System Creator Chapter 1139

System Creator Chapter 1139

Zu Yanglong was more than relieved to discover that Qing Shui and his family hailed from the Greencloud Continent's capital. Qing Shui knew that Zu Yanglong would let down his guard if he mentioned he was from the Continent's Capital. He didn't have any good feelings from this despicable man at all, and he wasn't a real threat to Qing Shui since he was just a martial cultivator with the strength of an Early Martial Saint.

"Now I understand why I kept failing at conjuring eleven-colored flame!!"

To Zhou Yixing, the smiling face looked hair-raisingly terrifying, and even reminded him of the red hats from before.

And sometimes, Canghai Mingyue would zone out while looking at Qing Shui. She would unconsciously think about him. Reminiscing the past brought warmness to her.

"If you died, I wonder if your Soulreaper Valley would lack men?" Qing Shui still smiled at him coldly and started to use his might to pressure him.

The old village head left.

However, the bulkheads were covered with a massive mural!

In fact, throughout the history of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, it would be easier to find a phoenix feather or a qilin horn than to find another person who had done the same thing Bai Xiaochun had by performing a nineteenfold spirit enhancement on their nascent soul.

[TL note: ัพอท - Girl, an affectionate way of called a young girl]

"Seems I really am just too outstanding. Not even the cultivators in the Eternal Immortal Domains can restrain their emotions when looking at me." He cleared his throat as he reveled in the sensation. To him, it didn't feel strange at all. After all, he had experienced situations like this many times before.

When Qing Shui led the little girl whose beauty could lead to the fall of countries and cities down the carriage, they attracted countless gazes from those around them. All were directed at Luan Luan and Qing Shui lamented the lethal beauty of this lass.

With his divine sense, he could clearly see three beams of light heading in his direction. Soon, three middle-aged men became visible, each of them wearing a black robe with a sun and a moon embroidered on it.

Many such expressions of praise could be heard. However, as Bai Xiaochun stood there in the crowd, he was thinking something very different. His mind was occupied with thoughts of how delicious the heavenly dragonfish were, and how beneficial they were to his cultivation base.

As Bai Xiaochun stood there on the mountain top, he was suddenly struck by the strange sensation that he could actually destroy the entire world with a single thought.

Clearly, it was being protected by the four figures outside of the pupil. The sight of the precious fifth resource of the sect caused Bai Xiaochun to begin panting, and his eyes to widen as he slowly came to see...

Half a day passed and by now, Qing Shui had completely forgotten that he was trying to breakthrough. He didn't even remember he was practicing his Taichi fists. All he knew was that he was searching for a type of feeling.

Qing Shui had only managed to add in every medicinal ingredient that was needed to concoct the Xiantian Golden Pellet after a full ten hours. They were then left to be roasted by that snowy white flames for approximately another four hours.

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