Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 423

Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 423

"Is££ is this truly the Changyang clan? What has happened?" The light in Jian Chen's eyes was quite dull as he muttered to himself in an absent-minded manner. Even the joyous feeling he had felt after receiving the Saint Ruler's skeleton had been completely obliterated.

"Junior disciple Jiang, that spot looks normal, there is nothing special about it."

While the Light Wind Sword had stopped the five Saint Weapons, Jian Chen's face grew white slightly as his right arm began to shake marginally. This combined strike was the unified strength of all 5 mercenaries which would be extremely difficult to accept with ease. Because of the large amount of force put behind the 5 mercenaries, Jian Chen's entire right arm had gone numb as even his inner organs had been temporarily shaken.

At that moment, it was as if Tie Ta had turned into a fierce beast. Grunting out loud, his hands pushed against the Flaming Cloud Beast's tusks, as if trying to compare his strength to it.

"Bullshit, the Heavenly Tower has a very good reputation, and we never do something like this. If we did that and news leaked out, who would want to do business with us in the future?"

"Ha!" At the same time, the patriarch let out a deep grunt. His palms shot out as fast as lightning, letting loose the mysterious energy he had been accumulating. This energy contained the profound mysteries of the world. It could not be seen nor felt by those who did not comprehend it. It was something that fused with the world and space itself, mysteriously and indescribably.

The elder leveled a meaningful glance at Jian Chen, "Little brother, should I be calling you the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom or the fourth master of the Changyang clan? Or perhaps ¨• Jian Chen!?"

Jian Chen had been able to enter the cave without being obstructed by the white tiger. Then, the white tiger had went into the cave for a long amount of time without any sounds of battle being heard. This made everyone believe there had to be some sort of relationship between the white tiger and Jian Chen. When they saw Jian Chen dash out of the cave, it didn't take a genius to know that Jian Chen was taking the Class 6 cub with him.

Right in front of him, the Green Hellish Python had an idiotic expression. It was startled, and it was still recalling the previous scene in its mind. That green liquid was its deadliest poison, but its opponent acted like nothing had happened, and this turned the Green Hellish Python's mind on its head.


"Jian Chen, the Imperial Protectors of Qinhuang Kingdom definitely have already learnt that you became a Saint Ruler. Since they want you back so suddenly, might it be because something bad is about to happen?" Ming Dong guessed.

It was Deere who had annoyed Jian Chen the most. Every single weapon had its own characteristics and special pattern of attack. Deere didn't know how to use a sword at all, so the sword in his hand wasn't able to show off its true power. Deere had even unexpectedly at times used the sword like a knife and recklessly chopped at his enemy.

"Benefactor, Redsun Town is just a small town within the Qi Province. Only the town marshal has reached the Early Heavenly Core realm. However, the town marshal is pretty old now, and there's no way he can defeat the powerful Blood Devils."

Fan Kun cursed in his mind.

"This is crazy, absolutely crazy! That Jiang Chen is incredibly daring, he really show up on Mount Tianyuan and participated in the Gathering of Skynet! Not only that, he also killed both Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi, the two number one geniuses of the Jian Province! What a fierce man!"

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth and warned Big Yellow. He knew this dog very well; anything was possible when it came to him.

"Elder Liu, tell us what to do."

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