past the paddies until they arrived at the village entrance itself. Even after trudging past the fields, their shoes were still impeccably clean without a single spot of dust or dirt on it. The rich-looking robes the two of them wore caused them to look completely out of place in comparison to the peasant farmers who were all wearing coarse-looking clothing. So when the two arrived at this place, they caught the attention of all the villagers who began to grow nervous at their approach. Several of the villagers had already begun to clench their hoes and sickles tightly in preparation.

The young man in the fiery red robe was none other than Huo Yuner from the Green Sanctuary Sect. Back in the day, Jiang Chen killed Yun Can at the Black Sect, and insulted Huo Yuner with his words, leaving behind an unforgettable shadow in his heart. Since then, Huo Yuner had sworn that he would definitely fight Jiang Chen one day. Even if he would get himself killed, he still wanted to fight.

Jiang Chen said casually.

Wu Jiu said.

Big Yellow said to the Crown Prince with an indifferent tone. This dog didn't care who he was speaking to, if he didn't like that person, even if he was facing the Imperial Emperor, he just wouldn't give a damn.

This was a huge blow to Guo Shan's mind. He suddenly felt like his life couldn't even be compared to a dog.

"Imperial Emperor, why have you come here?"

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