Born as a Sage in Naruto World Chapter 2371

Born as a Sage in Naruto World Chapter 2371

Nevertheless, Di Chen didn't really care about what they did. She hasn't planned to stay long regardless. To her, the Di Clan only included the people who were currently in the room. Those who came previously didn't influence her a single bit. Nor did she feel anything for them.

The Violet Lightning Strike had managed to hit the old man which made Qing Shui heave a sigh of relief. He sped up even more but what happened next astonished him. The old man was not paralyzed, he had even easily knocked off the hidden weapons with his Dragon-Headed Cane. With the old man's cultivation level, it was a simple feat.

After using his techniques, Qing Shui did not even bother to calculate his opponent's remaining strength, as he immediately summoned the Thunderous Beast while shooting forward at the same time.

"Qing Shui can I come with you when you storm the Yan Clan?"

Ji Feng's expression turned grim, and he chuckled in disdain. Waving his hand, he sent tens of thousands of souls flying out of his bag of holding. However, he didn't stop there. Having emptied one bag of holding, he pulled out another, opened it, and sent an additional group of tens of thousands of souls out to be absorbed by the huge eye.

"Millennium Violet, one million and fifty hundred thousand taels of silver or one Longevity Fruit." Qing Shui was a little doubtful when he saw the tag on this box. It was not a problem with the price, but how high the value of Longevity Fruits were.

Right at that moment, Qing Shui saw it. The woman had opened her eyes!

The man's face was filled with shock; even if he were capable of dodging faster, it would do no good. The flying sword was on him in the blink of an eye, causing an icy wind to buffet his face.

The lady looked extremely refined, and had a pair of extremely large eyes with pureness radiating forth from them. Her cherry lips when matched together with her straight nose and chiselled features were like a masterpiece of art. She had that girl-next-door ?look, a stark difference from the celestial beauty of Yiye Jiange, the empire-toppling beauty of Canghai Mingyue, and the charm that people would die for of Huoyun Liu-Li.

With every inhalation and exhalation, pulsating warmth would spread through his body and then converge on his skin. That in turn caused his skin to become tougher and more resilient. It even flickered with a black light. However, if you looked closely, it was just as fair and clear as before.

Even as Li Hongming was explaining about soul cultivators and necromancers, the gray-robed man on the black warhorse extended his right hand and pointed at the Great Wall. In response, the more than ten gigantic soul emperors roared and began to charge across the battlefield, followed by the numerous battle beasts in the area.

"Sister, I was just teasing the child!" Huoyun Liu-Li chuckled.

The shadow of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant body moved in a flash to one of the weaker Martial Saints. It was so fast that the target was not able to evade.

8000-8999 years = Emperor Grade

Although Bai Xiaochun still wasn't quite sure how he felt about Du Lingfei, the fact that he had suddenly run into fellow cultivators after so many lonesome days ensured that he was still very happy.

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Fighting against a common enemy gave the disciples of the two sects a chance to slowly get used to each other....

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