The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 1579

The Original Sin: Despair Chapter 1579

"Get lost!"

"Little Yu has the innate Nine Yin Meridians, a true Nine Yin Physique, so she will be able to provide the Yin energy. I am cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill and the Nine Solar Energies skill, so my Yuan energy is of the purest Yang characteristic. Furthermore, I can use the Nine Solar Energies skill to gathered Six Solar Energy. That together with my Yuan energy is more than enough to supply the formation with Yang energy. With this, we have enough Yin and Yang energy to construct the Skymend Formation. Let's delay no more and start working now. Big Yellow, since you've mastered the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, I'll need your help later.

"What's going on?"

"Master Blissful, I'm sure you know what's going on here. Furthermore, it was the Shangguan Clan who struck first just now."

Spreading out his omnipresence, Jian Chen's senses had instantly covered the valley. All of the villagers currently working out in the fields could be seen like a painting within Jian Chen's mind. Despite the actual distance between them, Jian Chen could "see" their every movements down to the finest detail.

"It's difficult to seal unless a Combat Warrior comes here personally."

"Yes!" The group replied as twenty men brought their Saint Weapons out, one after another, to charge at Jian Chen.

Wahh! ££

"Where did this dog talking trash come from? This is the rule set by the Mayor; everyone needs to obey!"


On the same day, Jian Chen's uncle, Bi Dao, resigned from his post as the commander of the imperial guards. He left Gesun Kingdom on a Class Four Magical Beast mount all by himself.

"Zhang Zhen, send someone to Yellowstone City immediately, get the chief of the Yu family here to meet me. Just tell him I'm a disciple from the Black Sect, don't mention my name."

The Light Wind Sword continued to ring with a screeching sound as the various mirror images of the blade continued to stab at the countless floating leaves.

Jiang Chen and the monk shouted out nearly at the same time. A sword wave was emitted from the Heavenly Saint Sword, bringing Jiang Chen into the void to chase after Ling Yi.

The moment the Sword Qi flew out from Jian Chen's body, the flowers all around the garden began to dance wildly as the next moment, a storm of dust covered the entire area. With a second look, not a single stalk of grass or flower was left remaining.

"Remember, when you go training on the continent, don't use the name Flame Mercenaries. Go under a different group name." Jian Chen warned them once again, before turning his head and said, "Yun Zhang, Senior An, the two of you have done well. You've already completely the mission. The two of you can report back to the main base of the mercenaries with my keepsake." Jian Chen gave them a jade trinket. The trinket was a keepsake from the Changyang clan and was used for the purpose of identification, but Jian Chen no longer had any use for it.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, he didn't expect the Imperial Emperor to bring up this topic; this caused him to feel somewhat bad. Last time, when Jiang Chen had refused to kneel down before the Imperial Emperor, that had already put an ill feeling in the Imperial Emperor's heart, and if he didn't take out the Emperor Weapon now, it would be equal to not giving the Imperial Emperor face once again. However, Jiang Chen really couldn't take it out. Others might think it was just a broken Emperor Weapon piece, but Jiang Chen knew it was actually a broken piece of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and he had now already used that to make a brand new Heavenly Saint Sword. He just didn't have this £¶Emperor Weapon' piece any longer.

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